5 Questions with Glen O'Neill

Somehow, between working full-time as the visual mastermind redefining the Martlet and caring for his (adorable) newborn baby, Penelope, Glen O'Neill finds time to run an artistic empire in the form of Glen O'Neill Dot Com and his hair-brained charity series Beards, Mostly, on top of giving away a boutique’s worth of free t-shirts he designed himself. And in his off hours, if you can call them that, he’s hunched over the drawing board working on more of his trademark cheeky, lighthearted creations. He sat down with Mosaic to explain how he does it, read on to find out.

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Hanhan by Glen O'Neill.

What do you get when a nerf-herding spaceship pilot and his Wookiee meet a journalist and his dog?

Hanhan - inquisitive and polite, but he’ll always shoot first and ask questions later. Not to mention it’s the only dog you’ll ever meet that can rip your arms off.

Two intrepid heroes mashed into one. And of course their furry life mates. Star Wars meets Tin Tin in this mash-up.

Available from RedBubble.

Vote for Glen O'Neill’s t-shirt design on Threadless.

I’m not just saying this because he has a beard, a family to raise, or because he likes Star Wars. I’m saying this because he does some really great work. In fact one of his prints is hanging above my desk in my office. 

Oh, and he’s from Victoria, BC. That usually makes anyone cool in my books. Support a local artist by voting for this sweet design for the Climate Change Project T-Shirt Challenge on Threadless. His design is streets ahead of the competition. 

Vote for “Future History Lesson.”

Glenn O'Neill x Threadless

Illustration wizard and Martlet visionary Glen O'Neill has submitted a design to the Threadless Climate Project T-Shirt Challenge. Each entrant has designed a T-shirt concept to illuminate the truth about climate change, and the public gets to vote on their favourite. Check out Glen’s design to the right, then head over to vote. If you give him a five, I’m sure he’ll slap you five next time you see him.

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Glen O'Neill Presents:

It was only two weeks ago that Grady sat down for a chat with Glen O'Neill, and already his story has evolved.

Yesterday marked the launch of, Glen’s latest business venture – a collaboration with Mike Mancuso of sixtybones. Their goal: to revamp the tee-shirt design market in the following manner – original artist-owned designs,  limited product runs, and fair and rapid payment for all contributors involved.

Beyond the ethics, here’s what you’ve got to know – one t-shirt goes on sale weekly for 11-bucks-a-pop. Bid fast, you’ve got until the next drop to express your interest, and then that design is considered out of stock. It’s sort of like Groupon really – but instead of 15% off a Turkish Stone massage, you get art that matters.

Whether Glen’s just hyper productive or likes to play his cards close to his chest, we’re still not sure. I stopped by his office the other day to pick up some Beard Art, and when I asked about his myriad of side-projects, this is all he had to say:

“You’ve got force yourself to stay fresh." 

Amen to that brother.