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Gray noticed how Natsu was sitting in one of the guild’s tables chatting with happy gleefully, until Lucy entered the guild as usual; with a big smile greeting everyone with a sweet good morning. The blonde’s prescence didn’t go unnoticed for the dragon slayer who inmediately stood up

-What’s the matter Natsu?- Happy asked his friend biting a fish

-I don’t feel good-Natsu answered putting his hand over the mouth of his stomach

-It’s not the first time this happens Natsu- Happy exclaimed, a slight worried frown in his face -You should see a doctor- the exceed recommended

-I’ll be alright, don’t worry- Natsu muttered caressing the exceed’s head standing from his seat heading to the bar ready to stand as far away from the Stellar mage confusing her. As soon as he saw himself alone, Happy went out in search of Charle ready to ask her out on a date

-‘Sup frozen yogurt- Natsu saluted Gray sitting next to him in the bar

-Hello burned chilli-Gray said in response asking Mirajane for another glass of his favorite drink –What’s going on?- he asked looking at his friend –You seem to be avoiding Lucy recently, the poor girl is really confused and is asking everyone if they know why are you doing this-Gray said at his friend who was looking at Lucy while she searched for a place to sit.

-I’m not sure- Natsu said, a slight frown on his face

-How can you not know?- Gray said upset, Lucy was very confused and hurt, she had been trying to get Natsu to go on a mission with her but how could she ask him if he didn’t even talked to her

-Maybe is the way Lucy smiles- Natsu reasoned in front of a dumbfounded Gray -But I feel like puking. Is that good or bad?- the pink haired asked in pure and genuine concern sending the black haired in laughing fit that resonated through the whole guild making a few curious heads turn to them.

-What are you laughing at popsicle?!-Natsu asked standing up ready to fight his friend

-At your stupity flame-head-The mage said between laughs. -Are you really that dumb that you have no idea of what is going on?- Gray said at the pin haired who had sat down but the frown in his face was still there.

-What do you mean fridge?- Natsu muttered unable to comprehend what the Ice-maker was talking about

-Oh come on!-Gray screamed even you with all that smoke must know when someone is in love-the black haired exclaimed almost exasperated of his friend’s cluelessness.

-I know when someone is in love!- The pink haired defended himself -I know you’re in love with Juvia and that Gajeel is so hooked with Levy he even let her braid his hair once- They both laughed at the memory of the iron dragon slayer with his hair braided thanks to the short woman who smiled proud of her achievement.

-Yeah, those are pretty obvious- Gray blushed slightly at the mention of his relationship with the blue haired woman -What I mean is, do you know when you are in love?- he asked startling the dragon-slayer

-What?-Natsu asked in slight annoyance -Me? In love? What a stupid Idea- he buffed crossing his arms in front of his chest, Gray rolled his eyes amused for his friend’s cluelessness

-Look match-face, just this one time I’ll help you because you’re already giving me a headache- the black haired complaining turning his friend in the opposite direction now facing the rest of the guild where everyone was.

-There’s Lucy right?- Gray pointed at the blonde who was talking to  Erza and Cana, Natsu nodded in response oblivious to whatever Gray was doing

-Yeah, so?- Natsu wondered eyeing Gray who seemed to be enjoying the situation

-What do you thin when you look at her?- Gray asked raising his eyebows with a small smile on his face

-Well she makes me feel sick- Natsu said bluntly making Gray face palm

-Yes- Gray answered annoyed -But what else- he indicated Natsu to continue

-Well she is a really nice person, and brave, kind. Her house is nice- The pink haired said meditating his response -She is smart but dumb as well, she always care for everyone, even her enemies, she is determinate and she never let her family run her life. She always bandages me after a mission when I hurt myself, she always let me go through her house and eat her food-Gray’s smile widened -She always smells nice, like vanilla, it’s always fun to be with her-

-Is she pretty?- Gray asked eager for Natsu’s response, Natsu stared at him taken aback by the question

-The prettiest girl I’ve met-Natsu confessed, even though Gray disagreed with that statement he was happy to be proven right.

-Then you are in love Natsu- Gray declared giving Natsu a pat in the back to wich he returned a punch, the black haired mage had to use all his strenght to not return and start another fight in the guild.

-I’m not- Natsu argued back incapable to face the obvious truth -I don’t see what’s special about what I said- Natsu said staring at Gray and eyeing Lucy who continued to chat with her friends 

-Fine,-Gray said smirking -Then it won’t upset you if let’s say Jet invited her to go with her on a mission, right?- Gray muttered drinking from a glass, Natsu stared at him like if he wanted to burn him.

-He wouldn’t-Natsu stated firmly menacing Gray.

-Hey, Jet! Come here!- The ice mage called ignoring Natsu on purpose, the mentioned did as told curious of the sudden call. Gray whispered something in his ear just so Natsu wouldn’t hear, Jet held a thumbs up before making his way to Lucy. 

Natsu was fumming as long as Gray sat next to him removing his drink with an obvious smirk on his face, 

-I don’t know what’s bothering you Natsu- Gray said under Natsu’s glare -You said there was nothing special about what you said, and as a friend, it’s okay if she goes out with other friends- Natsu’s rage was raising he seemed to throw poison out of his eyes in direction of Levy’s companion.

