glee: blame it on the alcohol


My husband imported me Absinthe from France. It was illegal in the US for nearly a century because of its potency, including it’s hallucinatory effects. It was a key driving force for much of the insanity during the Bohemian Period…google The Green Fairy, or if you’ve ever seen Moulin Rouge…you’ll get it. 

Absinthe has garnered many famous enthusiasts over time such as Vincent Van Gogh (many of his paintings reflect identical colors to that of Absinthe), Oscar Wilde, Earnest Hemingway, and….apparently Marilyn Manson. It gained notoriety for the simple fact that it fucked you up and made you see shit. People claimed it gave you epilepsy, night terrors, and drives you onto a path of crime and insanity. So many countries went onto either outlaw just Absinthe or work it into a special mention of their prohibitions. 

You can buy Absinthe in the United States….but not the real stuff. Not the real good stuff. 

So he imported this for me as an early Christmas gift and I’m elated. I haven’t actually drank it yet, but I’ve wet my lips a little with it for the flavor. I’ve never had anything like it. It’s very…herbal? Smells and tastes almost like a sweet, licorice mouth wash? Leaves a minty burn. It has a pleasant aroma and tastes amazing. 

Curious who else has had some and their experiences with it.