Good Morning from Scotland. 

Morning Light by Jason Tyldsley
Via Flickr:
Looking towards Sma Glen with The Scurran on the left and Dun Mor on the right

The Most Noble Bruce Murray, 12th Duke of Atholl, Marquess of Tullibardine, Earl of Strathtay and Strathardle, Viscount of Balwhidder, Glenalmond and Glenlyonz and Lord Murray, Balvenie and Gask


Y'know, sometimes it really does just come down to being in the right place at the right time.  Today I biked 6km up Glen Almond from the Sma Glen, and then walked up onto an unassuming heathery lump of a hill to get a nice view across to Loch Freuchie.

I reached the viewpoint and then not five seconds later I followed the track of a raven some way in the distance, heading to my right.  I lost sight of it but at that same time caught sight of something else, something large headed right towards me at my eye level.  A white-tailed eagle, graciously giving me a flypast as I stood high on the crags!  It glared at me and then veered away without a single flap of its enormous wings.  That’s the first one I’ve ever seen in Perthshire.  Bit of a treat!!!