gayforswift asked:

HIIIIIIIIII XD <3 You are very pretty! Sorry for stalking your blog. :/


Thank you so much! I haven’t seen a picture of you but I bet you’re really pretty, too! And don’t apologise, gotta love me some blog stalkers B)

X’s and O’s,

Daisy :3

gayforswift asked:

OMG OMG OMG i just found out that you rp and my absolute most favorite Emma Pillsbury!!!! OMG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG AND YOUR RP :) and we are the same age whoa haha sorry for freaking out :/

OMG OMG OMG hi. I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING MY BLOG AND MY RP :D And we’re the same age? ASDFGHJKL awesome. Wanna hear something cool? The girl that plays the Sugar on the same RP is called Hollie. Just think about this, we both joined the same same RP completely by chance, and up until we joined, we didn’t know each other. We both live in the UK, we both live in the same part of the UK, we live in the same town, and we go to schools that are like three miles away from each other. AND we’re the same age, in the same school year. How cool? AMAZINGLY COOL. AND AND AND we’re both going to the same Jessie J concert. Awesome.

ANYWAY going off topic. But I’m really glad that you like my Emma! :D Don’t apologise for freaking out, I do it all the time! Love you long time~ x