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Glenn, it’s pretty obvious to everyone Maggie loves you, and not just because you’re one of the last men standing […] This is a good thing, something we don’t get enough of these days. Enjoy it.

as a thank you to @mattweasly since you donated to me and were so sweet, as a thank you here is a one shot about your fave boys daryl and paul in the uni au :3

           “I’m sorry, I just don’t see how this is art.” Tara chuckled, chewing on her pizza as Paul looked at the photo he had just snapped of her on his camera. It was a nice one too, she was mid bite, her eyes crinkled from the laughter that was coming out from her as she tried to eat. Her short brown hair was tied up best it could be, but she had many flyaway strands falling from it.

           “That’s why you’re not an art student.” He mumbled, glancing up at her to grin, his eyes twinkling. Tara smiled back, shaking her head, moving over when Glenn walked over, moving his hat so it was backwards. “Hey, we should really start paying for our pizza.”

           Glenn shrugged. “What my boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” he nodded at Paul. “Hey, why are you even still working man? It’s spring break.” He undid his apron for his break that was just starting, leaning back into the booth and sighing in relaxation.

           Paul put his camera down and took a slice of his vegetarian pizza, taking a bite and chewing it on it softly. “Art isn’t work,” he said easily. “I like it.” He brought his hand up to rub it on his face, the beginnings of a beard starting to form. Paul was trying a new look, his hair was long enough to tuck behind his ears, and have the ends of it escape his beanie, but not enough to pull back yet.

           The door of the pizza place opened and making the bell sound, and Glenn and Tara looked over Paul’s head with interest. When Tara grinned, Paul frowned and followed their gaze, turning to look over his shoulder. Walking into the joint, looking like they owned the place, was Rick Grimes and company. Paul always looked at them with a little bit of awe in his eyes. It was like everything moved in slow motion when they walked forward. Paul went to high school with them as well, and though they were a little scattered over universities, since Rick and his crew were one year older, they still remained in the town.

           Rick’s group hadn’t changed since high school, they were something between the sports crew and the badasses, while Paul, Tara, and Glenn were somewhere between the art student squad and the ‘I don’t know what the hell I’m doing’ squad.

           Rick was in a school to become a cop, but you would never know by the way he was dressed or how he looked. He was rugged and handsome, dressed in fitting jeans and a leather jacket zipped up to his throat, his hair messy and a fuller scruff than Paul had. Considering all the trouble he and his best friend Daryl had cooked up when they were in high school, people thought Rick would purse something other than becoming a police officer.

           Maggie was Glenn’s girlfriend, and she alternated between groups, spending a lot of time with Paul’s group, and her time when Glenn was working with her own. Paul adored Maggie, she was the daughter of a farmer, and she, Sasha and Rosita had made a name for themselves as becoming their own very special kind of badasses. No one fucked around with those girls, not one boy sent a cat call their way, and not one girl tried to pick a fight with any of them. Paul admired Maggie, and since she was dating Glenn had become very close with her.  

           Mostly though, Paul couldn’t stop looking at them because of Daryl freaking Dixon.

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Imagine playing soccer with the group in Alexandria to relieve stress.

(So here’s my “tribute”imagine before the big reveal tonight of who got Lucilled. I switched it from baseball to soccer because i’m more familiar with it XD Hope it is as requested and I promise it’s super fluffy and silly :3 PS. I tried my best to included everyone at the line up as well as the others in Alexandria XD Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

As you stepped outside of your house, you felt the warm breeze and the sun shining down.

It was a beautiful day and looking over at your friends out and about their day, made you smile and grateful to have finally found a place to call home.

You suddenly felt an arm wrapping around your neck and someone pulling you over for a kiss on the cheek.

It surprised for a moment but instantly you knew it was only Daryl being his usual sweet self.

“Mornin’ Y/N”

You chuckled and holding to his arm and looking over at him, you replied “Morning Daryl…but you do realize it’s at least noon!”

He laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, I know! It’s just habit I have to say it to you when I wake up, that’s all! Besides it’s your fault I woke up this late!”

You laughed and agreed with him.

“Fine…You’re right! But it’s only because everyone else told me it was okay for us to take a rest for the day …especially after the hard work we did yesterday…”

Listening to you he chuckled and his hands had wandered to hold you by your waist. As you looked into his eyes a thought came to you.

“And since we have the rest of the day to us…and it’s such a beautiful day…I think we should all have some fun…Come on! I have an idea!”

You pulled him by the arm and ran over into the garage of your house. Seeing your enthusiasm made him smile and get just as excited as you.


You then both stepped out of your house and walked over to the large field.

Your friends all saw the both of you and wondered what was going on. They saw you holding a soccer ball and few cones while Daryl held some paint cans.

They then noticed you setting the cones as the limits of the goal and later saw you and Daryl spray painting the field.

Rick first approached the both of you and smiling, loudly asked “What are you two up to?!”

You pulled down your scarf protecting you from the fumes and waved over at him.

In a joyful tone, you told him “We’re preparing a soccer field to play in! It’ll be ready in a few moment! Just go tell everyone to come over! We all deserve a fun break!”

He shook his head laughing and turned to run to go and get the others.


As you and Daryl wrapped up the preparations, all of your friends and family came over. They stood looking at you in amusement while some

With the ball in hand you walked over and looked at all of them. Daryl followed you and said “Alright! Listen up! We all worked hard for this place to work since we got here! So Y/N and I thought that maybe it’s time for us to finally get a break!”

They all agreed clapping and cheering and laughed at your suggestion.

You then said “Alright, here’s how it’s going to go down! We’ll separate into two teams first! We’ll play a game of soccer…winner gets a reward while the losers gets a punishment…”

Glenn then raised his hand and said “What’s the reward?!”

They clapped and asked the same and as you signal them to calm down you said “The rewards is…Drum roll, please…anything the winners want…something in the realm of possibility, alright! We can’t exaggerate!”

They chuckled and agreed with you and let you continue.

“So let’s start…Who wants to be team captain?”

