I know Glee isn’t necessarily about Sam, but I think the way that he treated him was awful and I have a lot of reasons why.

First, Sam dated Quinn who cheated on him with Finn and they broke up. He went to Santana but that lasted like two episodes and all they did was make out and she was super mean to him so I don’t really count that lol.

Then there was Mercedes, and though they never really became official after her and Shane broke up… despite Sam’s trying… they did not date. Then came Brittany (ahh my favorite) and he was so cute and nice to her and then they broke up so Brit could be with her OTP, Santana, which we knew was going to happen so I guess I get it. 

Back to Mercedes which didn’t work out because of the whole sex thing… and I will admit I hated that they made Sam cheat on Mercedes with the dumb photographer but the way that Mercedes handled it was kinda weird to me. She seemed like she had just been waiting for them to break up because she knew it wouldn’t work out.

Now we come to Rachel. The second I saw how her and Sam looked at each other in the Movin’ Out episode, I shipped them pretty hard. Because Sam reminded her of home and he is the closest thing to Finn she’s ever gonna get.

And season 6 happened and my heart was happy because Sam was helping her heal and she was helping him get over Mercedes and he believed in her. He believed in everyone he dated. 

WIth Quinn, he was protective and loving. With Mercedes he posted a video of her on youtube and put her name in lights so she would believe in herself. With Brit he married her because she thought the world was ending and got her another cat so Lord Tubbington wouldn’t be lonely. He showed Rachel she could love again and encouraged her to go back to NYADA because he knew she would regret not doing it. 

Sam has been such a wonderful and caring and supportive boyfriend and then what does he get? NOTHING. I like that he is coaching Glee but I can’t tell you how upset I got when Blaine said “Sam’s got another girlfriend” because it completely threw Sam aside. He’s just the boyfriend who gives and gets nothing in return. He is never good enough. Mercedes wanted Sam to “help heal Rachel’s heart” but I didn’t know that was ALL he’d be doing. So she can go back to Jesse St. James who was never on the show and when he was he was a jerk. I can’t tell you how sad I am for Sam and it makes sense to me why Chord has been acting weird at press. He got pushed aside and I think it’s unfair. And thinking back to when Sam said maybe if he’s lucky he’ll always be on Rachel’s wall in his little gold shorts breaks my heart because he deserves to be all over the wall. He’s everything and I love him, and I never even realized how much I did.

Brittany: Mr. Schue, is he your son?
—  Brittany Pierce to William Schuester about Jesse St. James - 01x15 The Power of Madonna
Santana: I’m serious, you make me happy.
Brittany: And I’m never going to stop doing just that. As a math genius. I am one of the few people who understands the concept of infinty. And I will love you until infinity Santana Lopez
Santana: And I will love you until infinity too, Britt.
—   Gleequotes: Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce - 06x03 Jagged Little Tapestry
Imagine 27.2 - (Glee)

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Sebastian Smythe

remarked Santana as you made your way to the show choir room for glee practice.

“I’m a traitor how?” You replied and scanned the room for Sebastian at the same time.  Nope, he wasn’t there.

Santana scoffed at your response, “you know what you did,” 

“Enlighten me.” You crossed your arms, refusing to back down. You know, sometimes people have to be reminded that you could be an asshole too.

At this point in time, the others members knew better than to interrupt the conversation.

“He’s a monkey butt warbler who freaking slushied me!” Santana exclaimed, getting angrier by the second

“And you want him out of New Directions because he’s probably the only person in the entire world who has the guts and abilities to do that, and may perhaps, make your life a living hell once he’s here.”

“True,” remarked Tina, causing Santana to shoot a death glare at her.

“At this rate, we’ll be backstabbed by either one of the Warblers,”

“And you were once Sue’s evil minion who victimised every single person sitting across the choir room. I’m supposed to listen to you how?” You said helplessly, sighing. You had never wanted things to turn out this way.


“Santana, I choose to be kind because it makes me happy. But I will defend my loved ones without hesitation, so make no mistake. I’m fierce,” you said, cutting Santana off.

Apparently, you words were able to piss Santana off, because what followed was a few minutes of silence.

This silence was broken by Blaine, who had been contemplating whethe rto speak up for his good friend. 

“I know I have the least say in this but, give Sebastian a chance. You guys gave me one, ”

“Thank you.” You mouthed those words to Blaine, and he’d returned with an acknowledging nod.

“Look, I screwed things up and I’m really sorry. I love you guys and I love Seb as well. If I could travel back in time, I would have done things differently, so I’m asking you guys for your forgiveness and a second chance right now. Please.”

“You really love him huh,” asked Rachel.

“I do,” you nodded unhesitatingly.

Finn stood up and faced the others, “Those in favor of Sebastian joining us?”

One by one, hands were raised. These included skeptical ones like Sam’s, Mike’s and Mercedes’s.

With that, a smile lit upon your face and a frown appeared on Santana’s.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she said.

“I’ll take heed,” you replied. “Has anyone seen Sebastian?”

“I think Seb’s in the auditorium,” Blaine said. 

“Thanks!” You exclaimed, before running to the auditorium and mentally preparing yourself to face the worst conversation you’d ever faced in your entire life. 

“You’re back in your Warblers’ uniform,” you said and walked towards Sebastian, who was sitting alone in the dark room, in deep thoughts.

“I didn’t have a choice, do I?” 

You bit your lips, “I’m sorry for lying to you. It’s just that, there was so much history between you and New Directions. I didn’t dare to take the risk.”

Sebastian crossed his arms, “What risk?”

“Of losing the two things I love, you and Glee club.”

“Oh,” Sebastian mumbled, with a softened expression.

“I understand if you’re angry at me and-”

Sebastian finally turned to look at you, “Y/N, I could never, ever be angry at you.” 

“I was being rash previously. It isn’t your fault. If not for my consistent torments, sabotages, insults, pra-”

“I get it, go on,” 

“I couldn’t help but to think whether things could have been done differently if I was less of a jackass,” he sighed, causing you to burst out laughing. “Where’s Sebastian Smythe and what have you done to him?” 

“I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out yet! I love you for who you are, so don’t ever say something like that again.” you exclaimed. “The story’s simple really, I screwed up by lying in the first place,” you said, before a smile crept to your lips “But I fixed it because New Directions is allowing you in!” 

Sebastian’s expression changed instantly into a smirk, “I knew that, I was just playing around. I was, for a moment angry with you,”

“There’s the Seb I know,” you said.

“Come here you.” he added before bringing your face closer to his and slowly pressing his lips against yours. “Another thing,” Sebastian added.

“I still win best present.”