glen tavern inn


The Glen Tavern Inn is a haunted turn or the century hotel in Santa Paula California. The building was built in 1911, in the style reminiscent of Tudor England. The building was a hangout for Prohibitionists, and a speakeasy, as well as brothel and gambling house. The history of the inn has seen some dark days. Most recently a man hung himself in one of the rooms closets,and has some ghosts as a result. Guests have reported seeing a child’s ghost running around the halls, and an apparition of a woman stalking the grounds. The more darker and tormented spirits include a man named Calvin shot to death over a card game in room 307. 307 has another disturbing story, it is said that a prostitute was beheaded, and left in the closet. The Tavern has been investigated by many people, the most famous of which are the Ghost Adventures crew.

Haunted Hallway at the Historic 100 year old Glen Tavern Inn Located in Santa Paula, California. Many phantoms walk this Inn. There are reports of Harry Houdini haunting this place as well as movie stars. The 3rd Floor has many specters. At a  last investigation the ghost hunting group picked up sounds on tape of a dog (there were no dogs there)–in a room once occupied by Silent Movie Dog Star Rin-Tin-Tin!  The place is rich with EVP–(ghosts on tape) and it can be captured by a layman with little effort.   

Glen Tavern Inn, built 1911. Very haunted location used in several TV shows over the years still rented out by Hollywood companies. 3rd floors has many ghosts. Recent sighting in restaurant is a little girl in pig tails and riding a tricycle! She and the trike vanished before two witnesses!  Located in Santa Paula, California. Every floor has ghosts including the lobby.