-Hey Lucy, I…

Jet was interrupted by Natsu’s sudden punch to his cheek surprinsing the girl’s on the table, Lucy stood up from her seat confronting her best friend

-Natsu!-She scolded -He was about to say something to me!- She was frowning, the pink haired looked at her, thinking for the first time how cute she actually looked. The puking feeling in his stomach started to rise

-Lucy!- he said excited, a wide smile in his face

-What do you want Natsu?- Lucy said exhasperated

-You make me want to puke!- The joy on his face was evident, astonishing Lucy and the rest of the guild for the sudden statement, Gray felt his forehead turn red.

-Excuse me?- Lucy said outraged ready to punch him

-But in a good way-Natsu quickly corrected himself seeing her ready to hit him at any moment. -You make me want to puke from happiness- this only confused the blonde girl who didn’t knew how to react so she only let her best friend continue

-You see- a slight blush was covering Natsu’s face -Whenever I see you smile I feel like I want to puke, but at the same time I want to see you smile more. I only want you to go to missions with Happy and me, I would fight literally anyone for you, and I want to spend time with all my friends but I want to spend it the most with you- Natsu confessed, the people gazing at them was surprised and happy

-Natsu…- Lucy murmured touched for his friend’s words

-I love you Lucy-Natsu blurted out holding Lucy’s hands between his -I love you more than Gray and Gajeel love Juvia and Levy- Gray spitted his drink at that statement feeling his eyebrow twitch unwilling to be him the one who initiated the fight, for now.

-I love you too Natsu- Lucy responded, it was then when the guild celebrated the fact that they were finally a couple after waiting so long.

In the middle of the cheers and bets being paid to Cana he kissed her, action who went unnoticed to almost anyone but Gray who made a silent toast for his friends´ happiness.

Even after the kiss was finished he refused to let go of her giving her blush she tried to hide sinking into his arms. They found in that a new type of comfort, a simpler one,  sweet and for them it was one of the best things they had experienced.

I hope you liked this and I’m so sorry for the delay. And as you can see I suck I titles, sorry for that.

In case anyone is interested this is the list of prompts

The Other Woman (Part 3)

Title: The Other Woman (Part 3) 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Summary: You were a good girl. So how did you end up as the other woman?

Word Count: 2908

A/N: This is so overdue and lengthy! I’m sorry for the wait. This part is a little slow and I promise it’ll be better next part! Feedbacks are so very much welcome <3 Thank you for reading!

Tags: @holdyourselfinmyhands @nanie5 @supernatural0826 @padackles2010


Ever since you’ve been married, your default expression seemed to be a frown and blank stares. You would of course put on a facade during events where you were required to smile and greet the attendees, though there haven’t been too many of those times you were thrown in that situation. In other words, you weren’t as busy as you used to be, not like the time when you still worked in the office with your father.

Your mother didn’t seem to see it fit for you to work with your father anymore. She urged for you to stay at the Ackles’ household and be a good wife.

And so here you are, at his house, sitting on the back porch staring out into the wide fields of greens in front of you. Sure you two could have lived in the mansion alongside his parents and siblings but he chose to hide you away in his own not so little estate in Texas.

It was a modern farmhouse. It was an enormous block of building in every shade of grey. It looked new. Like it had been finished last week. The interior however was a different story. It was cozy, seemingly warmed by age with solid oak flooring, white walls and white curtains.

The countryside was an alien world to you. It didn’t meant you minded it at all. It gave you the peace you needed from the busy city of New York, considered it as a trip away from the camera flashes and the ever busy streets. You learned to enjoy the vast greens behind Jensen’s estate and the occasional deers and cows you would see popping out from behind the trees, lazily grazing.

With the house always being empty, you didn’t talk to many people other than the occasional neighbours that would come by and congratulate you, telling you how lucky you are to be married to such a charming man. It didn’t really make for much of a stimulating conversation. Your parents hadn’t come to visit you since the wedding, yet you knew they had to continue on with their lives.

The only real contact you had with the outside world was with the letters and postcard you would exchange with your sister.

You had actually received a postcard that came with a long letter not too long ago. She’d went on and on about her trip to Bali and went on a rant on how pissed off she was on the plane there, something about a baby crying the whole journey and the guy sitting next to her had spilled his cup of tea on her lap.

You could almost hear her voice through the letters and it made you smile and miss her dearly. Gleefully you’d express your happiness for her, maybe catch herself a boyfriend somewhere, and wish her a safe journey. She would usually take a few weeks to get back to you so you’re expecting a letter sometime within this week.

In the meantime, you were stuck with boredom.

Where was your husband, you ask?

It’s quite simple really. Despite having the engagement broken off, despite the marriage, he still had eyes only for Danneel.

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Ned sat beside the heart tree as he cleaned his blade. He had come to pray for his safe return and the health of his family.  That was when he heard a familiar cry from beyond the trees. Ned rose blade in hand and went towards his daughters wails.

“Mother won’t like this.” Ned heard Sansa’s voice carry past the trees.

“She’s sleeping and Arya is used to this.” Robb answered dismissively.

Ned stilled and followed his children through the forest.

“Can you shut her up? She’s giving me a headache.,” Theon added in an annoyed voice.

“She’ll quiet soon enough Greyjoy.” Robb shot back with only a hint of anger in his voice. They came to a stop at the heart tree and Ned waited with in the shadows, he heard running and saw Jon burst through the trees. Arya’s wails increased as she reached for her brother and wriggled until Robb set her down and she crawled straight to Jon.

