glee: blame it on the alcohol

estellalovespip  asked:

One of the things that will fuck me up forever is that Brittany is really the first openly gay person at McKinley yet everyone thinks Kurt is. Do you have any comments on that or anything in your archive on that?

Hey, @brittana-emison-camren!

I wrote a bit about that topic in my Brittanalysis for the wedding episode, which you can find here

To elaborate a bit:

WARNING: Negativity about Glee’s writing after the cut.

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tryingtoohardddd  asked:

Hi JJ! First things first I want to thank you for your fabulous blog, it has really made rewatching glee much more interesting! I also have a question, I just watched 2x14 "Blame It On The Alcohol" and I noticed that 1. Brittana seem a lot closer in this episode than in the previous ones, and, 2. that Santana doesn't participate in the game of spin the bottle. I was wondering what you thing the reasons for both of these things are. Thanks!

Hey, @tryingtoohardddd​!

First off, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

Second, I find that Brittana’s apparent closeness during this episode and Santana’s unwillingness to participate in the Spin the Bottle game are interrelated phenomena, both having to do with the fact that, at the time episode 2x14 takes place, Brittana are essentially in uncharted waters when it comes to the status quo in their relationship.

If you care to join me for some rambling, it’s all under the cut.

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After I read the full Kum proposed storyline I actually wish it happened. I like the idea of Blaine being used to make Sam jealous and eventually get out of the closet. I can see Sam using Quinn to prove to everyone—including himself—that he was straight. Just imagine if it was Sam kissing Kurt in Blame it on the Alcohol instead of that biphobic mess of a Blainchel storyline.
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‘Kurt insisted on coming. He’s been blackmailing me ever since he found my browser history.’ Moments of comedic step-brotherly-love between Finn and Kurt in Season 2.