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  • my all-time ultimate fave character: mercedes jones and everyone can go to hell for not appreciating her enough
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: honestly i didn’t like santana for a solid bit but i love her
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: noah puckerman
  • a character I’m indifferent about: sam evans
  • a character who deserved better: quinn fabray and tina cohen chang, sorry can’t pick one
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: tbh i’m pretty sure i shipped all of them at some point but f*nchel and kla*ne
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: samcedes, y’all did me so wrong
  • a cute, low-key ship: quinntana, byeeeee
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: tike for sure, under-appreciated
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: *my brain just froze for 5 solid minutes* didn’t sam and rachel have something towards the end of the show
  • my favourite storyline/moment: tbh mercedes/quinn’s scene in the “home” episode
  • a storyline that never should have been written: the entirety of the last couple of seasons
  • my first thoughts on the show: “i love this!”
  • my thoughts now: “what fresh hell.”

tbh this was so much fun to do, thank you!

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Ooooooo, mama! I love me some dragons! Imma stick with the traditional Japanese ones, because those are canonical to the universe. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(Please excuse the silly names the Shimada dragons were given. I don’t know any Japanese (RIP).)


“The air is shifting.”

Hanzo opened his eyes slowly, his meditation could wait.

“What do you mean, Sui Riu.” He spoke calmly as the beast met his eyes.

“The winds have changed. Listen.” It circled him slowly, moving as if constantly suspended in water.

“Yes, I hear it too.” The darker of the two dragons agreed. The man shifted in his seat, straining his ears to hear whatever change they were referring to.

“Hmm. What do you propose we do, Aoi?” Asked Sui Riu, beginning to unravel itself from Hanzo and around its companion.

Hanzo crosses his arms, still concentrating on the breeze, and lets then have their conversation separately. Something did seem slightly off, he just couldn’t put his finger on it, and after a minute longer of observation, he deduces that the change must be spiritual; something he was much less in-tune with than his dragons.

“Master,” Aoi began, “we think it best to go now.” Hanzo pauses, realizing that he had not been listening to them at all. Any decision they had made had completely flown over his head.

He pauses awkwardly, thinking of how to respond properly. “Yes. That is fine.” He stands, dusting off his knees a bit. “Lead the way.”


It was so nice to finally get some sun!

You stretch, before curling around yourself and resting your head on your tail. Overwatch truly was a blessing: taking someone like you in with a promise to keep you safe, happy and healthy.

You smile and lull your head side to side. “No more crowed forests for me!” Your eyes close, and you sigh, letting yourself relax for once.

That is until distant mumbling made it’s way to your ears.

There was a man, followed by……two other dragons!!? You’re eyes grow wide as you study them. Geez, they’re absolutely beautiful (and kinda tiny in comparison to you). You’re eyes wonder back to the man, who was speaking.

“I..I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

“I apologize.” He bows politely. “My name is Shimada Hanzo.”

You nod your head in response. You pause, contemplating your next move. Deciding it’s best to level with this guy, you allow yourself to swiftly change back into a human.

You reach out a hand, introducing yourself, but he takes a moment to comprehend what had happened. His face pales a fraction and he refuses to meet your eyes; making you wonder if there was a problem with your appearance.

You glance down at your chest, making sure that you remembered to actually cloth yourself this time (and to your relief you had). His cough brings your attention back to him.

“Oh, uh.” You rub your hands together. “May I ask who you two are as well?” You start, praying that that didn’t come out too awkward.

“I am Aoi,” one begins, weaving itself out from behind Hanzo, “and this is Sui Riu.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” You offer a smile, and watch as they approach, inspecting you.

“I was not aware you could see them.” Hanzo started, voice even. “Most cannot.”

“I assume by that you mean most humans.” You shove your hand into your pocket and use the other to gesture yourself. “As of right now I’m only physically human.”

He nods, feeling as though he might of offended you in some way.

“Well, you seem to be a very appealing human.” Sui Riu said, circling your form.

“And dragon as well.” Aoi added, joining Sui Riu.

“Oh, uh, thank you.” You blush.