“Your lady mother wont like this.” Jon said as he picked Arya up. She grabbed a handful of his hair and tugged gleefully with a happy squeal.

“On! On!”

“Our lady mother is napping, as long as she doesn’t find out she has no reason to be cross with us. She’s just as much your sister as mine. Besides, you’re the only one who can calm her like this.”

“Father is back and he managed just fine. She won’t need me anymore.” Jon frowned until Arya started gnawing on his hair.

“We should teach her to walk, she’s already standing on her own.” Sansa said reaching for her, the girl had picked flowers and was placing them in Arya’s messy hair.

“Have  you seen how fast she crawls, teach her to walk and no one will be able to keep up with her.” Robb said in mock horror. The four laughed and even Arya joined in with her happy giggles.

Ned decided it was time to step forward the children stilled as if they had been caught doing something naughty, Jon looked down in shame. Only Arya met his eyes, Jon’s hair still in her mouth. They had the Stark look and seemed more like siblings than the others.

He sat on a stone, “Walk her to me Jon.”

The boy started to walk towards him when Ned held up his hand motioning him to stop. “Walk her to me, she needs to start learning. You’re her brother, help her.” Jon smiled broadly and placed Arya on the floor, helped her to stand and walked her towards Ned. Halfway there she dropped rebelliously to the ground.

“NO!” she shouted, Jon kept trying to raise her up but she shook her head. “NO!” She screamed then pushed herself up. Arya was shaky on her feet and took a step forward, she wanted to walk on her own Ned thought with pride. His sense of pride was cut short when she fell clumsily to the forest floor. Everyone rushed forward while Arya sat up spitting leaves and undergrowth from her mouth.  Ned pulled the leaves from her hair laughing the entire time. She didn’t even cry.

“Gen! Gen!”

“I think she wants to try again.” Jon said hesitantly.

Ned looked towards his children and Theon and decided to try a new game. “Jon stand by the heart tree, Rob you go by that stone, Sansa the mossy tree and Theon the pond. I’ll walk her to Jon, he’ll walk her to Robb and on you’ll go until she tires out.” The children went to their spots obediently and Ned began walking his daughter, he was careful with each step and she didn’t refuse his help.  Ned walked her to Jon and whispered in the boys ear before ruffling his hair. “Your siblings will never be kept from you.”

Jon looked gratefully up at Ned before walking Arya towards Robb.

Part of my Winterfell series

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Arya giving Ned Flowers

Ned Arya


Lyarra and baby Ned with flowers

Comforts and Burgers

Summary: Dean finds you crying in your room after you finish reading a book. He takes it upon himself to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 1,885

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is for abaddonwithyall, because she was in dire need of fluffy Dean. And also for everyone because who doesn’t want Dean to comfort them when a favorite character dies. 

You slammed the book closed, tears streaking down your cheeks and hand shaking from the emotions that the story had brought out in the last few pages. You considered this a flaw of yours, how deep you delved into the stories you read, how much of your heart you placed into the characters that came to life as you read. You kept your sobs quiet, afraid that if Dean or Sam heard you, they’d roll their eyes and think you dramatic. It was a fictional story after all, but to you it had been reality for the whole week you had spent reading it.

Your mind kept reeling back to the moment where your favorite character collapsed on the ground with a ghost of a smile on his face as his lungs gave out, having died in the arms of those he loved. A sob wracked your body and you covered your mouth with a hand to muffle the sound. Shaking your head, you couldn’t believe that the author had just killed him off like that. How could they? He was your favorite character, you had grown so attached to him.

A knock reverberated throughout the room and you jumped in surprise. “Sweetheart, Sammy and I are hungry. You mind having pizza for dinner?”

“Y-yeah, that’s okay,” your voice cracked and you berated yourself for not maintaining control over it. You sensed Dean behind the door, hesitating in walking away after hearing your response.

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Auld Lang Syne
otherwise known as a very FYD New Year’s.  Cheers!

             “I still think,” said Melkor, “that we should’ve gone to see the ball drop in person.”

             “Yeah, well this is the next best thing,” said Gothmog.  “Your screen’s so fuckin’ big it’s practically life-size anyway.”

             “That felt vaguely like an insult,” said Melkor, “and I just want you to know that it was a weak attempt.”

             “Hey,” said Gothmog, shrugging.  “I’m not going to criticize you for buying a ten million inch flat screen—especially not when you let me watch games on it like, once a week.”

             “I am a good and generous friend,” said Melkor. “But back to the subject at hand—”

             “Oh, quit whining,” said Thuringwethil.  “This is a much better setup.  It’s quiet, it’s warm, and I don’t have to deal with every drunk asshole on the planet running into me.”

             “This is true,” said Mairon.  

             “God,” Melkor complained, sighing theatrically. “When did you three get so boring?”

             “We’re practical,” said Mairon.  “Not boring.”

             “Same thing,” said Melkor.

             “Aw, come on,” said Gothmog.  “Thil’s right.  This is way better.  There’s food, there’s booze, there’s games…what more could you want?”

             “Atmosphere,” said Melkor stubbornly.

             Gothmog blew a noisemaker and popped a cracker.   “Better?” he asked, as glitter spiraled dizzily toward the floor.

