2000AD 2000 Sells Out, reprint in the works!

2000AD 2000 Sells Out, reprint in the works!

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We’re delighted to relay information from Tharg’s droids to report an unprecedented moment in 2000AD’s long and illustrious history – the landmark 2,000th issue has sold out less than 48 hours after hitting shelves across the UK and Ireland – and, for the first time, Rebellion will be going to a second printing! The demand for the special Prog 2000 edition has been so great that both distributors…

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moms officially a walker

and by that, i mean a fan.

my mom finished the series. she loves richonne and  Sasha x Abraham (sasham?) she knew he loved her before they got together, too so she has a great sense of shipping lol. she still adores daryl and has an on and off affection for rick. but her faves are michonne, sasha, abraham, eugene, gabriel, glenn, and her absolute favorite of all is morgan (which is one of my faves, too). 

but anyway, i showed her the audio from the season 6 finale that ended up not being in the actual episode  and she thinks she hears “rick” and “dad” being screamed (all i hear is maggie screaming glenn) but negan says feed carl’s other eye to rick if anyone does anything so i know thats wrong lol. i asked her who she would prefer to die and she cannot pick at all. she’s a spoiler fanatic so she doesnt care for spoilers at all and has been looking up who’s been on set and stuff and she knows people are saying it’s down to glenn and abraham.

i have been steering clear of spoilers pretty much this whole time so im not sure how legit those claims are but i really really hope they’re wrong


can’t wait for season seven’s start. its been just me and my sister watching since 2013 and now with my mom watching it’ll feel like a family gathering again
Safe Sex Preston-Swann.pdf
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Hey, I found this book “Safe Sex” by Preston and Swann while I was doing some research. It was written in 1986 for gay and bisexual men, with the subtitle “The essential program of safe sexual practices for gay men and everyone concerned about AIDS.”

From the back cover:

“The groundbreaking program that makes safe sex great sex – for gay and bisexual men, and the women who love them.

The recent public awareness of and concern about AIDS has resulted in a radical shift in sexual attitudes and practices. For gay men, the question of having sex has become literally a matter of life and death. In this unique, much-needed book, John Preston and “Mr. Safesex,” Glenn Swann, outline the first practical program for erotic, fulfilled, and safe sex for homosexual men as well as for women involved with bisexual partners or intravenous drug users.

Using informative, direct instructions and illustrations, SAFE SEX offers sound, compassionate advice for cultivating health sexual habits. Drawing upon erotic fantasies and anecdotes from Mr. Safesex’s own experiences, this invaluable book candidly explores sexual attitudes, techniques, and practices that keep lovemkaing fulfilling, exciting and safe enough to protecct you from sexually transmitted disease.

Explicit, educational, and thrillingly erotic, SAFE SEX is the life-affirming guide that can set you–and your fantasies–free. It is a priceless lifesaver that no gay man–or concerned woman–should be without.”

And you know, disclaimer: This book is thirty years old. Researching more about it, I found that it was one of the first books available giving information about safe sex for gay and bisexual men, which is why I’m going to post it, even knowing that there’s probably outdated terminology and terminology that may not have even been acceptable then in here. Please just take it as it is with the knowledge that it’s a thirty year old book, and I’m posting it because of its historical value, not because I think that it’s perfect. 

Also: I know that my scanning looks shabby at times. It’s a thirty year old book, it was literally falling apart and I did my best.