1990. Deicide

 is the eponymous debut album by band Deicide. It was released on June 25.

 While containing mostly Satanic or blasphemous lyrical themes, “Lunatic of God’s Creation” and “Carnage in the Temple of the Damned” concern Charles Manson and Jim Jones respectively, and “Dead by Dawn” deals with the plot of the 1981 horror film, The Evil Dead.

Glen Benton has stated that no effects were used on his vocals while recording the album, though several songs do contain a pitch-shifted vocal effect.

This album is an intense and punishing ride. While maybe not the easiest thing to listen to, its bloody good if you’re looking for something consistently fast, evil and satanic. Admittedly, there are better albums than this one, but still this is a great fucking album and is definitely mandatory for any fan of brutal old-school death metal, probably the best thing they have released thus far.

     Glen Benton   Brian Hoffman   Eric Hoffman   Steve Asheim


2013. In the Minds of Evil

 is the  eleventh album by band Deicide, This will be the first Deicide album to feature guitarist Kevin Quirion, who became a full-time member in 2011.

DEICIDE drummer Steve Asheim recently told Decibel magazine about the band’s working relationship with Suecof: “It’s awesome! I’ve known Jason since ‘08. I had been going out to do the ORDER OF ENNEAD records with him. The last DEICIDE record we did with Mark [Lewis], but I’ve known Jason a long time, so I asked him if he was into it. He said, 'Absolutely!’ I wanted to get one done ovith him before something happens. You never know.”

Regarding the lyrical themes covered on the new DEICIDE album, Asheim said: “[The lyrics] are typical Glen Benton. Blasphemous, brutal rhetoric. We’re going to get down and dirty this Blasphemous, brutal rhetoric. We’re going to get down and dirty this time around, so expect the lyrics to be brutal.”

According to Asheim, longtime fans will pick up on nuances inspired by the almighty “Legion” effort. “Jason wanted to capture the 'Legion’ feel,” the drummer said. “We’re wanting Glen’s vocals to sound more old-school. So, it’s a bit of the new with a little throwback action.”

As for DEICIDE’s time at Audiohammer, Asheim said: “It’s pretty cut-and-dried these days. I’ve known Jason a few years. I kind of know his methodology, how he works. It’s a far drive, so we’ll spend two or three nights there. Once we knock it out, we’ll end up partying. We repeat that the next day.”

     Glen Benton           Steve Asheim        Jack Owen        Kevin Quirion