glee: laryngitis

The 1st season’s 18th episode had Kurt metaphorically tearing away his straight boy trucker disguise to let his true self shine for the hidden enlightenment of his father. 

In season 2’s 18th episode, Kurt returned to McKinley and tore away a jacket to reveal his “Likes Boys” tshirt, performing the title song and thus embracing his Dalton-subdued uniqueness once and for all. 

This season’s 18th episode has Kurt ripping away a cliched audition choice along with his costume to reveal a much more fabulous and personally fitting costume and performance underneath, turning expectation on its ear and reaching toward the future with a gigantic F-You to all those who told him he was “too gay” to ever be acceptable. 

Glee isn’t often good at continuity, but when they get it right they are fucking awesome.