glee: ballad

Мовчати (Пам'яті Кузьми Скрябіна)
Святослав Вакарчук
Мовчати (Пам'яті Кузьми Скрябіна)

Святослав Вакарчук записав кавер-версію композиції “Мовчати”, виконавцем та співавтором якої є лідер гурту “Скрябін” Андрій Кузьменко.
Процес роботи над кавер-версією було знято “1+1 Продакшн” пізно ввечері 3 лютого в павільйоні проекту “Голос країни”, одразу після закінченні репетицій учасників п'ятого сезону, де Святослав Вакарчук задіяний як тренер.

вокал, електропіаніно - Святослав Вакарчук;
перкусія, кахон - Армен Костандян;
тамбурин - Мебо (Мераб Нутсубідзе)
“Мовчати”: слова — А. Кузьменко; музика — А. Підлужний, С. Гера, А. Кузьменко, О. Зволінський

I wrote the most clever fucking thing ever

This Octopus named Harold had quite a bit of issues.

He had 4 sets of legs that all came in twos.

He could never complete an outfit with coordinating hues,

For he had too many feet and too little shoes.

Harold the Octopus was always so frustrated.

He would step on sharp rocks and become so elated.

He finally went through with an idea that he created.

“I am going to the shoe store!” was proudly translated

By the Octopus with too many feet and too little shoes.


He ventured to the store to purchase new shoes.

He found a pair he liked with a few stripes of blue.

But the clerk had said there were only 3 sets of twos.

For he again had too many feet and too little shoes.


He begged the store clerk for advice on what he should do.

The store clerk announced “I found a pair in size two!”

So the Octopus named Harold accepted the news

Of the blue pair of shoes that came in size twos.

For he had too many feet and two little shoes. 


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From new album “La Blanche”