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little things to appreciate about weirdmageddon on the first anniversary

• stan calling mabel “pumpkin”
• stan being soos’s father figure
• wendy’s fire weirdmageddon look
• grenda’s fire weirdmageddon look
• how nonchalant and smug waddles looked as he walked into the bus after stan and ford threatened the bus driver
• waddles being the one to trigger stan’s memories
• dipper’s dilated pupils when he saw “the last nachos on earth”
• fort ca$h money
• wendy and dipper’s friendship
• deputy durland and sheriff blubs becoming *cannon* ;))))))))
• gideon’s redemption
• the childlike wonder in robbie’s voice as he said “destiny hoodie”
• the dream boyz being real despite everything in mabelland being fake
• stan’s altruistic, family-driven nature making him the hero after being overlooked and underestimated his whole life

add more if y'all want

nygmobblepot’s future

okay look I can’t pretend to know where the story is ACTUALLY GOING

but one thing I keep seeing over and over is this idea that there is absolutely no way forward for Ed and Oz because of Oz killing Izzy because Ed could never forgive Oz for such a thing and to think could ever form any kind of friendly relationship after that IS UNREALISTIC AND DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

and look, I’m not saying they WILL still be friendly when Ed learns the truth, but that argument… strikes me as odd?

because… this IS GOTHAM, yeah?

why would REALISM be an issue? :p

and on top of that this is EDWARD NYGMA, who has been known to be gleeful over, among other things, killing randoms and gassing children, so… I don’t think it WOULD be nonsense for him to (ultimately) end up not hating Oz for killing Izzy…? his emotional reactions to things are… NOT NORMAL/REAL sometimes, you know?

in fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he IMMEDIATELY got over it and appreciated what Oz had done, because, that’s the kind of show this is imo, things can change at the drop of a hat! I mean, I’m NOT expecting that, I would imagine Ed to be angry and betrayed at least at first, but I honestly would not be surprised if the show chose to go with the former idea

so yeah… like I say, this isn’t to suggest nygmobblepot is totally becoming canon or anything and everything will be rosy and Ed won’t be upset with Oz

but just - to think that nygmobblepot CAN’T HAPPEN anymore because if it did it would be stupid and unrealistic and not make sense or be OOC for Ed or whatever… is an argument that actually doesn’t hold for me, that’s all

/Holly out

Palpatine was so HAPPY during his whole fight with Maul and Savage. He looks absolutely thrilled to be fighting. When I mentioned this to my sister, she was like “well this is the first time he has gotten to fight in this whole show, of course he is happy”. I suppose when you are a secret evil mastermind you have to delegate or arrange most things.

The biggest mystery of Gravity Falls right now is when the fuck is the hiatus ending


6/14/2015- Gleeful misread a few things and wanted to get “Physical” with Pacifica but the blonde disagreed and is now punishing the taller for her perverted mind lolol. That’s how I’m seeing it after reading that message lol. Seriously, be specific at times okay? Don’t confuse me… c:

Important Questions For Gravity Falls

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Dim flickering fluorescents hummed, casting their grim green glow. Below them, shrouded in shadow, was a man hunched over in a metal chair, his head hung low, and his hands bound behind him.

A gunshot wound in his shoulder slowly oozed. Dried blood caked his leather jacket, cracking and flaking every time he moved. Most of it wasn’t his.

They’d beaten him. His face was bloody, sticky, drying from a broken nose and split cheek. It was almost enough to disguise the now smudged red, white, and black face paint he wore. Almost.

In the confrontation, he’d lost his hair tie. Shoulder length raven black hair further obscured him as it fell forward.

But it didn’t hide his smile, or the sparkle in his ice blue eyes. It was a gleeful thing, childlike and filled with Christmas morning joy. It spoke of eagerness and hunger, impatience and greed.

And it was fueled by sadistic mania.

There were other men in the room, armed and instructed to watch him. They shifted uncomfortably, avoiding his gluttonous gaze.

I’m going to enjoy hearing you scream.” Low and melodic, his voice sung the threat, making his guards exchange worried looks and tighten their grip on their weapons.

His eyes locked with one of his guards, and his fingers twitched as if already throttling his prey. He licked blood from his upper lip, and then, abruptly, he threw his head back and began to laugh. Something dark and deranged made its home in that man, and his laughter was its cry.


Sunflower Cinnamon Bun!

Named Aelianthas; a mash of Helianthus, the latin for the Sunflower genus, and the Greek/Roman name Aelius which means sun, derived from Helios. Happily goes by the nickname Eli though.

Her whole persona is centered on being a fun-loving, warm, lively Sylvari who just loves life. Despite being this gleeful, happy thing she doesn’t fall under the stereotype that bubbly equals naive or airheaded and has survival, cultural and adventuring knowledge to rival even the most world weary traveler.

While not something she gets to indulge in often, Aelianthas is a talented chef and not only specialises in, but also takes great joy in making comfort foods from across the continent.

Fun fact: Like her namesake, Eli’s ears will point towards the sun, curling downwards in shade and at night.

I am ready to take at least 12,000 artistic liberties with this dumpling.