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For You ~ pt.23

| all parts up to date |

~ Young ~

‘’Annyeong yeoreobun (hello everyone)!’’ I peek my head in and gleefully say my greeting, happy to see them. Despite only knowing them for a short amount of time, they weaved themselves deeply into my heart and to have them be gone on tour will take some getting used to.

‘’Makdongie (youngest), you’re here!’’ Hoseok and Jimin look up from the laptop, seated at the table. ‘’We’ve been waiting for you.’’

‘’But I’m already early.’’ Walking over to them, I see that they were watching a music video. ‘’What are you two up to?’’

‘’We’re re-watching some MVs.’’ Hoseok explains while pulling out a chair for me. ‘’Jungkookie, where is he?’’

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anonymous asked:

Matsus reacting to their s/o being more clingy and affectionate than usual please?

Osomatsu absolutely loves attention and would be thrilled his partner was giving it to him. He’d take this opportunity to absorb as much as he can, and return it earnestly. The extra love and attention would probably make him grin even more and put him in a very good mood, especially if it’s on one of those days where his brothers aren’t around. He’d probably be affectionate afterwards too, hoping his partner would return it again.

Karamatsu adores the attentiveness of his partner and would return the affections tenfold. He’d give many heartfelt speeches about how strong your love is and how beautiful it is to show it. He’d talk an awful lot, but he doesn’t receive much attention so he wants it to last. He’d probably get pretty emotional about it since he’s just so touched someone is paying attention and loving him.

Choromatsu would get stiff about it, he isn’t used to much affection so of course it would make his cheeks burn up. Regardless, he’d have a smile on his face and would be glad he’s receiving affection from his partner, and relax into it himself. He’d sheepishly reciprocate the love, growing more confident over time.

Ichimatsu would respond very stiffly, and even uncomfortable, to the affection. He wouldn’t really know how to respond since he hasn’t received affection like this before. He’d even ask if they wanted something from him. Once assured that no, they are not buttering him up for something, he’d try to let himself relax. It would be cycle of him relaxing his muscles and getting stiff again, before finally being able to completely relax his body. He may heave out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding, probably even cracking a small smile.

Jyushimatsu would wiggle around gleefully, happiness radiating from him. His smile would grow even bigger and he’d wrap his arms around his partner, giving them a loving squeeze. He’d be giggling a lot, his face may even be tinged with a bit of red, and nuzzle his partner’s cheek. He would refuse to let go of his partner and drag himself closer.

Todomatsu would let out a giggle, and playfully say that if they want something from him they could just ask. Though, he really does love the attention and would reciprocate the actions. He loves to be close to his partner and isn’t afraid to show it, he’d wrap his arms around his partner and bring them closer. He’d comment about how cute they are like this and say they should do it more often.

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Wait, wait, wait… Chris doesn’t go for Blaine. Hrm…

That’s the only Will gif I have of him alone.

How about…

Anything yet? Colfer… hello???

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Hrm, fic prompt. How about Doctor (any)/Rose and a misunderstanding due to a TARDIS mkstranslation?

Title: Lost in Mis-translation

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Rating: T

A/N: This took forever, sorry! But I finally came up with a ridiculous idea for this in the middle of working on something else so here it is! Thanks for the prompt :) Oh! Also, I relied totally on online translators for anything that wasn’t an alien language so if I got any of it wrong, I apologize in advance!

Rose walked out of the kitchen carrying two cups of tea. She suppressed a laugh when she saw the Doctor had moved as far away as possible from her mum on the sofa. He looked the most horrible, dangerous creatures in the universe–of the alien and human variety–in the eye without flinching, but put him in the same room as Jackie Tyler for more than 20 minutes and he looked ready to run for his life. 

Rose leaned over the sofa and handed a cup to her mother. “Here you go, Mum.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Jackie said, shooting the Doctor a very annoyed glance.

Rolling her eyes, Rose walked around to the side of the sofa where the Doctor was sitting and placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped and whipped his head towards her. Rose raised an eyebrow at him. “You okay?" 

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Just a little angsty drabble that wouldn’t leave me alone. Sometime during season five (a little speculation, a little wishful thinking.) If all magic comes with a price, what is the toll to be paid for freeing Emma from the darkness?

She was on fire. Hot and burning from the inside out. Felt like she was being wrapped up in his arms, like the cologne of his body was swirling around her nostrils and she was breathing him into her. Like her skin was electric, humming with quiet, whispered declarations and soft, tender kisses. Felt like he was buried deep inside of her. Like his breath swept across her ear in rough, ragged breaths. And gentle, quiet words of devotion being whispered in the dark.

She felt like the sea was inside of her. Raging, swirling maelstroms lashing at her heart, tearing her apart and swelling up like the rising tide. Then calming to a flat, gentle sway. Easing her down, slipping into oblivion and sinking to the murky depths.

Memories faded, desperate pleas of, “Come back to me” swirling in her head. She wanted that, she wanted to come back. But everything was quiet now. Dark, silent, and soft.

