glen farris


Same as the lady sim dump, I have gone through my simfileshare account and have picked out 16[!!!] sims that I have uploaded but have barely/never been used by the simblrs that they were made for, or it has been literal years since they were made and it’s time for them to have a new home. Plus 2 babes that have been neglected by me and are in need of lovin’s. This is part 2 of the dude sim dump. You can find part one here.

Again, these are just the .sim files. Feel free to change hair/skintones for these dudes, use them as bases, berrify [or vanilla-fy in the case of Cullen], set them on fire, whatever. Just don’t be a dick and reupload them, or say that you made them. Cause you didn’t. Tagging me if you use them would be super cool and I’d love you forever. Names are captioned on the photos for your picking and choosing pleasure.


Cullen | Garett | Walter 
Damon | Glen | Preston 
Jeremiah | Ronald | Denver