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Hello! I have a bedroom with a big balcony. I want to renovate. I would like to have just a mattres on the floor. It is posibly to get sick if i stay on the floor? I have alway dream of a boho bedroom. Sorry my english.

Hi! No you won’t get sick unless your mattress is old, your bedroom is dirty/dusty, or if your bedroom is cold. Otherwise it’s a cool idea :) Check the pictures below for some inspiration:

Hope that helped! xo

Glee Nostalgia: TDB Rewatch 1x12 Mattress

“Of course you didn’t William. You wouldn’t know if your glee club was using your office to breed rabbits for pets or for food.”

Or the episode also known as “Well, thank god that story line is finally over”. But what else is there to notice or appreciate?

  • Sue Sylvester knows exactly how to bait Will, and he will bite every time.
  • Kurt leading the Glee club anti-yearbook photo meeting. Also Patches. (And the knife in the head girl which actually eventuated?!?!)
  • This is another great Rachel episode. Yeah, she is over the top, but it is a fantastic over the top. Will should not have stopped her when she marched into Figgins’ office, because the spiel that girl was on? She would have gotten what she wanted in five minutes.
  • So according to Rachel, school photos prepare you for paparazzi. Also, if Rachel is a member of all these clubs (Speech, Mock UN, Muslim Students, Black Student Union) why is she so worried about her NYADA application in season 3?
  • Quinn wants her kids to look back and know who she was…but “not the bastard” she is carrying right now.
  • Rachel wants to start a GayLesbAll. Kurt is no not here for any of that. His “I am done” face is one of the best things to come out of this show.
  • But what Kurt (and Mercedes) are here for is to throw Rachel under a bus to save their skins.
  • “Looks like everybody voted for Rachel. Including Rachel.”
  • Once again Emma showing that she is a better educator than Will. “Sometimes things sound a lot different coming from a peer. Even if that peer is as annoying as Rachel.” And also, Ken has 74 flaws as of yesterday. I love Emma, even if she attracted to Will Schuester.
  • Rachel already has 65 proposals for the Glee Club. Love the montage of her trying to convince someone to be her co-captain.
  • Close to 16 minutes into the episode and we are only just getting our first song? God season 1 was so different…
  • Hey, it’s the dad from ‘Speechless’!
  • Rachel’s self-affirmation in the mirror is actually quite sweet, and her switch to “actress” is great. “And aside from nudity or the exploitation of animals, I will pretty much do anything to break into the business.” (Something for her to consider in season 5). Side note: Rachel did not even have the chance to show the photographer her ‘over the left shoulder Lea Michele signature pose’.
  • The commercial stuff is great. From the Glee Club’s reaction in the choir room (Kurt and Mercedes have their game faces on) to their rehearsal to the actual performance. Love that we get to see them being kids who are just excited about doing something fun.
  • Mercedes mentions getting a record deal. Oh honey, if you only knew just how much you are going to conquer the world.
  • Finn and Kurt’s pop ups from behind the mattresses are the best.
  • Should a pregnant woman be jumping on a trampoline?
  • Who cares. Jump is just pure joy.
  • Ok, so even with how much I hated this whole storyline, the reveal scene between Will and Terri was fantastically performed. Kudos to Matt Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig for taking the crazy that was thrown at them and owning it.
  • Should school photos be taking this long? Surely it should only be a day or two? Is this a U.S. school thing?
  • “Is there any reason that you have a soiled mattress in your office? Have you and the red head become so sexually depraved that you have to commit your craven acts of adultry in between classes.” Ugh- all I could think of was season 5 and the grossness there.

And there is nothing more to say about that…