glee: pot o' gold




“Hi folks, my name is Burt Hummel and I want to be your congressman.

Now Sue Sylvester, she’s gotten a lot of mileage coming on this show and scaring you into thinking that a high school putting on a musical is the reason why your neighbor’s house got foreclosed on.

Not what she doesn’t tell you is how she spends twice the entire McKinley High School arts budget on things like leg warmers for her Cheerios. 

She wants you to think that the arts are a luxury we just can’t afford. But she’s got it backwards. You know, in this economy, art, music, theater, dance, these are things we can’t afford to lose. 

Now Sue Sylvester thinks that fostering a student’s creativity is a waste of money. I think it’s the way you invest in this country’s future. 

We all need to get creative. You got an idea how we can boost jobs in this district, I want to hear it. You send it to Hummel Tires & Lube, Lima, Ohio.

And if you think I make a better representative for this community than Sue Sylvester, write in Burt Hummel. Just don’t let Sue short change our kids.

My name is Burt Hummel, and that’s how I see it.”