The Signs as Choir Members
  • Aries:the one who puts everyone in their place when they're acting out and also is surprisingly talented.
  • Taurus:the naturally talented and lovable one who is really good at blending with the rest of the choir.
  • Gemini:the one who joined for their friends but stayed because they ended up really loving it.
  • Cancer:the one who tries really hard, gets super into the emotional songs, and everyone admires.
  • Leo:the one who is really talented and everyone loves, but causes so much drama in the community.
  • Virgo:the quiet one who tries super hard, learns tons of music theory and ends up improving a bunch.
  • Libra:the really super talented one who has too much energy for everyone but is also BFFs with everyone.
  • Scorpio:the amazingly talented one who everyone admires, who is pretty aloof but keeps the choir together.
  • Sagittarius:the one who keeps the morale up in the choir and goofs around sometimes but tries hard too.
  • Capricorn:the one who loves studying music theory and history and is also super good at blending.
  • Aquarius:the one who enjoys the interesting, unique, challenging music and is a really good soloist.
  • Pisces:the extremely naturally talented one who loves everyone and goes around giving hugs to friends.