glen helzer


“The Children of Thunder”, a religious fanatic group lead by former stockbroker Glen Helzer with his brother, Justin Helzer and Dawn Godman as accomplices, sought to bring about the destruction of the Mormon Church and reign a new era of Christianity, with Glen leading the way. Seeking ways to fund this crusade, Glen, and Justin began selling drugs, when this was not enough, Glen Helzer preyed upon elderly clients from his days as a stockbroker. Ivan and Annette Stineman were forced to write $100,000 in checks. Afterwards, The Children of Thunder drugged, beat, and dismembered the Stineman’s on August 2, 2000. After a failed attempt to cash the checks by using Selina Bishop for fear of being exposed, daughter of musician Elvin Bishop, the brothers bludgeoned her to death, and then targeted Selina’s mother, Jennifer Villarin and her boyfriend was murdered as well due to being a witness.

The Children of Thunder were arrested on August 7, 2000, to which Glenn Helzer tried to take all of the blame for the crimes. Dawn testified against the brothers in exchange for 38 years to life with the possibility of parole, Glen and Justin were sentenced to death. Justin Helzer was found dead in his cell on April 14, 2013 by hanging. Glen Helzer and Dawn Godman remain in prison.