As Daryl heard you, he immediately took the ball away from you and said “No…No team captains! Girls vs. Guys! That’s it! Let’s see who’s best!”

He laughed and began to run to the other side of the field and instantly the men all followed him.

“Daryl!” You yelled as he got further away and the others got closer.

As they passed by you they all laughed and Eugene jokingly pushed you out of the way while Abraham caught you and ruffled your hair into a mess.

Carl passed by sticking his tongue out at you and Maggie came over to pull your hand over to the middle of the field.

Their actions surprised you but nonetheless it all made you laugh as well.


The instant you all gathered in the center to start playing, Daryl got cocky and said “Ready to lose Girls? Huh, Y/N?! Ready to reward me after you lose?!”

You pushed his shoulder in a playful manner and replied “You’re overconfident?! You really think you can win this with your team?! Please?!”

Rick got closer and being just as overly confident said “Yeah we’re gonna win! Why wouldn’t we? We have the best on the men’s side, there’s no chance we’re losing anytime soon…”

You scoffed and rolling your eyes replied “Seriously, Rick you too?!”

Michonne walked over and pushing Rick the way you did Daryl, said “Alright, enough chit chat! Let’s start!”

Daryl immediately kick the ball out of your way and passed it over to Rick.

Rick ran as much as he could, only to be intercepted by Michonne. She kicked the ball out over to Rosita.

She passed ran with it and seeing you near the goal passed it over to you. You got it and in that moment, you kicked hard and managed to make Eugene miss the ball and scoring one for the team.

Instantly, you were overjoyed and ran towards your teammates while Tara ran over to you to pick you up in a big hug.They hugged you and you just had to do your silly celebratory dance.

Daryl taking the ball back and walking over to you said “Okay, okay we got it! You don’t need to rub it in our faces!”

You stuck your tongue out at him and shrugged placing yourself back for another round.


Daryl looked over at Rick and nodded, only to make his pass over to Glenn instead. It threw you off for a moment but Maggie went after him and tried to get the ball away.

She ended up pulling him by his shirt, making him slip and fall. However, he grabbed onto her before and ended up pulling her down with him.

They laughed and so did everyone else but suddenly Abraham got to the ball before you could.

He ran with it and heard Carl yelling from the other side “Abraham, over here!”

As you heard that, you ran over to block Carl and keep him from the pass.

However, Abraham passed it over to him and he managed to get away from you. Despite your teammates giving him a hard time he managed to go further and score.

Abraham raised his arms up in celebration and said “Yeah! Now we’re talking about!”

He ran over to Carl and picked him up on his shoulder to continue the celebration. The guys all high fives each other for it and sang a little something to celebrate.

Sasha chuckled realizing she missed and seeing how just as childish the guys could be.

Daryl then got closer to you, just as you stuck his tongue out.

You mimicked him mockingly and said “You didn’t even score it! All you did was pass it at the start! Not that impressive…”

He mimicked you back only to pinch your cheeks tightly.

“Daryl! Let go!”

The others then approached with the ball back and was about to restart.


Suddenly you heard a voice approaching and asked “What’s happening here?”

You turned over to see Father Gabriel walking over with Aaron. As well as Morgan following from behind.

As they arrived, you smiled and said “We’re playing soccer! Winner gets a reward! Losers gets punished!”

They chuckled hearing you and Gabriel said “Well then can we join?”

You all cheered and nodded at them to come over. Daryl then said “Alright guys, over here!”

You shook your head and put yourself in front of Daryl and said “Wait this is unfair! You guys out number us! At least one of you should join us!”

Daryl laughed and Rick approached you replying “No, no, no Y/N! It’s guys vs. girls! These three are all men, they’re with us! It doesn’t matter how many we are!”

You pouted and frowned at him saying “Oh come on guys!”

Wanting to be nice Gabriel raised his hand and said “I don’t mind being part of your team Y/N…”

Daryl shook his head and went over to reach his raised hand and said “No, Father…You’re a man! You’re with us! Don’t try being nice to her! The moment she wins she’ll rub it in my face!”

His comment made everyone laugh and as he pulled him over to men’s side of the field, Aaron approached you and mouth out “Sorry” before going to join Daryl.

You caught Morgan by the arm and tried to beg him to be on your team but just as Aaron he apologized saying “Sorry, Y/N…You heard Rick and Daryl…It’s guys vs. girls…”

You jokingly got frustrated and stared over at Daryl to warn him. He simply laughed and shrugged at you.


Their team outnumbered the girls and being as unfair as they could they all stood to play in the field.

Rosita approached you as you walked over and said “What the hell?! How can they just all be on the field at once?”

Maggie got closer and said in a loud tone “Well maybe it’s because they’re all scared of losing to us!”

You laughed at her statement and Daryl imitated you to make fun of you.

You pushed him over and you all restarted to play. You played a little more aggressively and pushed and tugged at them to get the ball.

You all got down and dirty on the ground and couldn’t help laughing whenever someone slipped and fell or just completely missed the ball.

Although, they were more men than women, you still managed to get more scores than them and in the end won.

You all celebrated and just as Daryl said, you totally rubbed it in his face while dancing.

“I won! We won! And You didn’t! We didn’t even need more player on our team! So…I told you so! I told you so! I told you! I told you! I told you so!”

Even though he thought you were cute, Daryl couldn’t let you celebrate too much and grabbed you to hug you tightly and tackled you softly to the ground. He ruffled your hair and tickled you.

He finally let go and as everyone took a little break, you went over to your teammates and discussed what your reward was going to be and what punishment they were going to get.


You finally made your decision and walked back to tell them.

“Alright, so it’s been decided! As a reward for us winning, you will all have to cook a great and amazing meal for us, once we get back in! All of you, together! No objections!”

Crossing his arms and listening to you, Rick said replied “Fair enough…”

He looked over at his teammates and continued “But you all better know how to cook well because I don’t think you can count on me!”

It made you all laugh and you continued “And as for your punishment…we wanted to see you all humiliate yourselves so…line up!”

