St Bart’s (part two)

This was my favourite part of the entire trip. We spotted a couple of these stickers on one of the windows of the hospital and on the phone box outside it, which hit right in the feels.

Then, as we approached the spot where Sherlock landed, Lois noticed all these rolled up pieces of paper sticking out of the grate above one of the benches and said they had to be to do with Sherlock.

We spent a while pulling them out and reading them before putting them back and they were all messages to Sherlock, some dated from a while ago, one from the day before our visit, some with tumblrs written on them too. I cannot even’d all over the place and, because all of the notes were for Sherlock and John, I left one from Sebastian. I’m fairly certain the one Lois left from Glen called Sherlock a gobshite.

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Glen’s weed.

*sigh* How many times does it have to be said that selling it is better than using it?

The thread you've all been waiting for

Sebastian couldn’t think straight, couldn’t think at all. There were just jumbled memories and thoughts and feelings he couldn’t quite place, but they all led back to one man.

Glen McNiven.

A God.

So he did the only logical thing. Jumped in his car, sped all the way to Glen’s flat, listened to his heart racing as he rang the doorbell.