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Ok.  So.  Basically I’ve been thinking about Zoe Saldana’s comment about Uhura being weak at the knees for Spock, and I’ve been thinking about all the &%$#@ that goes on in fandom about the characterization of women, and how romance can and can’t and should and shouldn’t fit into that and I want Nyota be a BAMF at her job but also be just ridiculously, gleefully happy with Spock.  Like all those annoying things that your friends are obsessed with when they start dating someone?  And then they tell you constantly and you’re like I’m so glad you’re happy but oh my god you’ve now told me that twelve times today.  And that was just today.  Anyway, I’m just sure that Gaila heard all about it.  Constantly.  And I’m sure it in no way compromised anything about Nyota’s character and only, only, only made her happy and that’s ok.  And the same person can stare into space thinking about something sweet a guy said and also stab a Klingon in the balls with his own knife.  And let’s just all be ok with that. 

So, basically, let’s make a list because lists are fun.

  • Spock very logically walks out of his way one afternoon post running into each other during lunch, because while her class is not on the way to his office, they haven’t finished their discussion.  Nyota knows it’s nothing, it means nothing, it was just a conversation about Cardassian Orthography but it was a really nice talk. And walk.  And he looked extra good.  Which is not something she is going to think about because she is quite capable of focusing on the lecture.  (And she does and gets the top score on the pop quiz at the end of class)
  • He sends her a paper on comparative xenoneurolinguistics and while she reads the paper immediately, she reads the note he sends with it twice.  And then again when she’s done reading the paper.  And then again.  It’s eight words long and she had it memorized the first moment she looked at it.
  • She writes and deletes and writes and deletes and writes and deletes an email thanking him for the paper.  She writes it again, goes to delete it and Gaila leans over and hits ‘send.’
  • She immediately rereads what she wrote and thinks of 82942 ways to change it to make it better.
  • She then writes a longer note with her thoughts on the paper which is awkward to SEND HIM TWO MESSAGES, GAILA 
  • She checks her email 8 times in ten minutes after it’s sent.  Gaila disconnects the power supply to her monitor.
  • She checks her email on her comm.  Gaila takes it and sits on it and won’t move.  Gaila is freakishly strong.
  • She sees him at the gym and says something that to her sounds like 'lasdkjf salkdfj lkjsf. asldfj aslfj, alksfj fjdial, sir?’  It actually sounds like 'I found out there’s a lecture on Bjoran subdialects tomorrow.  Had you thought about going, sir?’
  • She is so mortified/having a heart attack/nauseous that she nearly misses his reply that he is going and definitely misses how flushed he suddenly looks and definitely, definitely misses the fact that maybe she kind of inadvertently completely by mistake memorized his schedule and him going means he’s missing a completely optional faculty meeting he has never ever skipped
  • The thing she definitely does not miss is how he looks in something other than his uniform.  That other thing being gym clothes.  Those gym clothes being the single most attractive gray t-shirt she has ever seen.  She does not miss that at all.  Or the shorts.  Goddamn.
  • She changes her outfit five times before the lecture.  It would have been six but Gaila 'spilled’ water on her other options.
  • She doesn’t see him when she gets there and realizes she does not have a game plan and simultaneously tells herself that she is quite capable of calmly waiting by herself even while she wildly convinces herself that he’s not coming and that this was a mistake and something just came up he’s probably on his way but oh god she got excited over nothing, nothing, he’s 101% not coming and she is going to go live under a rock for the rest of her life but he’s probably just running late but he's never late and he probably didn’t want to turn her down in person but that’s illogical and whatever it's just a lecture it doesn’t mean anything so if he doesn’t come it’s not a big deal at all it is the biggest deal in the world and she’s just going to go back to her dorm and have some ice cream.  Like a scoop.  Or a pint.  Or a gallon.  She will have a gallon of ice cream and never think about him again and that will be that but instead maybe she’ll give it thirty more seconds.  She will count to thirty and then will have a gallon of ice cream.  In her sweatpants.  
  • He gets there on 29.  Very slightly out of breath.
  • He is devastatingly handsome and has he always been so tall and he looks down at her and definitely smiles.
  • The seats are kind of tiny and really close together.
  • She pays zero attention to the lecture.
  • She finds out on the walk home, because they happen to have a very long discussion because they happened to not have taken the bus which was shorter and more efficient and it’s kind of cold but if he didn’t mention taking the bus she wasn’t going to, and so they walk for almost an hour instead and in that hour she finds out he has never had ice cream
  • She happens to have some experience taking off-worlders to sample ice cream
  • Granted they’re Orions
  • Granted, they’re insufferable
  • Granted it involved six ice cream shops in 90 minutes
  • BUT, just saying, there was one shop that was better than the others
  • But, uh, she doesn’t… it’s not… only if he wants to?  Sometime?
  • Gaila dubs it the Ice Cream Event of 2256.  She installs a limit of three mentions per day preceding the Appointed Hour.
  • It drops down to two afterwards, because really how many times can you re-tell a trip to get an ice cream cone?
  • But it was the way he was, Gaila, it was just so… it was like he… and also, during the walk back he-
  • Enough
  • Nyota makes a list of ways to ask Spock out on a real date.
  • It’s very long because she is a very organized, rational person.
  • Gaila finds it and starts to read it out loud.
  • Spock calls in the process of Nyota stopping her which is good because Nyota, it turns out, can also be freakishly strong if properly motivated.
  • The night they first kiss, she stays awake until 3am smiling at the ceiling.  Gaila throws a pillow, a hairbrush, and shoe at her but listens to the entire story, twice, even the part where Nyota just trails off and starts smiling again.
  • Gaila makes her change into nicer underwear even though nothing’s going to happen it's just dinner.  Yes, at his place.  But, really, she doesn’t even know if-
  • Ok, yeah, she’ll change.  She wasn’t born yesterday.
  • But she’s not bringing a toothbrush Gaila, that’s kind of presumptuous.
  • Yes, dental hygiene is logical, but-
  • Well, no, she’s not really expecting to be back tonight, but-
  • Ok, you know what, bye.
  • And ok, she won’t do anything Gaila wouldn’t do.
  • Which is basically just a list that says 'keep clothes on’
  • So yeah, good thing she changed
  • Ok, yes, thanks Gaila.
  • Yes, best roommate ever.
  • But also, bye.  Nope, leaving now. No more hugs.  Ok one more.  Ok, goodnight.