They all looked at each other and you could see in their eyes the nervousness of what was going to happen.

You laughed along with the other girls and said “Alright when I call upon your name, you will have to move forward and turn around, so that your butts are facing us! You will then be obligated to spell your name in the air by using your butt! Don’t worry, we’ll only take your first names!”

They chuckled here and there and were in disbelief to their punishment.

Trying your best to keep yourself from bursting into laughter, you continued “So, Daryl! You’re up! Hurry!”

He moved forward and looking at you said “You’re unbelievable, Y/N! This has you written all over it!”

You scoffed and crossed your arms and said “Just write your name!”

He followed your orders and as he did, heard you laughing with the other girls and saw his teammates laughing as well.

“You guys all laugh, now! But you’ll be up next too!”

He looked ridiculous shaking his butt to spell each letter of his name yet was so adorable, you couldn’t help but give him a pat on the butt when he was done.

One at a time, they all went through what Daryl and at each of them you laughed as much.

When it was all done, as everyone was laughing and having such a good time taking a break, you all sat down and enjoyed watching the sunset together in the field, forgetting about your worries.

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Why do you believe Caryl is endgame? I respect your opinion. So I'm curious to learn your reasoning. I'm sorry if you have answered a question like this before. I have read other posts of yours about the ship, but I don't recall you answering this exact question.

HI, Nonny, thanks for the question. 

If you go through my archives, I tend to comment on this, but I don;t think I have ever done a “here’s why I think Caryl is endgame” post.  So here it is, under the cut.

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make me choose: Gleggie season 2, 3, 4, or 5 (from anonymous)
You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.


All right, listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free. It’s an emotional moment, I get it.


Imagine: You and Daryl have been dating for a while now, but you have yet to have sex. When you plan a sexy surprise for your boyfriend, though, he’s a little less than thrilled.

*Written for Asexual Awareness Week*

I named this imagine after the super fun song “Sexual” by NEIKED. So you should go listen to it.


You took a deep breath and reached up slowly to knock on the door to Maggie and Glenn’s house. Glenn answered after a brief moment, his daughter blinking sleepily in his arms.

“Hi Glenn.” You whisper, trying not to get Beth too worked up, otherwise she wouldn’t fall asleep. “Is Maggie home?”

“She’s in the laundry room.” Glenn whispered back as the baby drifted to sleep. “Come on in. I’m just going to go put Beth down, but you can go find Maggie.”

“Thanks.” You say softly, leaning forward to kiss your goddaughter’s head softly.

You made your way through the house to where the laundry room was located. There, Maggie was loading a bunch of clothes into the dryer from the washing machine. “Hey, Y/N.” She says with a smile when she sees you come in. “I’m just finishing up some laundry. Beth spit up into the clean clothes basket this morning, so it was back into the washer for this load.” She smiles, closing the dryer and pressing ‘start’. “What’s up?”

“Can I ask you for some advice?” You say, trying not to grind your lower lip between your teeth in nervousness.

“Sure!” Maggie chirps, moving past you into the kitchen. “Do you want something to drink?”

You shake your head and sit down on one of the stools at the island while Maggie fills a glass with tap water for herself. “I wanted to ask about some… well, some relationship advice. About Daryl…” You trail off.

“I mean, I can try.” Maggie shrugs. “Not sure how good I’ll be with giving advice about Daryl, though. You’re the one who knows him best.”

You nod, and say, “I just need some general advice.” Then you take another calming breath and say, “You see, the thing is… Daryl and I have been dating since the prison. Almost as long as you and Glenn have been together, you know…”

“Right.” Maggie says.

“But, well, we haven’t really been… intimate yet.” You say, your face turning red.

“Whoa, wait.” Maggie puts a hand up and tries not to giggle. “You’re telling me that you’ve been dating for a year and a half now, and you still haven’t had sex?” You nod. “Wow. That’s almost impressive. Glenn and I weren’t even ‘dating’, really, before we started sleeping together.” Maggie goes to take a sip of her water, then stops. “Hang on. You two have been sharing a bedroom in the same house as the Grimes family since we came to Alexandria, and you still haven’t done anything sexual?”

You shrug. “No. When we go to bed at night, we just kind of cuddle up, and I always hope or expect that Daryl would initiate something, but he never has.”

“That’s crazy.” Maggie shook her head in disbelief.

“I think he wants me to make the first move, or at least bring the topic up or something.” You say. “That’s why I’m here. I mean, how am I supposed to bring something like that up? Just drop it into casual conversation? Like, ‘oh hey Daryl we need toothpaste the next time you’re on a run, and also I think we should have sex’?” Maggie starts to laugh. “It’s not funny!” You say, though you can’t help but laugh a little, too.

“It’s a little funny.” Maggie smirks, then sets her glass down on the counter. “Look, you could either approach it bluntly like that, or you could just initiate it a bit with a little something sexy. Put the ball in his court.”

“Like what?” You ask warily.

“Here, give me a second.” Maggie goes upstairs quickly and you wait in the silence of the kitchen for a few minutes before she comes back down, a pink bag in her hands. “Here you go.” She smiles and plunks the bag down on the counter in front of you. “Open it!” She chirps after seeing you hesitate.

You open the bag and slowly pull out a black, lacy, two-piece lingerie. “Maggie, what—“

“Glenn picked it up on a run for me, but it doesn’t fit. I think it might fit you, though, so if you want it, you can have it.” Maggie tucks the underwear back into the bag and pushes the package into your hands. “Go put it on and wait for Daryl to come home. You’ll definitely put the ball in his court, but I doubt he’ll pass it back when he sees you in this.” She has a playful glint in her eye as she smiles and winks at you.

“Alright, I’ll try it.”


Later that night, you were pacing your bedroom, a thin robe the only thing covering the lacy black underwear you’d put on underneath. You were nervous; not only for your first time with Daryl, but also what he might say to your little surprise.

You didn’t have to wait long to find out, though, as you heard the front door shut and Carl say from the living room, “Hey Daryl.”

