gleek god

also darren recognized me and remembered my name (yet still insisted on signing it Gabrielle to be different than the rest of the cast omfg) and asked about what I’d been doing since the last time we’d talked and it was lovely

and later when I went to get my photo taken with him the staff was like making everyone rush through it without really talking to him and only doing hug pictures so I went up to him like “hug it is”

the dude went pff and said “gabby nah, fucking bear hug!” and then he bear hugged me it was gr8

Hi Gleeks and especially ex-Gleeks,

God knows we have not always been unified as a fandom but I think we all have a common enemy in the Glee writers (what are they doing? how have they got this so wrong? why, for the love of god, why???) and fortunately this week we have a great opportunity to convey this feeling to the powers that be.

This week’s episode, Old Dog New Tricks, has been penned by none other than Chris Colfer, who as a renowned author and original Glee cast member is uniquely qualified for this role. He’s filled it with old people and animals, drawn legends such as Academy Award nominee June Squibb, comedy great Tom Conway and Billy Dee Williams aka Lando Calrissian from Star Wars, and there’s already a body count. Truly, something for everyone.

As you may know, Glee’s ratings have been utterly abysmal recently and a boost this week to support a different way of doing things might encourage a move back to the Glee we used to love. Or it might just make the current writing team feel a bit shit in comparison. Either way.

So if you can find any fond feelings for Chris, Kurt, or Glee deep within your hearts it would be amazing if you could watch the episode this Tuesday the 6th of May at 8pm on Fox, or even just turn the TV on and leave the room. You could also DVR it, watch it on demand or buy the episode or songs on iTunes or Amazon. Tweeting as it airs with the hashtags #Glee and #OldDogNewTricks would be fantastic as Nielsen now counts unique tweets in ratings.

So if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by Ryan Murphy now’s your chance to get a little bit even.