Imagine a tipsy Cecil Palmer. His sonorous voice going giggly as he tries to make it all serious again. Lifting up Carlos like in Condos and swinging him gleefully around. Happy drunk and pretending to report on the town as he and Carlos sit in their from garden. Imagine.

Giveaway Request: Fallenmoonstar Public Transit

Public Transit

Let me start this by saying I really hate public transit.

Don’t get me wrong, its fine during the day. The ride is peaceful, there’s plenty of seats open and traffic moves steadily. It’s when rush hour hits that everything goes straight to hell. I wouldn’t take the bus if I had another form of transportation, but university costs a lot as is, without the expenses of a car to top it off. Even if I could afford it, my university is located in the heart of the downtown area, where parking is scarce. So, I begrudgingly get onto the bus every day to take me to my classes.

Getting there isn’t the problem, though. My classes start in the morning when the buses run smoothly and quietly. It’s after my classes, when I bus from university straight to my job as a barista at a small coffee shop, where I work to help with my tuition. My best friend Armin works there with me, so it’s not so bad. The shop and the university aren’t that far apart, yet with all the condensed traffic my bus usually gets me there barely ten minutes before I need to work.

So you can imagine my excitement when on Monday, standing with a stack of homework in one hand and my bus pass in the other, the bus rolled up so crowded I could not see through one window to the other. I gritted my teeth as I got on, and tried to weave my way to the back door for an easier exit later. My eyes fell to a pair of seats occupied by a pissy looking woman and her fancy bag, and I shot her a glare. The bus was packed; her purse did not need its own seat. But still she left it exactly as it was, and glowered right back at me like I had no right to be ticked off. Grumbling to myself, I made my way to a bar near the back door, held on and braced myself for a long ride.

As I debated going back and throwing that lady’s purse out the window, I remembered something Armin had said the day before. “When things can’t get any worse, it means things can only get better, right?” Granted, at the time he said that, we got a sudden rush of people wanting a caffeine fix, and they wanted it ten minutes ago. But, there was wisdom to his words, and I tried to focus on that rather than my current situation.

It was right after that thought crossed my mind that I saw the most handsome guy I’d ever seen come onto the bus. My first thought was “Holy shit, Armin was right.” This guy had jet black hair that matched his dark eyes, which looked tired from a long day. My gaze dropped to his torso, which was lean yet muscular under his starch white dress shirt. He had a work bag slung over his strong shoulder, and an intimidating expression on his face. When he paid his fare and turned to move further into the bus, people parted like the red sea for him, out of fear or awe, I didn’t know. Probably both. I felt my mood brighten considerably just looking at him.

The rest of the ride, I tried to sneak glances of him through the many people blocking my view, and I wanted so badly to stick my neck out and see around them, but that would make the fact I was watching him incredibly obvious. So, I settled for the occasional moment someone would move and I could see his flawless features briefly. I was sad to get off the bus when it came to my stop, and I watched it drive away with my mood elevator on it before heading into the coffee shop for my shift.

The next day, as I was waiting for the bus, I found myself eager for it to arrive to see if he’d be riding it again. Sure enough, a couple stops after I got on he boarded, dropped his change into the box and stood as much to the side as possible. That worked nicely for me as it made it easier to see him from where I was standing. I felt like a creep staring at this guy I didn’t even know, so I looked away in intervals. I was reluctant once again to get off the bus, and at the same time relieved I had managed to not get caught staring at him.

The next couple days were the same. I’d get on, then he’d would, and I’d marvel at his appearance until I had to get off for my job. I knew he didn’t usually take this bus, as I had been taking this route for a few months and I’d never seen him before, and he was hard not to notice. The fact he paid with change every day was also a cue he wasn’t a regular, as he looked like he could afford a pass, or at least tickets. Because of this, I was always worried this would be the last time I’d see him, which made looking away damn near impossible.

When Friday rolled around, as I was walking up to the stop after class I saw my bus driving away. Panicking, I checked my watch and realized the bastard was early. I was on time but there he was, speeding away like his life depended on it. I felt angry enough knowing I could be late for work because of him, but then I realized I also wouldn’t see the man I’d been fantasizing about for the past week today as well.

Just as I figured that out, I saw another bus coming towards my stop. I was confused to see it was the same one I needed, and as I got on I saw my usual driver. Relief flooded over me as I realized the bus before him must have been late. I also discovered the late bus took most of the passengers from my stop, leaving two seats side by side open on this one. I gleefully plunked down, happy to actually get to sit for the ride to work for once. My happiness was short lived however, as I realized I still wouldn’t be seeing the handsome guy, as he’d probably gotten on the other bus. I sank in my seat, suddenly glum.

