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Can you explain your tags on that post about a ten years contract? Thank you!

Hi anon, i’ll try my best (me and english: a notp ;)

The hiatus has never made sense to me. Regardless of what Liam said, it seems that they have commitments as solo artists for a long term (world tours –cheers-)  so why didn’t they simply break up the band? They could easily decide to come back together later, as a lot of boybands already did. Why did they decide to stay on hiatus for so long? What’s more, it looks like they have the same media image, and the resulting obligations, as when they were active members of 1D. In particular, can Louis’ decision to stay with Simon and his situation with Eleanor and Freddie be explained just saying their contract expired but he lost a legal war with Syco? I’m not sold on this theory, given that the other boys seem to have the same media image as before, too (Let’s talk, for example, about Harry, shared clothes and blurry pictures, but also daddy Liam and carefree Niall ) So my theory (one of them at least lol) is that their contract had a term, and obligations about the number of albums and tours. They likely fulfilled the latter, but not the duration of the contract, so they were free to go in hiatus and go solo ( with the right of first refusal )  but they still had to be officially members of 1d (ergo, maintain that image), because their contract was not expired. So, given what Liam said about 2020, the theory of that anon, on a ten years contract after X-Factor, like for example Kelly Clarkson with America Idol, can make sense to me. In any case, I hope they will be free of Simon when they’ll be back (and they’ll be back because they want it, not just because they have to)

edit: anon, i forgot to say (thanks to @afulltimelarrie who reminded me) that given that they didn’t have a tour for mitam, it’s also possible they had a ten years contract, fullfilled all ther albums/tours obligations but the tour for mitam and agreed on going in hiatus, on condition that they come back before the ten years mark for that tour. 2020 makes sense in this hypothesis too, because they would have a tour just before october/december 2020. Obviously, i prefer the other option, because i’d love to see them back together free from Simon, and not just because they have to. Either way, i don’t think they’re free yet,

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