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Hey, survivors! Hope everyone is doing alright. I’m currently working on the group right now but feel free to browse through our group! So far, we’re currently in need of more male characters so feel free to have a look at our most wanted character list

Here are some of the characters that are most wanted:

  • Albert Wesker
  • Barry Burton
  • Derek C. Simmons
  • Glenn Arias
  • Jack Krauser
  • Lucas Baker 

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to shoot us an ask/message!

– Admin A.

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Doug Trevor, of the Australian group The Cherokees, also remembers Peter Tork’s house: “There were stoned hippies laying all over the place, naked girls wandering in and out of the pool and the constant noise of Peter rehearsing his new band Release somewhere downstairs. Barry McGuire ("Eve of Destruction”) and his chick were living in an old VW Combi in the back yard. Peter found a room for me in the attic and the first night I tried to sleep in it I was kept awake by this loud drunk roaring in the kitchen all night. They told me in the morning that it was Jim Morrison.
—  via Monkeemania: The True Story of the Monkees by Glenn A Baker

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Why I'm leaving New York

Later today, I’ll be leaving New York City. After spending the last three days here, the city has changed so much that it’s nearly unrecognizable to long-time natives like myself. While eating an egg sandwich in bed yesterday morning after a booze-filled romp with the luxurious daughter of a Prime Minister from a former USSR nation, I kept lamenting to her on what a strange and luxurious world I was now in. When did everything start being about the money? Where did the heart of this city go, and was it gone forever? Where were the fun people I danced with two nights ago? Why was there arugula on my egg sandwich? Mostly, I wondered: What happened to the New York I remembered?

Over steak frites at Balthazar, I expressed my frustration to my dining companions: Cage, a cagey heroin dealer to the stars, Glenn O'Brien’s cousin Tyjuan, Ernest Baker, a friendly pile of old towels that we thought was Cat Marnell and a extradited Senegalese warlord that I befriended in a dice game after he tried to cut my finger off when I tried to pay in Bitcoin. They assured me, the only constant in this city was change itself. Is that truth? Could it be that the city that made me who I am over the last 72 hours couldn’t ever love me the way I grew to love it?

I’m leaving tonight at 5 p.m. Flying to Chicago, a cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped monolith where I’ll attempt to ply my trade as a writer. Seeing as I’m doing my new city a favor by living in New York then moving, I’ll be sure to loudly compare the two cities in every possible way, even when it doesn’t make sense to do so. I owe it to the bathroom in Baby’s All Right I threw up in. I owe it to that long line I waited in down in Chinatown that I thought was for a secret show but just ended up being a fruit market. I owe it to the guy on the Soho House roof deck who asked me if I had the time. I owe it to my New York.

Ernest Wilkins is a writer who’s leaving New York. Mostly because his flight leaves at 5.