But mood picked right back up when two stops later, he got on. I was pleasantly surprised. I had a clear visual of him today. Instead of moving to his usual spot to stand in, he kept walking. I then realized there was for the first time he’d ridden this bus, a seat open. Right. Beside. Me. His sharp gaze was fixed on the seat, and I briefly forgot how to breathe.

My heart pounded against my chest as he gently swung into the seat next to mine, and I forced myself to look out the window, staring at his reflection in the glass. My mind kicked into overdrive. Should I say something? I wondered. Here I had the golden opportunity to actually talk to the man of my dreams, but I couldn’t think of any words that didn’t sound silly.

After a while I got my heart rate to slow to a point where I didn’t think it would burst out of my chest at any moment, and I tried to formulate a sentence to say to him. I quickly dismissed the idea of a pick-up line. I was debating between commenting on the weather or just saying a simple greeting when I was interrupted from my thoughts.

“Do you have the time?”

My head snapped towards him, realizing he was directing the question at me. The guy who I had shamelessly ogled for the past week, whom of which I’d just been struggling to decide on how to start a conversation with, was talking to me. Now, I’d like to say that I responded in a calm and cool fashion, answering his question and proceeding to chat with him, maybe ask for his number. But I didn’t do any of that.

What I did do is stare at him with wide eyes like an idiot, unable to speak.

“…Why do you look like you just shit yourself?” He asked after a pause.

I felt like I could die at that moment. I was making a fool out of myself in front of this guy, who was looking at me with legitimate confusion across his face. So, I did the only thing I could think of at the time.

I fucking ran.

The moment the bus slowed to a stop, I headed out the door faster than a speeding bullet. I was still quite a ways from my stop, but I didn’t care. I jogged the rest of the way to work trying to forget how much I had just embarrassed myself.

That weekend, I stayed inside, hoping against hope he wouldn’t be on that bus anymore.

When Monday arrived, I found myself crossing my fingers, praying that this guy wouldn’t show up today, or ever again as long as I lived. I felt so humiliated I blew my one chance to talk to him, and made myself look incredibly stupid. When I got on, a couple people got up to leave, so there was a two seater open at the back. I was diving towards them when I noticed the purse-bitch was on the bus again, hogging two seats like before, only this time she was glaring daggers at me. I gave her a dirty look in return and kept moving. I managed to snag one, scooting over to lean my head on the glass and stare out the window.

Apparently the universe had decided to ignore my pleas, because guess who got on the bus?

He got on, paid his fare, and started walking towards me. I scanned the area, willing to look anywhere but at him, and I noticed the seat hogging woman actually moved her damn purse. She was gawking with her big, googly eyes at him, and I felt a white hot anger flare up inside me. Without thinking, I looked to see his reaction, but I found he passed right by her, staring directly at me. I felt smug for a moment, thinking “Ha, he’d rather sit next to me than her.” But then I felt panic, realizing he was coming to sit next to me and not her.

I cast my gaze downwards as he swung in as gently as before, sitting down beside me. I could feel his eyes burning into me, and I bit my lip nervously. I didn’t know what to say, or what exactly he wanted, but I figured probably an explanation for my weird behavior. I had been trying to come up with an answer to that all weekend. However, “I got nervous because you’re incredibly beautiful and made an ass of myself because of it” just didn’t cut it for me, and that was the best I came up with.

“I’m not pissed at you, okay?” He spoke bluntly but quietly, the words cutting through the silence like a knife. I looked up and met his gaze, uncomprehending.

“Look, I know I come off like I hate everybody, but it’s just my natural demeanor. So, if I said something or did something to make you think I was angry, or if I offended you somehow, sorry,” he rushed out, looking uncomfortable. He didn’t meet my eyes as he said this.

I was taken off guard, but I managed to keep myself together. “You’re apologizing to me? But you didn’t do anything wrong,” I said. I sounded as confused as I felt, but I felt a little pride that I said a full sentence to him.

“Then why were you acting so strange last week?” His eyes pierced into me as he asked me the question I’d been dreading.

I guess all my embarrassment and frustration had come to a boiling point, because I blurted out; “Because I’m extremely attracted to you and I didn’t know how to talk to you!”

I clamped my hand over my mouth as I realized what I had just said. He studied me with a shocked expression, but he held himself together better than I would have. I dropped my hand and turned away, preparing to stare out the window in awkward silence for the rest of the trip. But he did something I didn’t expect.

“Well, you’re talking to me right now aren’t you?”

Everything in me just seemed to still for a moment. I turned back towards him, and found a soft expression in his eyes.

I paused, just appreciating the fact I was looking straight into his eyes and he was looking back.

“Yeah,” I said finally. “Guess I am.”

“If it makes you feel better, I felt like an idiot asking you the time,” he admitted.

“Why? That’s seems like a normal question.”

“Not when I was wearing a watch,” he shook his head at himself.

I blinked at him. “Then why did you ask?”

“I was trying to figure out how to talk to someone I’m extremely attracted to, too.”

His confession through me for a loop, and my voice died in my throat. I willed my heart to slow the hell down.

“I’m Levi,” he introduced himself.

