Rachel/Ray Berry

Finn/Fiona Hudson

Kurt/Kit Hummel

Artie/Ariel Abrams

Sam/Samantha Evans

Santana/Santiago Lopez

Brittany/Brett Pierce

Quinn/Quinton Fabray

Noah/Nora Puckerman

Mercedes/Mustang Jones

Blaine/Blair Warbler


Group Numbers/Other

LAST UPDATED: 6/5/2011

Notes: I Know I’m missing some, I looked hard but I couldn’t find everything, even things I’ve heard myself. Please message me any more you find, I’ll update and repost thing then. None of these are mine, they should all link to their respective creator. Message me if a link goes down, I’ll try to find it. I’m no authority on the names or anything, just using what I most often see. I put this together just for kicks, and because I really like genderswaps.

Enjoy <3

Dana Karofsky
Growing up in a distant and narrow-minded family, Dana never really grew up with an automatic acceptance of anyone different, and instead became somewhat of a bully to kids at school. Things only got worse when she got into high school and cheerleading and realized new feelings towards the other girls - in particular, Kit Hummel, a confirmed lesbian. A mix between confusion and frustration lead Dana to give Kit an even harder time than she had before, until she was faced with confrontation and ended up kissing her in the heat of the moment. Now that Kit wants to help her come to terms with her sexuality, Dana sorrier than ever for everything she’s put the girl through.  

Blair Anderson
Happy-go-lucky prep school student Blair wasn’t always as happy or lucky as she is now. Bullied and harassed at her old school for being a lesbian, she took solace in Dalton Academy for Girls, a private school with a strict no-harassment policy. Not only did she find a safe haven in her new school, but also in her new girlfriend, a fiesty public school student by the name of Kit Hummel. The couple stays strong and gives each other courage.