Rory: I thought America was all about different, unique people coming together and accepting one another.
Finn: Pretty old brochure, dude.
—  Glee: Rory Flanagan and Finn Hudson - 03x04 Pot ‘O Gold
Finn: Like the song says all I want for Christmas is you.
Rachel: Aww. All I want for Christmas is you too…and 5 things on that list. [kisses Finn] I love you. [walks away]
Finn: Holy crap, I’m dating Kim Kardashian.
—  Glee: Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry - 03x09 Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Puck: You know what’s tripping me out is this line between the two years. It’s his whole life. Everything that happened is in that line.
—  Glee: Noah Puckerman - 05x03 The Quarterback