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Popular snack brand Doritos and Marvel Studios are going retro as they partner for the rollout of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack. The centerpiece of the pair’s Rock Out Loud campaign is a custom-designed, limited-edition series of Doritos bags featuring a built-in cassette tape deck-inspired player that plays the full soundtrack. The bags can also be recharged for repeat listening.

Among the ‘60s and ‘70s pop, R&B/funk, country and rock songs comprising Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 are: Parliament’s “Flash Light,” Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord,” Silver’s “Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang” and Glen Campbell’s “Southern Nights.” Rounding out the soundtrack is the original song “Guardians Inferno” featuring The Sneepers and David Hasselhoff.

The custom bags will be available for consumer purchase on April 28 via while supplies last


It’s time to start a small garden! Most the sims in this town will need to be at least partially self sufficient or capable of contributing towards the town’s food supply. Most of them here are nature oriented, so it’s not a far stretch they’d be a nice farming community. Considering he’ll be uprooted to move to a new town (probably by the second rotation) I’m really just hoping to get his gardening skills up a little :)


I worked more on this town hall. I parked a food truck out front for the poor souls who get tired of sandwiches and want a greasy taco.

Here you can see the main chamber where the council meets with the populace to hear their complaints that they’ll never do anything about because that’s american politics :D

I set up a student union booth to drum up interest in college for when the youngersters come of age.

some trophies on display. Maybe the collection will grow as they raise more over achievers to fill the shelves.

“What is your problem lady? I was sweaty, stinky, needed a shower like hell- look my pants were filthy. What’s the big deal? It’s not like anything is hanging out.”

“There are CHILDREN present, what if it does HANG out?” Bianca demanded.

“Then they’ll learn some anatomy, big fucking deal! You could use a bath yourself, you smelly bitch!”

“I am not smelly! Why I oughtaa!”

Argus just stares in disbelief, does she not see the green fumes coming out of her noxious pits?

“You’re a real asshole!” Bianca yelled. “Get some damn clothes on!”

“Look you two,” Doreen said in a dry, ‘I can’t believe this argument is happening’ kind of voice, “We’re not in the middle ages anymore. The kids are werewolves, I’m quite certain they’ve seen nude or mostly nude adults before. Calm the hell down.”

Since we’re getting this redneck/hippie party off the ground, it’s obviously time to whip out the hideous animal print guitar. I have to question EA’s love of animal prints in bizarre places. As a former musician who is marrying another musician and as someone who has spent copious amounts of time at shows and in various musical stores, I have to say I’ve never seen a cheetah print guitar. And yet this game is plagued, in every save, with hideous guitars like this. It’s ok, her household is next on rotation and you can bet she’s losing that ugly POS.

The music (she is a decent guitarist, at least) momentarily breaks a few sims from the fire. Dwayne had a moment of indecision but then the bonfire won out.

DeeDee and Doreen are having a great time prodding the fire. I’m not really sure why they’re prodding it but I do know it’s making them smell like hell. I don’t think you see it in this picture yet, but all these sims had big green plumes coming off them. If someone’s BO ever gets bad enough that they literally give off green fumes, it’s got to be considered assault with a deadly weapon. I’ve known some guys that smelled so bad (without the obvious green clouds of stink) that they could knock a normal person on their ass just by standing ten feet away.

It’s around this time that I noticed Argus had disappeared. I hadn’t seen a notice he’d left the party (Navita took off for work, which somehow made Pappy’s party barely tolerable to her; it’s not his fault you have to work!) but I’d scarcely had time to wonder about it when…

Oh, there you are. In your boxers aaaand suspiciously clean. You were in Pappy’s tub! YOU USED PAPPY’S DUCKY! D:

Bonus points for Doreen’s look of sheer enjoyment. A hot guy coming out of the house in only his ghostie boxers has made this party totally worth her time. Tbh, I feel the same.

Doreen has to take a picture for later, uh, private time. She’ll be thinking about you later, Argus.

While Doreen, who is older and been around the block, absolutely appreciates a mostly naked man, Bianca seems to be furious about this. I’m not sure she has any ground to stand on, yelling at him for his state of undress, when she walks around on a daily basis in her naughty school girl outfit. Maybe she’s just sore he’s not totally naked? I mean, why keep the boxers on to taunt them?.