You braced yourself, standing next to the bed in what you hoped was a relaxed, but sexy position. When Daryl opened the bedroom door, he smiled a little at you. “Hey.” He said. “You OK?” He asked, noticing the nervousness on your face.

You shook your head a little and put on a seductive smile. “I have a surprise for you.” You say, then open up the robe and let it fall slowly to the floor. You put your hands on your hips and bit your lip as you watched Daryl stare at you, wide-eyed. “What do you think?” You ask, closing the distance between you two and pulling one of his hands up to rest on your waist.

You leaned up and kissed him on the mouth, harder than you’d ever done before, trying to incite some sort of action on his part. But instead, he just slowly pushes you away and says, “What is this?” He gestures to the lingerie.

“Just a little something sexy for you.” You smile at him again. “I thought maybe tonight we could take the next step in our relationship.” You place a hand softly on his chest and look up into his eyes lovingly. “I want you to make love to me, Daryl.”

With that, he backed up, nearly slamming into the wooden door of the bedroom. Then, he shook his head, muttered something about being tired, and tried to retreat into the bathroom.

“Wait!” You grab his arm. “We’ve been dating for over a year now, Daryl, don’t you want to have sex with me?” Daryl just looks away, eyeing the door of the bedroom like he wanted to run out of it at any second. Then, it clicked.

He didn’t want to have sex with you. “Oh.” You say softly. “I see.” You reach down and snatch up the robe again, using it to cover yourself. “I thought maybe…” Your face was burning with humiliation and you turned to leave the bedroom.

“Y/N, wait.” Daryl says, fidgeting with his hands and staring at the carpet.

“No, it’s fine.” You say. “I just had the wrong impression.” You were trying not to cry now. “I think I should just go.”

“It’s not like that!” He suddenly blurts, making you turn back to face him. His face was bright red, and he looked upset. “It’s not that I don’t want to have sex with you…” He trails off for a moment, trying to find his words. “It’s just that… I don’t want to have sex. With anyone.”

“What?” You ask.

Daryl just nods. “It’s… it’s hard for me to explain.” He throws his hands up in frustration. “I just… I don’t like the idea?” He tries again to explain. “And I just… I don’t want to.”

You soften a little, then say, “You just don’t like the thought of having sex?” He nods, his face and ears a brilliant shade of red from shame. “Hey, it’s OK.” You say, actually relieved. “Daryl look at me.” He does. “It’s OK. Really.” You try and reassure him. “We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“I’m sorry.” He says quietly, looking away again.

“Don’t be.” You say firmly. “Daryl, I’m serious. There’s nothing for you to apologize for. If you’re not comfortable, then that’s fine.”

“I want to try… for you. Just, not now. I need more time.” He says, relaxing a little as his face returns to its normal color.

“Take all the time you need, love.” You say with a smile, then wrap your arms around him in a tight hug. “I love you, and I don’t need to have sex to continue to love you.”

With that, he grips you even tighter and whispers, “Thank you,” into your hair.


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Jealous (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: Daryl’s jealousy of you and Rick continues to grow until you set the score straight. (1,436 words)

@foill70 and @moonshineextremities requested a part two to this imagine! you probably don’t have to read part one to understand it but it gives a bit of backstory I guess :) hope you enjoy it - georgia

please message me if this is your gif so that I can credit you!

Two years ago, if someone had told me I’d feel completely happy, safe and secure living in a prison and sleeping in a cell, I’d have laughed and told them they were crazy. However, being reunited with Rick and being accepted by the rest of what he called his “family” had brought me more joy than I could remember feeling in months, maybe even years. Since the end of the world had begun, not once had I had constant access to food, water and a dependable roof over my head.

There was only one thing that tinted my delight with a small hint of grey: Daryl Dixon. Admittedly, in the month or so I’d been at the prison, he’d made me smile more than anyone else there, the only exception perhaps being Rick. But every time we’d spend a day filled with talking and laughing (mostly on my part), the next day I’d receive dirty looks, silence or, worse, bluntness.

After weeks of this tumultuous torture, I decided that I couldn’t take the uncertainty he brought into my life any more; I’d spent too long trying to find reliability in this messed up world. My patience had been tested by him almost daily and one day, it snapped.

“If you wanna go on a run, Y/N, I think you’d be fine,” Rick told me as we ate lunch together, sat on a bench that overlooked the prison grounds.

“I don’t know…” I sighed. “I’m not sure I want to leave this place yet.”

“I get it,” Rick smiled, reaching a hand over to squeeze my shoulder comfortingly. “But if you change your mind, Glenn and Maggie are going in the next couple of days.”

“I’ll think about it,” I replied, genuinely considering whether I could cope with leaving the safety of the prison’s gates for the first time since I’d arrived. I noticed Daryl approaching myself and Rick, but he was still a while away so I simply smiled and continued my conversation. “I’m just worried I’ll freak out or something.”

“Good point,” he replied, grinning. “You are pretty jumpy.”

“Hey!” I pouted, punching Rick’s arm playfully.

“Oh c’mon, Y/N. Remember that time after the dumb school play?” he laughed, the memory of that night forcing me to join in.

“Well of course I jumped then, you scared the shit out of me!” we both continued to chuckle until a harsh cough interrupted our glee. I snapped my head up to see Daryl stood a metre or so away, arms crossed and a face filled with thunder.

“You okay, man?” Rick asked Daryl, eyebrows furrowed.

“Fine,” Daryl responded gruffly. “Y/N, can I talk t’you a minute?”

“Sure,” I replied uncertainly, standing and brushing my hands on my jeans. “See ya later, Rick.”

Daryl grabbed my arm and practically dragged me around the corner, out of sight from Rick or anyone else. I could practically feel the anger pulsating from his grip and I resisted rolling my eyes at his childishness - I knew exactly what was wrong and had the feeling he was finally going to voice it. We halted suddenly and stood facing each other.

“So?” I prompted gently, not wanting to aggravate him into an argument if I could avoid it.

“"So”?” Daryl scoffed mockingly.

“What’s up?”

