Fic: But Now I See

anon prompted: an insecure and self-loathing blind!Kurt (or deaf) who meets Blaine, falls in love, and has to accept himself to be able to accept that Blaine loves him too. And then, in the future, he gets surgery to able to finally see/hear Blaine and it’s beautiful.

I dunno if I hit the self-loathing, but the insecurity is there. As is the terribly fluffy ending. :D ~1900 words, PG?

The sound of running footsteps from behind him made Kurt freeze up in terror.

They wouldn’t. Maybe they hate me for being gay, but they know they’ll get expelled for beating up a blind kid - that minority status is protected, at least.

“Hey!” an unfamiliar voice yelled. The footsteps came to a stop, and the voice modulated to a more acceptable volume to ask “Can you show me where Ms. Paul’s room is? I’m sorry, I’m new here.”

Kurt turned around, hearing the boy let out a quiet “oh!” as he saw Kurt’s dark glasses and long cane. “I really can’t show you anything,” he said, bitter. “But I’m headed there myself, actually, so I suppose you can just follow me.”

“That would be great,” the boy said. “I’m Blaine, by the way.”


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Back Stateside.

All she heard were sirens. She remembered being in the Hummer with several of her men. Quinn was in and out of consciousness. She remembered seeing the sun in the sky, but now she saw the inside of a plane. The blonde was groaning as she could feel the effects of the anesthetic wearing off some. ‘Hang in there Captain,’ she heard someone say. 'You went through surgery great. We got you stabilized, but we’re flying back to Washington.’ Silently, Quinn groaned out to him as she tried to grab at the bed she was in. The blonde squinted slightly as she looked around at several men around her in gear to protect her.

When the plane landed, Quinn moaned in protest as she felt it bumping and jostling her. 'Easy Captain,’ the boy said as he touched her head gently with a rag. 'Just lie back and relax.’ Quinn groaned out even more as they started moving her. She saw the sun again only this time she knew she wasn’t where she started. Seeing a palm tree as they moved, Quinn breathed a sigh of relief. Closing her eyes, she heard a doctor rush out to take a chart as she was rushed into the hospital there.

Quinn was put under again for major surgery to help the burns and broken bones. They finished up little touches here and there before she was put out into recovery. Lying there on the cot, Quinn slowly started to wake up. She groaned softly as she opened her eyes to look up at a little poster of a beach with palm trees. Quinn scoffed slightly as she eyed the poster for a moment. “Paradise,” she whispered slightly.

Fic: Somebody Loves You

Based off this post. All future career choices based on the cut lines from 6x13. ~2800 words, PG-13, heart-stoppingly fluffy.

Date someone who will tap your butt playfully and do the dishes with you after dinner.

“Oh God, I ate way too much,” Blaine groaned. He leaned back against the couch, where they’d chosen to have dinner that night so they could keep watching 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders on VH1, and placed a hand over his belly like an expectant mother.

“You and me both,” Kurt said, rubbing over his stomach. “But that pizza you made, fuck, Blaine. I don’t even like mushrooms normally, how did you get them to taste so good tonight?”

“It’s my magic hands,” Blaine teased, winking at Kurt. “They give a mean massage, tickle the ivories, and make sure everything I cook comes out delicious.”

“That souffle you ruined a couple weeks ago begs to differ,” Kurt fired back. He got up to grab their plates and cups, bending over their low coffee table to do so. As he leaned in, he felt a sting against his ass. “Hey!”

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“Glee” star na si Heather Morris, nasa bansa

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Does anyone have el.abstracto’s Draconian Heartbreak and-or, Punky Rooster saved? Does anyone out there have links to pdf’s or something at least?

Feel free to send me a message if you know anything! Thank you so much for helping! I’ll love you forever. x

Fic: Summer Lovin’

Blaine moves to Lima with his mom after his parents get a divorce. The bright side of this uprooting? Kurt Hummel.

~1700 words, PG (with like one curse word), fluffy as hell.

Blaine was already not a huge fan of this move to Lima. The neighbor who’d come over and introduced herself earlier had told his mom that the local kids all hung out by the river on Fridays, so he’d been kicked out the second the clock struck seven that evening to “go make some friends, pumpkin!”

“Love you too, Mom,” he muttered when the door slammed in his face. “What happened to unpacking together to create a family space?”

He realized he sounded like the world’s most boring teenager at the moment, but he really didn’t care. Large crowds of strangers weren’t Blaine’s thing unless he was performing for them.

