Dear Gleeks ...
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The 2-hour Glee series finale is tonight! I’ve had the time of my life playing Santana these past six seasons. Glee allowed me the opportunity to explore the 3 things I love the most, all at the same time: singing, dancing, & acting. I have so many amazing memories, have built beautiful friendships, and most importantly Glee has introduced me to the sweetest fans in the world!

I am forever grateful for Santana - she will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you all for the love through the years. While I’m sad to hang-up Santana’s pompoms, I’m excited for this next chapter of my life!


Gleeks!!! Our Reign is over...

After years of being the #1 TV Show on, it happened. We are no longer #1.

People talked and talked about how the SuperWhoLock fandom was the one who ruled but it wasn’t. Glee with much less seasons than 2 of those shows managed to surpass them in fics and keep their position in #1 for at least 4 years.

Let’s have in mind that Glee had 6 seasons 3 of which were the worst thing on TV and somehow we still managed to be #1 in fics (or maybe that’s the reason why we had so  many fics xp)

Our fandom rules and we should be proud of that!!!

So it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to our #1 spot but its okay because we had a good run.

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