“You tell me. I asked ya if you and Rick were… y’know, and you said no.”

“Correct,” I retorted, my suspicions about his reasons for being irritated already confirmed.

“So what, you a liar?” Daryl snarled, moving from one foot to another in a manner that would’ve seemed threatening from anyone else.

“Nope,” I stated. “We’re just friends.”

“Cut the bullshit,” he scoffed. “Clearly ain’t. You get a kick outta leadin’ people on?”

“What? Daryl, no! I’m not leading you on, I -” 

“Save it. I don’t give a shit ‘bout you, anyway,” he growled, storming off back the way we came and leaving me in stunned silence. I knew Daryl felt jealous towards mine and Rick’s friendship, but I had no idea that he believed I had malicious intentions. I stood still until the risk of me bursting into tears had passed and followed the direction that Daryl had disappeared in.

I hauled myself through the day, fueled only by my frustration towards Daryl for being so unbelievably immature. As I worked through the rest of the tasks that Rick had assigned me, I internally listed all the reasons why Daryl was wrong, out of line and, most of all, stupid. I fully intended to relay the results back to him as soon as possible.

Before I knew it, the bright sky was turning dull and the day’s light faded. I made my way inside and ate dinner with everyone in the cell block, smiling as I listened to their conversations. The evening passed in a haze of mixed emotions; I found myself laughing with Rick, Glenn and Maggie one moment, and glaring at Daryl the next. Finally, I made it to a socially acceptable time in which to announce I was going to bed.

However, sleep was the last thing on my mind. I sat on the edge of my bed with my fingers tightly interlaced, again relaying all the things I had to say to Daryl. I waited not-so-patiently until I couldn’t hear anymore voices in the space outside my cell and took this as a sign everyone had gone to bed. Taking a deep breath and forcing myself to be strong, I crept out of the room and up the stairs to the perch which Daryl slept on.

“What you doin’?” Daryl whispered lowly, spotting me before I’d even reached the top step. I looked left to see Daryl leaning against a wall rather than sleeping and took this is a bad sign; I’d been hoping to make him jump.

“Need to talk to you,” I said bluntly, hoping the hands on my hips created an air of conviction. Daryl’s amused smirk said otherwise. “You’re an idiot.”

“Alrigh’,” he mumbled, “Anythin’ else?”

“Yes!” I screeched, although my voice faltered as I remembered I should be quiet. I stamped forward until I was facing Daryl and sat cross legged in front of him. “First of all, I’m not with Rick.”

“There gonna be a second of all?” Daryl said with a small chuckle after I waited a little while for his response.

“Yes. Second of all, so what if I was with Rick? We aren’t anything and you’d have no right to shout at me over it,” I whisper-shouted, wary of anyone listening in on my rant.

“That it?”

“No. Third of all, if we… if we are something, you still have no right to shout at me. I haven’t done anything wrong,” I concluded. After minutes of avoiding Daryl’s eyes, I finally allowed myself to give in and look into his face. Surprisingly, he was still smiling and I almost gave in to the urge to wonder aloud whether he’d ever held a joyful expression for so long.

“Can I talk now?” he muttered.

“If you must.”

“’m sorry, okay? I, uh, get kinda jealous when it comes to you,” he admitted, finally wiping the smirk off his face and replacing it with an expression of embarrassment.

“Why’s that?” I asked, although I already knew the vague gist of the answer. I raised my eyebrows expectantly as Daryl looked at me in exasperation.

“I really gotta spell it out for ya?”

“Yes please,” I smiled sweetly.

“I like ya. Okay?”

“Aw, I like you too Daryl,” I said dismissively, making my fake misunderstanding quite clear.

“Don’t be dumb,” he pleaded.

“What d’you mean?” I asked innocently.

“Fine,” Daryl huffed, adjusting his position so that one leg was pulled to his chest and the other was stretched out past me so that I was virtually sat between his legs. His sudden forwardness shocked me and I forced myself not to scoot backwards in surprise. “I like you. What, you want me to sound like a lil’ kid and say I like like -”

I cut him off by pressing my lips eagerly to his, his confession being all the confirmation I needed. At first, he seemed reluctant, staying still and barely kissing me back. As I began to pull away, however, he placed a hand gently behind my neck and pulled me in closer, finally responding and eventually taking the lead.

“You’re so annoyin’,” Daryl breathed as we separated, desperate for air.

“You too,” I grinned, leaning back in and feeling unreservedly whole for the first time ever, including before the world fell apart.

Preference “When they see someone else kiss you”

(Alright here is the preference request :D hope you all like it!! Sorry if some seem shorter…Yay for our favorite characters being jealous!! XD GIF not mine/Credit to the original owner/ Found them on google)

Negan- The moment he saw one his men kiss you he completely loss his mind. You were his “wife” and everyone should’ve known by now that you were off limits. However apparently his message wasn’t clear. This one Savior was obviously interested in you and had been subtly trying to put his moves on you. One day this Savior had cornered you when he came to look for you in your room.He got closer and held your waist as you tried to get away. “Let go!” You said while hitting him. He laughed and immediately kissed you. In that moment Negan walked in and saw the both of you. “You!” He said as he dragged the man by the back of his jacket. He threw him to the floor and said “What fucking part of she’s my wife don’t you fucking get!” He started to beat him and he eventually lucilled him. You screamed in terror and tried to get him to stop by holding him. “Stop! please…please…” As he was done he wiped the blood away from his face and called the other Saviors in. He then told them “If anyone of you try anything stupid as he did…I’ll do it again…” He walk over to you “Y/N, is mine! Clear?” They all answered and Negan immediately kissed you.

