My reactions to Glee's New York Episode

When Brittany sings My Cup

When Finn takes Rachel out on their date and they don’t kiss: 

When the New Directions Boys sing Bella Notte: 

When Rachel and Kurt sing together on the Wicked set and they both start crying:

When Mr.Schue says he’s there to stay with them:

When the all-girl choir sings Yeah:

When Finn tells Rachel he loves her and they STILL don’t kiss:

When Finn and Rachel finished performing Pretending and they FINALLY kiss: 

When the New Directions perform Light Up the World

When you find out that The New Directions came in at 12th place:

When Blaine’s finally shows up: 

When Santana bitches out Rachel in Spanish:

When Blaine and Kurt tell each other they love each other for the first time: 

When Sam and Mercedes hold hands:

When Rachel and Finn kiss again:

When Brittany says that Glee club is her family and she wants to stay with them forever: 

When Brittany tells Santana she loves her more than anyone else in the world:

When the camera focuses at the end of the episode and you realize you have to wait months for season 3: 

Opinion of the overall episode: 


You know, I just thought that this Moschino coat with a bag (a coat with a bag, seriously, that’s why I love Moschino) would be perfect for Kate Hummel, female version of Kurt Hummel.

Kate Hummel - me
Photo by JustMoolti
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