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Starting tomorrow and through the week I’ll be off an on. I’m going camping so /obviously/ I can’t be on my phone the whole time (or else my mom will kill me).

I’ll be here for most of the morning tomorrow but for the rest of the week I’ll be in and out so @ all the people I usually interact with I just wanted to let you know!!

Okay yeah it's a hiatus

A reblog of my last post with some unkind commentary reminded me why I was on semi-hiatus from Tumblr. There are people here who think it’s okay to be mean to others, and I’m not really emotionally up to dealing with unkind people right now.

So, yeah, I’m going to make it an official hiatus. I’ll keep a queue going, but won’t be posting much new of my own until I’m doing better. Maybe an occasional little something in reference to a video or tweet, but I’m mostly going to try to keep away for my own mental health.

I plan to work on some fics based on the prompts people gave me this past week—I already have extensive notes for a full fic in response to one of them—but probably won’t post fic again until I feel strong enough to face the meaner side of the internet.

That means when I come back I should have plenty of fic to share with you, though. :)


Just got back from finally meeting my long time friend @genderbendyandtheinkmachine (hope)!! I’ve known her for almost 4 years, we met on Minecraft and I showed her how to draw, WHICH WAS THE GREATEST THING I’VE DONE IN MY LIFE she gave me lots of her cool drawings in which I fricKING LOVE THEM ALL<33??

Now, the tablet? It’s gonna arrive sooner than I thought! which is super neat! I can’t wait to draw on it and fINNALY BE BACK FROM THIS HIATUS!!

Blog update and smols character: I’ve notice a lOT of childlike and soft cute bendy’s lately, originally I wanted smol to be like that, I always thought this blog was gonna be a side thing to do, when I’m bored I could just run this blog… so I didn’t really need to think about the characters, but now that I’ve gotten “1,600″ followers I should really put more effort and time on these characters and their stories. so, smols personality has changed into a

sassy, open-minded, selfish, flirty, social, really childish and immature character, as of his design did change as well, he's less of a 3-year-old he’s now more of a 7 or 8-year-old, even 10? I already applied these changes about a month ago, I’m pretty sure you noticed, but I’ll keep on changing smol so he’s a character many people can enjoy. I’ve already finished his backstory, with enough angst for everyone.

anyway, that’s it, I’ll update the blog once I get my tablet, in which should arrive in tomorrow or 3 days, bye-bye!!

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i am sorry you are getting hate or something. i hope everything gets better

Actually I’m getting a lot more hate now that I’m not writing many metas than I did before. I’m just minding my business and people want to start fights and call me names. I don’t get it. I’m not fighting. I mean I get that it’s hiatus and nothing’s happening and it’s getting boring. But I’m not the one to come to if people want start drama. I don’t care that much. I’m just going to block people. I’m not so thrilled with fandom right now so it makes it easier when people are assholes.

By the way. Did you see GLOW on netflix? Women wrestlers in the 80s. I binged that yesterday. I really liked it. It felt very much like the real 80s although I was in NYC not LA, and younger and poorer and very much not a wrestler.

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alison brie’s middle finger not directed at you, nonny. lol. there aren’t very many gifs yet. I wanted a gif of Machu Picchu because she’s adorable and sunny, but that’s her arm with the guts neon. so imagine her hugging you, not knocking you into the turnbuckle. this show is so much fun.

If you see this, it’s because my queue ran out.

Yes, I was running a queue.
15 June  → 27 June (Missouri  → Florida)

My stepdad got me tickets to surprise my mom for her birthday! And he did not realize that the airplane he got me tickets for did not include carry on bags. And I am poor as dirt. So I could only take a personal item to store under my seat, and could not take my laptop ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

When I return, I should be finally starting up working again! Thank god. So I may not be on here as much as I would like, so just a warning!

But I am not done with the Blooms’ and my take on the Berry Pastel Rainbowcy, which I will start up when I get back!

Elara: You haven’t seen the last of me, dolls.

Hunter x Hunter will come back from hiatus on June

The magazine Shonen Jump, from Shueisha, announced on this Wednesday (10) that the manga series Hunter x Hunter, by Yoshihiro Togashi, will come back from the hiatus on June, 26th. It will also be published the 34th series volume in the same time. The series was on hiatus since the chapter 361, that was on the 31th edition of 2016 of the magazine Shonen Jump. 

Translation from the portuguese version of the news on Crunchyroll: you can find it here

If you think Harry did something wrong when he suggested a break you should unfollow me.

None of them are obligated to stay in that band forever. He didn’t just fuck off the minute he knew he wanted a break. He talked to them about it and then stayed until they had fulfilled their contracts (even after Zayn left) and was fully committed till the end. Gave his all on stage every night, refused to talk hiatus plans and turned the conversation back to their album during the last promo run, and has continued to be very appreciative towards everything they did and achieved together.

Even if you miss 1d you can’t say he did something wrong.

Long Hiatus

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to give you some news.

As you can see, I’ll be absent for a long time. Recently I haven’t feeling very well, both physically and mentally due…many things are happening in my life right now.

I don’t want to lie to you all and pretend I’m always smiling and being funny and silly. This time I really need a time to deal with all those stuff that requires time  that I’m spending in my blogs and chats with people. I need some time alone. 

I’ll come back when Underverse 0.3-2 is finished, maybe in the middle of July, I’ll try to update a few advances of the animation, nothing else. I won’t stream until that day comes, too. I prefer to not using the chat for a while. I need to focus and save a lot of time to finish this animation and then being able to take important choices that are about to change many things of my daily life.

I have a couple of things to do before leaving, so don’t worry to people I promised to do those things this week.

…So, see you soon and thanks for everything.
Have fun.


i’m taking some time off until 06/11 to deal with everything. i feel like lately my blog has become a lot more negative and i hate that. i don’t want it to be something negative for me or for any one of you, and to be honest, i hate logging in because i’m scared of what’s waiting for me in my inbox. the more followers i get, the more drama there is over nothing, and it’s my own fault for even replying to these provocative asks and giving these people what they want. i’m just in a bad place, like i’ve said so many times before, and i take everything to heart and that’s not what i’m usually like, so i’m taking this as a sign to take a step back and live my life and just realize that tumblr is something that is supposed to be fun and not something that fills me with even more anxiety. 

i’m taking some time off to deal with my personal life, with my studies, my exams and my master’s, and then i’ll be back and i’ll continue updating and posting like before. 

if you send me an ask/message and i don’t reply right away, don’t be mad, please. i’ll try to stay away from tumblr as much as i can, so i won’t be able to reply to everything as soon as you send it.

the blog will run on queue until i get back!

take care, boos! :*