Daryl- He had always had feelings for you but was obviously too shy to say anything. However his behavior was quite obvious, he would offer help to carry things, he would try and cheer you up when you were feeling down and had always made sure you were content. You on the other hand, never noticed his behavior and didn’t think it was meant for more. Rick had his eye on you for a while and one day decided to make a move on you. He walked in the kitchen of the prison as you were eating and sat across from you. You looked at him and he looked back. He wiped the food on your mouth and it made the both of you laugh. As you stopped he immediately went in for kiss and you kissed him back. As you had heard footsteps you stop and look behind you, it was Daryl he stood there looking at the both you in shock. You smiled and said “Hey…didn’t knew you were here…” He immediately turned back and walked away. It surprised you and immediately followed him. He was in the hallway punching the wall out of frustration and you asked “Daryl…” He stopped and looked at you and grabbed your arms and said “Why do you even like him?! I’ve been by your side the whole time! You should be with me..” You looked at him and realized your mistake

Rick- You were close friends with Daryl and eventually developed a crush on him. He had feelings for you too but the both of you were afraid to say anything. Rick on the other hand loved you as well and would always go along with you during runs to get to spend more time with you. The day you came across Daryl after what had happened at the prison you couldn’t help but kiss Daryl in front of everyone as you had missed him very much and had been worried for him. Seeing this Rick immediately got frustrated and grabbed your arm to drag you away from Daryl. “Rick?! ” “Stop it…” He said. He looked at Daryl and said “He doesn’t need you..”. He then looked back at you and said ”…but I do…”  

Merle- He had feelings for you but would never admit them as he was scared of you flat out rejecting him. Seeing you around the prison and being friendly towards him had just made it harder for him to not love you. However you weren’t friendly just with him you were the same around his brother, Daryl. You had known him more than you did Merle as you had spend months in his company. You had eventually started to like Daryl for some time and felt like you needed to tell him. You were talking in his cell and suddenly you inched your face closer to him to kiss him. He kissed you back and that’s when Merle walked by immediately saw it. He quietly walked away and felt miserable. Later at night he waited for Daryl in his cell and he saw him he said “Hey! Wh-what the hell are you doing!?!” He pushed his brother and grabbed him by his collar and pinned him to the wall and said “I thought I was clear on this! I’d do any for you…but don’t you dare make one more move on her!” Daryl was shock and eagerly nodded and got away from Merle’s grasp. Merle then walked to your cell as he had something to tell you.

Carl- You and Carl were together for quite some time. Since your arrival in Alexandria the two of you had become inseparable. Eventually as Carl became friendly with the others there so did you. Ron had started to like you as well and one day suddenly kissed you. Carl was far away but he clearly saw the kiss. He immediately walked over in a quick pace and once he got closer he pulled Ron away from you. He got in front of you as if to defend you. “What the hell are you doing?!” He asked Ron. “I was just telling Y/N I liked her…and how she shouldn’t be with you!” Hearing those words had angered him even more and Carl pulled out his gun and you said “Carl! Wait… It was just a stupid kiss…you don’t have to do this.” He looked you in the eyes and told Ron “Just get out.. You’re lucky she’s defending you…but the next time I see you around her…I won’t guarantee I’ll listen to her…’

Michonne- Michonne liked you but never told you as she didn’t wanted to ruin her friendship with you. You liked her as well but just as her you kept your feelings to yourself. One night in Woodbury, you got drunk and started to walk around the place while having fun. Seeing you drunk and happy made her smile until Merle stopped the both of you and said “We’re having fun her huh!?” while laughing. You stared at him and started to laugh “Yeah! I hadn’t had a drink in a long while!!” You playfully pushed him. He grabbed your arm and said “You sure are a cute one when drunk!” he then pulled you in for a kiss and it made you laugh. However it was way different for Michonne she immediately pushed him away and glared at him. It shocked you and Merle had left out of fear. She looked back at you and said “What? You think I’d let him do that to you…” You shook your head and understood that she was being jealous of the situation.

Glenn- You were out looking for Sophia alongside Shane. While out you had learn to know him more as he opened up to you. He enjoyed you company and wanted to be more than friends with you but so did Glenn. Glenn had tried several times to tag along with you but somehow Shane always managed to get away with you before Glenn could join. You obviously never knew about this until one day Glenn came to you and told you about the situation. When you finally where all the three of you alone, Shane wanted to prove something to Glenn and got closer to you while talking and making you laugh. You smiled and he leaned in closer to kiss you. It had angered Glenn and dragged your arm away to get you behind him. “What are you doing?” He asked Shane. Shane laughed and said “I was doing something we always do when we’re alone” Glenn then punched him as hard as he could and turned to you and said “I hope what he said wasn’t true…” and you shook your head.

Maggie- You were close friends with Glenn. When you got on Hershel’s farm, Maggie had started to take interest in you but seeing you with him annoyed her and she always tried to get to know you.. You on the other hand just thought she was interested in Glenn. Not wanting her to mistake you for his girlfriend every time she would come and try to talk to you, you avoided her or just didn’t talk to her as much as you did with her sister. One day you were out in the woods on your own while looking for Sophia. You had decided to camp out of the farm as you had thought you had found a clue as to where the little girl could be. However you later realized that it lead to nowhere and went back to the farm. Your friends were worried especially Glenn and Maggie. The moment he saw you walking back out from the woods Glenn ran to you and called your name, Maggie had as well. Once you got closer he closed the gap and kissed you. Maggie was there and had witness everything. She pushed Glenn away and hugged you tight.

Daryl Jr. 2

Request for ahdjsjsa2 !

A/N : Merry Christmas guys! Also if y'all want a imagine done specifically for yourself or just in general don’t be afraid to ask !

Imagine : your now in your fourth month of pregnancy and your worries of having a child have faded , only to be replaced with the very most adorable worry that is ’ Daddy Daryl ’

You huffed as Maggie and yourself pushed a crib into the corner of the spare bedroom , the wall making a over dramatic ’ thud ’ as it set in place . Maggie whiped her for head with the utter most dramatics herself , but threw a smile your way . “ Thanks for helping me with this , Daryl won’t let me do anything while he’s here and I was starting to consider locking him out ” you smirked at your best friend .

