Day 214

First kick today! We thought that it was strange that we hadn’t felt anything yet… But it turns out that the little guy was just being shy. :) Rach is getting so round. I mean, I don’t mean that in a bad way or anything- she’s pregnant, so she can be as round as she want and it wouldn’t matter. Plus, she’s kind of adorable with the cheeks and the tummy and the … Boobs. Really adorable. Is it weird that we still have sex this far into it? I mean… It’s still really hot, and she says it helps her cramps. I just don’t wanna… Poke the little guy or something…

Anyways. That’s day 214. Almost seven months. And secretly? Rachel being pregnant is kind of awesome so far. I mean, she says she looks huge and gets really emotional and stuff (which sucks), but… Well, she eats just as much as I do now, and we can just chill on the couch at night in our apartment and kiss on the couch, watch a movie… It’s nice. It’s actually really nice. 

I can’t wait to be a daddy. :) See you soon, little guy.