Defeated, Blaine started heading down the street, happy that he at least lived close enough to walk there. It would be easier to slip away inconspicuously that way.

The distant sound of music and laughter informed him that the party had already begun. Once he rounded the corner, he could see girls dancing in truck beds and boys tossing around a frisbee and trying to make impressive catches. They were all singing along, though, which seemed like a good omen - maybe they could tell him what music groups he could join at school in the fall.

Blaine stopped a few feet away from the action, unsure of how to join in without looking like an intruder. A voice from his left helped solve that dilemma for him.

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Glee's Heather Morris arrives in the Philippines to launch PLDT-Smart-iflix project - The DailyPedia
Famous Hollywood actress Heather Morris endorses new entertainment project for users to enjoy wherever they are.

Two communication giants the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) HOME and Smart Communications, Inc. have joined forces with iflix, Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service to bring entertainment to a whole new level and Glee’s Heather Morris is the star of it.

Heather Morris arrived in the country on Tuesday, June 23, much to the delight of her Filipino fans.


My Fave Series & When to Watch Them

One Tree Hill

This is a classic as it is a series that stays true to the cliche high school friend group and all there unrealistic adventures. Many series have followed in One Tree Hill’s footsteps (E.g. Glee, PLL, and more). 

Pretty Little Liars

Super addictive and super spicy, watch this if you need to procrastinate as it is an essential time waster. You become really invested in the characters and their happiness, which is continuously fluctuating, yours will follow the same pattern.

Modern Family

Perfect for the whole family to watch together, mine sit down once a week to watch together and shit hits the fan if someone watches it before. A good laugh, just don’t show your parents the one where Claire and Phil stalk Luke on Find my iPhone because it gives them ideas…

Jane the Virgin

Such a random and unique series. It is absolutely hilarious so watch it with friends because who likes to laugh alone?

Girl Meets World

It’s the reincarnation of Boy Meets World (which no one has heard of until is was reincarnated). It’s Disney but it is super adorable how each episode has a life lesson! This is definitely a guilty pleasure…

Grey’s Anatomy

This series inspires you to study as you will all of a sudden realise that your true calling is to create a revolutionary difference in the world of medicine and marry Dr. Shepard, don’t we all… don’t we all.

The Fosters

This drama will turn your emotions upside down and after a three day binge watch you will feel depressed that Jesus does not belong to you. 

xx Donut

unproductivepeanut asked:

Writing meme: 2, 12, 23, 28, 38 :)

2. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

Fake boyfriends. I’ve never had the inspiration strike for a proper plot around this one, for any of my pairings. Heaven knows I’ve read enough of them.

12. Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?

Depends on the show, but uh….Anything Criminal Minds ep where Reid is in danger. Abomination and Raving for Teen Wolf, or anything involving Stiles hurt/comfort (with his dad, Scott, Derek, other members of the pack, w/e). Merlin would be…probably the finale, any season finale. Primeval, it’s the books and the episode with the G-Rex. Glee gets Michael.

23. If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?

Gosh, there was this old Gundam SEED fic I wrote called “Trust in a Friend”. Oh, it gives me pain to think of it now, it’s so bad. I’d like to have that updated, but the pain is really so great that I know it’ll never happen. It’s debilitating, truly. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, please.

Or “Kiss It Goodbye,” a Digimon Frontier fic I wrote a few years later. That plot is all over the place but no one seems to notice?

28. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Errrrrrrr gosh I got so distracted while doing this one. FICS. Um.

I love astolat who writes lovely Merlin and tFatF. A good number of my bookmarks on AO3 are by lady_ragnell so people should totally check her out. Tylerfucklin writes some good Sterek. So does Vendelin. Vendelin writes beautifully. And zarah5 and Footloose wrote my favorite Merthur AU fics ever, like you don’t even know.

And then, of course, there’s always and forever, DLanaDHZ.

(screw the rules, I do what I want)

38. Talk about a review that made your day.

My heart skips and rejoices whenever I get a review longer than only a few words, honestly. I love the reviews from people that I wrote fics for (Alessariel, Kaylizle, UnproductivePeanut, DLanaDHZ, you guys know who you are). And if I need a pick me up on my writing skill, I know I can read nearly anything given to me related to “The Sword in the Stone” and “The Once and Future King.”

But Archer7808 once gave me a review on “Ongoing” that had me speechless, feeling like no words I ever typed could properly express how grateful I was for their review, how touched I was, how perfect that review made the rest of my month.

And now that I’ve honestly taken WAY TOO MUCH TIME filling this out, I hope you enjoyed it.