She laughed at you and the possible thought of locking him out “ I’ve noticed , good thing he won’t be back for awhile so we can finish - ” She was cut off by a slam of a door , clearly making Daryl’s early home coming known . You both looked at each other with wide eyes as if he was catching you in the act of murder itself . Maggie pointed to your over alls that clearly had paint all over it , which would be the biggest give away that you had in fact went against his wishes .

She ran down stairs to buy you some time , that you knew with Daryl’s patience wouldnt be much , and you hurried to you twos bedroom for some fresh clothes . You yanked a long sleeved shirt from the dresser you two shared and a pare of jeans before stripping down the paint stained almost clown suit now .
You heard Daryl’s feet stomping up the stairs and as if Maggie was a bird she started screeching . You rolled your eyes playfully at her warning call and slipped your clothes on just in time for Daryl to open the door . You smiled at him , carefully standing in front of the pile behind you “ Hi ” . He smiled back at you only to close the space between the two of you and place a kiss on your lips .

“ Hey gorgeous ” he rasped , his arms slowly wrapping around you . You blushed lightly as he stopped to rub your bump and then to continue to wrap his arms around . “ How’s my two girls doin’ huh ? ” he cheesily smirked . Ever since Rick said that he thought you were going to have a girl because of how high your bump rested , Daryl has been cooing at the idea of a baby girl .

“ We’re good ” You smiled . He kissed your cheek “ Well I’m starvin’ darlin’ , ima’ go get somethin’ to eat alrigh’ ? ” . He turned on his heels without a awnser from you which in result caused him to get jerked back by your hand . “ Easy mama bear ” he joked and you smiled proudly “ Deanna’s throwing a party in half a hour , which means no eating ” .

He groaned , the dis taste of going to parties and acting normal very clear in his face , but he nodded anyways “ Fine , at least I can show you off ” . With that he kissed your cheek lightly and left down stairs to probably eat anyways .

You smirked at the thought before proceeding to yell his name and scold him .

“ Easy ” Daryl spoke from behind you as you stepped up the stairs of Deanna’s porch , placing his hand on your back . You scoffed “ I know how to walk by myself Daryl ” . He ignored your irritated tone and opened the door for you “ After you ” .

You crossed your arms over your chest and walked in . You greeted the warm smiles that were through your way with your own and even waved somewhat at the more familiar people . Though Daryl uncomfortably shifted next to you and avoided any smiles he could .

You didn’t mind though you knew it was just his way of being and you didn’t want to force him to talk or smile or even be polite if it made him uncomfortable . That’s one of the reasons Daryl always liked you , he never had to be anybody but himself around you . Whenever he’d get mad and lash out at someone you never stared at him like he was a car crash .

Or even when he just wanted alone time and you decided to join him , it never bothered him. It made him realize how much he actually liked you . How much being by himself actually bothered him . You took Daryl’s hand as you saw he was about to nervously bite them “ Relax ok ? Just relax ” .

He took a deep breath through his nose and relaxed his stiff body . He than kissed your cheek “ I’m gonna go get us some drinks alrigh’ ? Find someone ta’ sit down , I don’t want ya’ standin’ up tha’ whole time ”. He didn’t leave any room for argument as he turned around as soon as he was done talking .

You smiled and placed a hand on your baby bump , he really was going to be a really great dad .

It was later that night where you found yourself with Glenn and Maggie on a small couch upstairs . You were listening to some ridiculous story of Glenn’s adventures in pizza delivery , when you all of the sudden a man who you never really knew the name of stumbled himself into the room , clearly drunk off his ass he slammed himself into the chair across from the three of you .

Glenn , already not liking the looks of him , looked to Maggie and yourself and suggested going back downstairs . Before the two of you could agree though , the man slurred “ Wh-where y'all t-think you’re go-in ” . You grimaced with distaste as you could practically taste the alcohol radiating from him like strong cologne .

“ It-its rude to just wa-walk away when I just sat down ” He spit out before taking another sip from a bottle . You had already had enough of his drunken state and had no plans of putting you or your baby in such a position , and stood up “ Well I don’t really care if its rude or not , I don’t plan on staying around a drunk man with no merits to keep his own pants up ”.

He looked down to see his belt done and his pants slightly lowered then any one with eyes would like and angrily looked back up to you . You turned around and on trying to leave the man behind , he staggered behind you and grabbed your elebow “ You got some kind of nerve la-lady ” .

You turned around so quick that the man stumbled back . Glenn automatically stood up along with Maggie. “ Y/N go down stairs now ” Glenn said to you as the man recovered from his recent stumble . Every fiber in you wanted to deck the drunk man , you were never the one to stand for drunks who over stepped their boundaries , but you spinned around just in time to hear a crash and once again you were turned back around .

And there you saw Glenn had tried to get him to sit down when the man pushed him away and Glenn fell into the glass coffee table , sending glass everywhere and definitely into Glenn . Your anger boiled to no end and you lost it . Maggie hadn’t paid attention to anything but Glenn at the moment so you took the chance and pulled the man by his collar . “ You worthless drunken piece of shit ! ” You screamed .

The party down stairs seemed to cease at the sound of your tone and there was shuffling of footsteps coming up the stairs , but you didn’t care . Glenn was family and someone had to pay for hurting him . You threw him against the wall easily . Already crooked paintings rattling into a even more crooked pose and you stepped towards him and raised your arm , but you felt a familiar hand pulling you back .

“ What the hell ! ” Daryl yelled as he pulled you behind him . He looked to Glenn and the man still on the ground and put two and two together . “ Daryl he grabbed Y/N and Glenn tried to make him sit down - ” Maggie started as she helped Glenn up , but stopped short when Daryl himself picked the man up . “ You touched Y/N! My Y/N ?! ” he yelled and now everyone was crowding the room .

“ I-I only grabbed her elebow ” He said now very aware of the situation . “ Nah no one touches my girl ” and with that you knew that man was gonna regret ever touching a liquor bottle .

“ Y/N ? ” Daryl whispered as you two laid in the bed you shared . You were laying on your side , hands caressing your stomach “ Yeah ? ” . He took a deep breath “ You’re not scared of me are ya ? ” . Your eyebrows furrowed together and you rolled over “ No why would I be ? ” . He sighed and motioned you to let him hold you . You scooted closer and he ran his fingers over your cheek “ You haven’t been talking ta’ me much after what happened ” .

