I listened to the Glee version of 4 Minutes today and remembered my headcanon that Unique watched a video of it on YouTube and that is how she found out about Kurt and Mercedes.

Imagine her, 13ish years old, in love with music and performing, so often disappearing into this other version of herself in her head to get away from who she has to be every day on the outside. A link goes around of a performance by the local championship winning cheerleading team. But this one is different, she only clicks it because one of the kids leading the performance in the screenshot is a big black girl and since when is that how the Cheerios do things?

She watches them, this amazing performance by a big black girl who is not wearing the girls uniform, and this guy unafraid to do this flamboyant performance even though they’re in front of their whole school. They’ve gender flipped it, too, she’s singing JT and he’s doing the Madonna part and everyone is cheering. Unique replays it instantly and can’t even begin to understand what this is making her feel.

Of course this leads to looking them up, she finds the Vogue video which is so fascinatingly weird (and they got a teacher to do this? Sue Sylvester of all people?). She finds out about the New Directions and looks them up, Kurt and Mercedes (she’ll always remember those names - Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones) aren’t in the videos from sectionals that much, but they are there, in this group of people that don’t all look at same and have won their first ever competition and how is she going to convince her parents to take her to Regionals? She has to see them in person, has to see that they are real and possible.

When the same person who posted the 4 Minutes video posts the video of Mercedes singing Beautiful the next week Unique cries so much watching it she has to fake being ill to get out of school.

… you know it just hit me to be amused that Amber winning the Best Actress award for playing Effie White and one of the other actresses in the running for the award (who has won 2 Oliviers before and was apparently stunning in this role (I saw her understudy)) was nominated for playing Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. Like, not to make everything about a character Amber used to play but that this award was Effie vs Fanny for the award tickled me with how much Glee used those chars as part of the Mercedes vs Rachel thing.

and i can live inside my head

@todaydreambelievers - slightly belated meta from last week, 1x01.

“You might laugh because every time I sign my name I put a gold star after it, but it’s a metaphor, and metaphors are important.  My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a star.

And just so we’re clear, I want to clear up that hateful rumor that I was the one who turned that closest case Sandy Ryerson in because he gave Hank Saunders the solo I deserved.”

The very first lines that Rachel speaks in Glee are 1., a voiceover directed at some imagined audience, and 2., not entirely true.  This is interesting because Glee’s a show about performance (among other things).  And in her bedroom, or walking down the hallway, by herself… Rachel doesn’t have an audience.  But she’s desparately lonely.  And so she imagines that she does.

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I wasn't a huge Brittana fan, they obviously loved each other but Idk, I couldn't imagine them working long term

I def see them dating in highschool, but dating into adult hood and getting married ?? Idk they don’t really seem like they’d be that kind of couple at all

Santana still needed to grow up and learn what being fucking bisexual means and Brittany needed to stop being a fuckIN moRON LOOOL ( and using that as an excuse to be the biggest asshole ever)

In.a way I also felt like Santana was really infatuated w her, she always went on about how “innocent” Brittany was and desperately wanted her despite her being with Artie. And I hated their dynamic a LOT , they just brought the worst out of each other. Like they were like two adult bullies together who never outgrew highschool :v

Sorry for the tangent I jussst…. don’t like these two together at all LOL