hinagikuzeelmart asked:

Can you write about the prince reaction if mc is the long lost lord michel grand daughter... thanks

A/N- Like always, sorry for the delay ^_^  I get too distracted easily, and am a major procrastinator… it should be obvious by now.

Also sorry I didn’t write much…≡≡≡=(ノTдT)ノ



*He’s excited on the inside…*


Royal ancestry means nothing can stop our love now!


Nothing can separate the sunflower prince and his princess anymore!  Find your own girl Yu!


So the commoner isn’t actually a commoner?


(*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ *No words needed*


Joshua’s original assumption was proven true!

glenn-griffon asked:

Regarding Aeris. I believe she was prepared for either outcome. I choose to believe that she was ready to face death if she were killed but that it wasn't a "goal" for her. I believe personally that her plan was to summon Holy in the area below the city and then, assuming what happened did not occur, intended to meet again with Cloud and the others, explain her plan, and continue with them.

Sure; maybe not express her plan and continue, since that’s risky business, but.

When she lifts her head in the Forgotten City, I see a look of triumph. I think it’s more likely that she thought the danger had passed at that moment than anything.


The Walking Dead Cast: Who would die first in a real zombie apocalypse?


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