You nodded “ I was just thinking ” . His eyes searched your own “ About wha’ ” . You looked down at your stomach “ I lost my temper tonight and I put this baby in danger . It could’ve been me thrown into the table and glass put into me . What if I would’ve fallen on my stomach ? ” . He shook his head and lifted your chin up so he could see your eyes “ Baby he put you two in danger and you were protecting our Lil’ girl ” .

You nodded “ I just lost it when I saw what happened to Glenn . remember when he came back from what the governor did? How bad I wanted to just .. ” . Daryl nodded “ It took me and rick to hold you back ” . Daryl laughed at the memory “ You’re pretty strong for a tiny thing ” . You couldn’t help but laugh along with him .

Once you two quieted down Daryl rubbed your cheek again “ When I heard he even touched you Y/N … I couldn’t stop . Rick said I coulda’ killed ‘em ” . You only laid your head on his chest “ I know hun’ ” . He held you close “ I want lyin when I found out you were pregnant . I’ll kill anyone who dares to look at you wrong ” .He then kissed your head “ That asshole better watch his back from now on ” .

You smiled “ He should fear the wrath of daddy Daryl ”.

Last short drabble. :D Thank you so much for this one, sweetie. I hope you’ll enjoy it. ^.^

I had always loved drawing and painting and one day I had told Daryl about it. I couldn’t remember why he brought it up or why I told him about how much I had loved it back when everything was still normal, when small things like these still mattered, but I did. And then last week he came home from a run, a big grin across his face as he kept something hidden behind his back trying to make me guess what is was. I surprise for me, obviously, but other than that.. no idea. It took a while until he got tired of having me guess but when he pulled the small package from behind his back my jaw almost dropped to the ground: paint. A pencil, watercolors, a sketch book, all I could have wished for. With tears in my eyes I had jumped into his arms thanking him over and over again. I hadn’t stopped drawing ever since and now that I was sitting on our bed while Daryl was still asleep, watching his soft features, his hair falling into his face covering his eyes I couldn’t help but grab the sketch book lying next to the bed.
It was easy to draw his face, every inch of it had became so well known to me it didn’t feel like the first time bringing these features to paper. It felt a little weird doing this while he was still asleep but in a way this was my way of capturing the moment. I had seen Glenn carrying a picture of Maggie close to him at all times and in a way, I tried to do the same thing, tried to keep Daryl close at all times.
After a while I had finished the drawing and looking down at it with a soft smile I had to admit to myself that I was quite satisfied with it. Right when I put the sketch book away Daryl started to move, opened his eyes.
“G'morning”, he mumbled stretching his limbs to wake them up.
“Good morning”, I smiled quickly hiding the sketch book from his view. He didn’t need to know that I had drawn a portrait of him.
“Ya awake already!?” He sat up yawning.
“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep anymore.”
“Why didn’t ya get up!?” He looked me up and down when suddenly his gaze fell upon the sketch book and he must have noticed me shifting slightly to block his view from it. With a grin he throw himself forward and snatched it away from me. I protested but we both knew that I wasn’t too angry about it. A little embarrassed most certainly, but not angry. In fact, he was the only one to ever look at this sketch book without having to ask first. However, I was really nervous when he slowly turned the first page, stared into his own sleeping face.
“That’s what you’ve been doin’ all mornin’!?”, he asked looking at me.
“Y-yes”, I answered as my cheeks turned red.
“It’s… good. I like it.”
“You do!?”, I smiled.
“Yeah… but.. why would ya draw me of all people!?”
“You’re seriously asking this?! Because I wanna have your face close to me even when you’re not around”, I admitted trying to hide my embarrassement behind laughter.
“Really!? Ya gotta draw a selfportrait then”, he smirked back.
“‘Cause it’s only fair if I can carry ya 'round with me too”, he smiled pressing his lips on my forehead slowly making his way down to my lips and I promised to do as he wished knowing that he was right about it being fair.

in doing a rewatch of the finale, what really killed me at the end was the briefest of moments when both glenn and maggie likely had a sense of relief that the other wasn’t there.  

glenn had been kidnapped and locked in a van, having no idea what was going on outside, and as he was pushed out of the back, falling to his knees, there was probably a tiny shred of gratitude that maggie and his baby were at home - that she wouldn’t have to witness whatever was about to happen, that they were safe.

and as maggie was carried into the clearing, struggling to kneel in front of what probably looked like a firing squad, she was likely confused, not only about what was going on with her, with her baby, but also where glenn was.  and despite wishing he had been there for her, the slightest sense of hope that maybe he’d made it home, that he was safe.

and as his eyes adjust to the light, and the dust settles, their eyes meet.  her name, a question, slips from his mouth, as he recognizes that not only has his pregnant wife been dragged into this mess, but something is terribly wrong.

the precarious situation they’ve found themselves in, a threat to her life leaving him struggling in the dirt as he’s dragged back to his spot with a warning.  their fate left up to a lunatic playing a children’s game with a bat wrapped in barbed wire.

and the fact that he could very well be killed without even a sense of peace that his wife and child are okay, because of the deathly pale look painted on her face, even if spared.

that is what kills me.

more so than the fact that he never got a backstory episode despite being on the show since the beginning, that his death will likely be solely for shock value and at the hands of a white man in retaliation of another white man’s actions, sacrificing the one asian representation they have, or the pure lack of screen time he was allotted in his last season, due to a fake out death, (or that steven won’t even get a talking dead episode to himself, but instead ridiculous excuses from tptb about why glenn’s death is necessary).

all those things really piss me off, but what kills me is that this character (who i’ve loved for six seasons), who is truly too pure for that world, is going to be sacrificed, brutalized in the worst way, without even a peace of mind about those he cares about the most - the one thing he wants more than anything.

and that’s pretty fucking shitty.  he deserves so much better.