Kindergarten Love

So this started out filling a prompt, and because @alianne requested a kindergarten teacher Blaine fic eons ago. Then it became a sprawling thing covering the major holidays the boys celebrate over the course of Kurt’s daughter’s first year in kindergarten. Plus I know Alianne could use a little extra love, and she deserves some fic written for her once in awhile. Happy Valentines Day all! ~8800 words, on AO3 as well!

I’m so nervous about sending my child to their first day at kindergarten but then I see you, surrounded by adoring kids and being super nice and please protect my child.

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Feelings I Have.

The point of this episode was, believe it or not, that bullying and smack talk – by anybody – have unintended negative consequences. Many characters were in the wrong here, and it came back around to bite all of them. And, for once, they showed adults attempting to handle the fallout correctly after the fact. This was actually a good story, and one that I think needs to be told.

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Below the cut are #100+ small gifs of Chris Colfer portraying Jock!Kurt (1x04 Preggers | 5x03 the Quarterback) on the hit show Glee. All these gifs were made by me, so I’d appreciate no reposting or claming as your own. These gifs were created for roleplay/reaction purposes so LIKE/ REBLOG if you intend on using/saving or found this helpful. If you have a request for anything Kurt Hummel/Chris Colfer, drop me a message! Thanks.

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once upon a time I made this doc

… because I was so frustrated with how Glee took what was a promising start in S3 and squandered it on tired soap opera cliches when everyday teenage mishaps offer so much opportunity for drama and comedy.

so, because this is way too monstrous to undertake as more than an outline, here are some excerpts:

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jumping on the het!blam train what

warning: lots and lots of fluff, also boob worship


Blair looked up from where she was sprawled on the couch, seeing her husband leaning against the doorframe to the living room.  Sam let out a deep sigh, scrubbing his hand through his hair.  He looked completely exhausted, to say the least.

“Can…can we cuddle?”

Blair sat up straighter, leaning her back against the armrest.  “Of course, Sammy.  Everything okay?”

“Long day at work.  Stupid kids in the shop.”  Sam slumped over to the couch, laying between Blair’s spread legs and resting his head against her breasts.  He finally let out a smile.  “Everything is better now.”

Blair laughed as he nuzzled into her cleavage, pressing kisses to both breasts.  “Of course it is, you perv,” she said with a smile, gently running her fingers through his hair.

“Not my fault you have the most perfect boobs ever.”

This is it, a small voice in Blair’s head declares.  This is your perfect moment.  She thought back to the plastic tests she had taken earlier in the week, to the doctor’s appointment she’d had earlier that day.  Go for it.

“You know, they’re about to get bigger,” she began.  Sam lifted his head in surprise, excitement written all over his face.

“Really?” he asked eagerly.

Blair giggled.  “Really.  But you might not be able to lay on them any more.”

She bit her lip, trying not to laugh as Sam’s smile immediately dropped.  “What.”

“I’m just saying,” she continued, stroking a hand over his cheek, which he nuzzled into even through his confusion, “you might have to lay on my stomach instead.”

Sam pouted, looking longingly down at her breasts before kissing his way down to her stomach over her shirt.  “I…guess I could do that.  But why can’t I cuddle with your boobs?”

“Because you might not fit,” Blair replied, suddenly nervous.  “Because my stomach is going to get bigger too.”

She waited with baited breath as she saw the lightbulb turn on in Sam’s eyes.  “Blair…”

“Sammy, I’m pregnant.”

Sam gasped, staring at her with wonder and amazement.  He looked down at her stomach, caressing it with one hand, and when he looked back up there were tears in his eyes.  “We’re going to have a baby?”

Blair nodded, words failing her as tears sprang into her own eyes.  Sam pushed himself up to her and kissed her, hard and thorough, before returning to her stomach.

“There’s a baby in here…”

“Yep, Sammy, there’s a baby,” Blair laughed through happy tears.

Sam kissed her stomach, then laid his head flat against it.  Blair could hear him whisper, “Hey little munchkin, I’m your daddy.”

“God, I love you,” she whispered in return.  He smiled up at her.

“We’re going to be the best parents.  Like Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.”

Ok, so the premiere is the 6th or the 9th? I thought the premiere was going to be Tuesday and then it’d move to Friday later that week…but I’m being told I’m wrong. Did something change? Did I just imagine this? Someone help! Screenings are being scheduled and we need dates!

@nadiacreek answered your question “FIVE SHIPS I WILL GO DOWN WITH”


uh, yeah, I’ve said the canon broke them for me, did I not?  SORRY.  They are still the ship I’ve spent most time actively shipping, the only ones I’ve finished/posted fic about to date, the OTP-est OTP I ever had.  But my heart cannot take endless revisions of an ongoing story I’m constructing alongside the canon, and it especially cannot take when the last sequence of getting back together feels like it’s meant specifically to troll us.  Sorry RM, I tried to work with it, but that was just too much.

(…. there was a lot of greatness there, though.)

I’m just seven hours old
truly beautiful to behold
And somebody should be told-

uh this is the first thing ive drawn all the way on this laptop and its poorly thought out mh rhps au art. Nice.