I swallowed thickly, forcing myself to keep eye contact. My thoughts were starting to fog up, but I refused to let my body’s weakness steal this moment from me. “I’m Eren.”

“Eren,” Levi repeated, and I suppressed a shiver as he said my name. “This is the last time we’ll be bussing together.”

I snapped to attention. “What? Why?”

“Because my car was fixed over the weekend,” he answered.

“Then why are you riding the bus today?” I questioned him.

He leaned closer, and my breath hitched. “Why do you think?”

“Because…you really wanted to know what time it was?” I tried to keep my voice even, unconsciously leaning in slightly as well.

A smirk tugged at his lips, and it made my stomach do a flip.

“It’s four twenty three,” I continued. “And I have a question for you, too.”

“And that would be?” His gaze was intense, but it didn’t frighten me. Knowing he was attracted to me gave me enough confidence to ask him something I’d wanted to since I first saw his breathtaking face;

“Can I have your number?” I somehow managed not to stammer, but I fidgeted with my hands a little.

His eyes flicked from my hands to my face, and I saw the corner of his mouth twitch upwards in amusement. “Do you have a cell phone?”

I’d later realize handing my phone over to a complete stranger was probably a stupid thing to do, but I handed him my mobile without a second’s hesitation. He slipped his own phone into my hands, and we traded contact information and gave our phones back.

Levi glanced out the window. “This is my stop,” he told me. He rose, pushed the button on the bar beside him, and lingered for a moment. “I’ll talk to you soon, Eren,” he said, and I smiled at him as I watched him depart from the bus. For a couple minutes, I rode the bus in a dreamlike state, before I realized I had missed my stop by several streets.

Even though I ended up late to work that day, I was feeling pretty amazing.


A/N: Four giveaway requests left. This was really fun to write, and hopefully the rest of the requests will be up soon. I’m finally catching up on a lot of writing that I’ve been so stuck on. Thank you all for bearing with me.

“Would ya hurry up Mai? You know I don’t like being here.” Gideon hissed, fidgeting nervously and glancing about while his meister rummaged gleefully through a stack of clothing on a vendor’s table. She flipped him the bird as a reply, and pulled out a few items she found interesting before she heard her weapon swear loudly and tense, as if ready to run. Alarmed, she followed Gideon’s gaze, dropping her clothes when she saw what he was looking at. “Fuck, is that Miles?”

Akiko was gleefully shopping around, both happy and mildly disappointed no one was swarming or recognizing him, but that’s just how it was away from his home. But shopping was rather fun, especially when there seemed to be no end to ones bank account. However his golden gaze flicked to follow a pile of falling clothes, and his looked over in surprise. Rushing over to help pick them up, he gave a gleeful smile. “Whoops! Guess those must have slipped out of your hands, huh?” He asked, gathering up the clothes as best as he could, and expertly folding them before handing them over. “There you go, hon, you ok?” He asked, his voice nearly identical to the tiny meister the others had confused him for, except for an accent that persisted in the back of his words.

a/n: it’s been a long time since i posted a prompt. ugh sorry. i’ve been busy and sick and busy !!!!! :/ 

prompt: spencer takes care of drunk! toby (no one specifically asked for this, but a few people said they wanted to see it????)

All her attempts at calling him have gone awry. Instead of being greeted by her boyfriend’s sweet voice, she is greeted by his phone’s voice mail box. She has left a couple voice messages, telling him that she’s worried and slightly upset that he is not answering her calls. Haven’t they established that this can’t happen? Not when they live in the midst of murder and chaos?

Eventually she gets tired of the one sided calls, and just decides to go to his loft. If it ends her worrying and anxiety, it’ll be all worth the trip.

She knocks on his door, calling out his name from behind it.

No answer.

He gave her a key awhile back; after they got back together. She usually uses it without question, but that is when he has invited her over. She currently has no invite from him. She doesn’t even know if he is home. She has simply just invited herself.

But in the end, she takes the key out and uses it.

She steps inside, and doesn’t spot him.

All his kitchen cupboards are wide open, and his couch is covered with pictures. She ignores the cupboards and goes to the couch instead.

Pictures are scattered all over it. Most of them contain his mother and him. Some of them are just his mother. A couple are of his father and him. She picks one up, studying it.

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characters: miyuki kazuya, sawamura eijun

The first time he acknowledges what exactly he feels for Sawamura is on a windy afternoon in the middle of autumn, when the school grounds were littered with dry leaves in various hues of reds and oranges, and with the rush of students eager to leave the school premises in order to hang out with their friends or go back to the comfort of their homes. Kazuya has no privileges to either; by his personal dictionary, ‘hanging out’ means practicing with his fellow teammates, and ‘going home’ translates to going back to, thankfully, an empty dorm room. His steps are measured and careful as he travels the path from the high school building towards the dorms. There is no need to hurry, he’s got plenty of time. Practice isn’t starting yet.

The crisp, cool air hugs the expanse of his exposed skin as the leaves beneath him crackle like radio static, noisy and surprisingly satisfying. In a rare fit of childishness, Kazuya purposely steps on a huge, dry leaf. Then on another, and another, until he’s left a trail of broken leaves behind him, uneven brown parts flattened and crushed. The simplicity of the action calms him and he thinks, his own thoughts uninhibited, I bet Sawamura would enjoy doing this.

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