glen osterberger


Shinjo Min-hee - Drew Baker - For the Khan we needed Drew Baker. He makes the games most iconic distinctive characters and Min-hee needed to be a powerful character. We envisioned her as the strength of The Fortune Hida Kisada and the skill of Otaku Kamoko. 

Shinjo Jong-ho Alberto Tavira - An image long spoiled in the early time of EE, this was some slush art (by no means due to its quality) that we finally had a great place to slot. Jonh-ho is an awesome illustration, strong composition, character design, lighting and details. We’re huge fans of this work.

Longtooth - William O'Conner - A feirce armored hunting dog based on hunting dog breeds from Japan, Longtooth was envisioned as a pack leader, swift and powerful.

Iuchi Haruma - Glen Osterberger - A Moto Death priest, Haruma was based on prior death priests but managed to become his own and we often use him as a prime example of a good death priest to other artists now.

Moto Morio - Andy Hepworth - Morio was set up as a slightly traditional Moto who likes his war paint and charging into battle. 

Utaku Sung-ki - Randy Elliott - Sung-ki was seen in design as a young new battle maiden. With out printed abilities and being small we wanted a simple scene of her caring for her horse. 

Glen Osterberger - Oriole Imperial Vanguard

I wanted to post this and explain a bit about it. We’d never really seen Oriole clan members outside of smithies. When thinking over their color scheme we wanted to go with Steel, Gold and Silver as their clan coloring. So Glen showed it all off in this.