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Storytelling Con Sunday - Lana Panel


  • Lana: Kristin is an angel and a wonderful woman inside out (x)
  • Lana thanks us for supporting Kristen and her project (x)
  • Best childhood memory is getting a good punch at her sister haha because she’s seven years older and when she was old enough she GOT HER (x)
  • Lana loves her sister and you’ve seen it with Zelena and Regina it’s a lot of fighting but also making up (x)
  • One of her fave memories is fishing with her father (x)
  • Lana really misses these (fishing) days (x)
  • Lana knew she wanted to be an actress very early before she even understood what acting was (x)
  • Lana’s family used to make a lot of silent Filmes with her family cause her granddad had a camera (x)
  • Art has always been a part of Lana’s life but she’s never pursued it until she was in her scenes (x)
  • Lana started studying t professionally around age 18 (x)
  • Children, family and friendship make Lana happy (x)
  • Lana doesn’t know how to dance flamenco (x)
  • Preparation for playing Regina and the eq was very extensive. No free weekend for a long time. It was a learning process for everyone (x)
  • She was learning how to deal with it as she went along. She has had great doubles and coached them in their physical behavior (x)
  • But she let the doubles be free in terms of their own acting (x)
  • Lana was always well rehearsed because of her preparation (x)
  • Sunset boulevard was her dream role she loves Glen Close (x)
  • Her dream rouse has always been to play a powerful strong woman who makes a difference in a world (x)
  • Regina is complete now with herself even though te eq is gone (x)
  • Regina came full circle and embraced both parts of herself (x)
  • Regina had a hard time crushing grahams heart because she loved him on a leven even though he was more of a toy (x)
  • Regina has been with Graham for 28 years and Lana thinks Graham filled some kind of a father role with Henry. It wasn’t scripted (x)
  • Regina loved who Graham played in Henry’s life and she loved to control Graham too (x)
  • Lana feels lucky and inspired and blessed to give back to the world and receive so much from all of us (x)
  • Regina would say I love you if she met Robin again (x)
  • Lana loves working with Sean and she doesn’t mind who he’s playing and it wasn’t really different for Lana (x)
  • Lana says she always has a blast filming with Sean (x)
  • Relationship with Jared in one word: buddies (x)
  • Lana feels Regina has mourned a lot off camera and she’s had these private moments but it wasn’t shown (x)
  • On OUAT something is always happening and it’s hard to grieve when something’s is always going on (x)
  • Lana thinks Regina’s story isn’t over. Who knows what’s gonna happen (x)
  • Lana: Let’s keep embracing and loving everyone. No segregation of every kind. Let’s love each other and have fun! (x)   


(Credits to Eva)

Storytelling Con



This song is about Danny`s drinking problems ! :D x hahaha