“Perhaps you would like to join us later to converse?” The former asked. To which you eagerly agreed, letting them set a time and place to meet.

He didn’t really think of himself as the best welcoming committee. However, it just so happened that the newbie asked to be greeted by him specifically. Nothing about your name rang any bells, and he couldn’t possibly think of many people who would want to be guided by him.

The first thing he heard when the ship had opened it’s doors was a loud gasp. His eyes followed the sound to a slowly approaching figure, eyes wide and mouth covered.

“It-it’s true!” You exclaim, glancing at him, then to his side, then back to him. “The man who is guided by dragon!”

You reach to his side, and he sees a green head meet your hand.

“So you can see Tatsu as well?” He watches you gently stroke it, placing his hand on it’s back to pet it as well.

“Yeah, I never thought I’d really get to see another one!” You grin at him, then pull your eyes back to Tatsu (who was loving all the attention).

“Ah, so you have seen another.”

“Well, I guess you could say that.” Letting out an awkward chuckle, you raise your hand off of it and cross your arms. “You didn’t get the memo, huh?”

“I suppose not.” His dragon begins to slowly drift back to him, not wanting the petting to stop. Genji makes a motion like he’s beginning to speak, but you swiftly cut him off.

“Umm, so, Tatsu. Can you speak too?” You unfold your arms and wave them frantically, “No! Wait! That was super rude! I’m sorry!”

“No, it is fine.” Genji chuckles gently. He runs his hand down it’s back. “They are mute.” He motions at you. “The other one could speak?”

“Uh, well, yes.” You clear your throat. “You see….. I’m…… the other one.” You shift your weight, gazing at your feet.

“I see!” Genji inspects you, with what could only be described as subdued glee. “May I ask how?”

“Well, yeah.” You pause and steady your nerves. “I can sorta turn in to one. Sometimes. I’m not very good at it yet.”

He clasps his hands together, not hiding his excitement well. “Can I see?”

You nod, tell him to stand back, and shut your eyes tightly. The tingling in your arms growing strong before your muscles begin to shift. Letting your eyes open, you see that your arms were the only things you could will to change, and you scrunch your face in frustration.

“Incredible!” Genji cheers from intront of you. He steps closer and hovers his hands over your arms. “May I?”

“Uhh, sure.” He gently takes them, turning and poking them to ease his curiosity. The other dragon watches over the both of you, contently; then decides that the two of you needed to be circled.

“Haha! Looks like Tatsu likes you!” He boasts, removing his hands from you, and onto the serpent-like creature.

You chuckle and look down at your arms. “I gotta say, meeting you two has made me feel so much better.” You look up into his visor. “I should probably change them back now.”

He hums in agreement, picks up Tatsu by its midsection, and allows you some space.

You focus your energy into your arms, letting the shifting sensation sweep over you. Once it settled you peer down and notice a problem with your hands. Claws.

“Wait. I, hmmm, give me a second.”

“Yo, Genji! I was wonderin’ if…..” A voice echoed in from behind him. It sounded familiar, for some reason.

Oh, god. That was that famous D.J. wasn’t it?

He coughs, awkwardly. “I was wonderin’ if I could borrow you for a sec?”

“Yes, I will be with you soon.” He bows to you in apology. “I will be back as quickly as I can.”

He jogs off, leaving you, claws and all, equally relieved and embarrassed.

He was never a fan of going down to the prisoner holding; or as Sombra liked to call it, “the Dungeon.” But, alas, there was a certain someone with needed information, who also happened to be a prisoner.

When all was said and done, it was easy to make them talk, and he was out of their room at in no time at all. An outcome that pleased him slightly.

His feet echo heavily as he makes his way down the long hallway out, letting him relish in the quiet.

“Hello?” He stops. Was someone talking to him? “Hey, uh, any chance I could get some water?”

“Not my job. Wait till diner.”

“C'mon, please? It’s been hours.”

“Again, not my job.” He begins to move again, but is stopped by the sound of intense scraping. He thought all prisoners were suppose to be stripped of all of their belongings; how did this one manage to sneak in something sharp? “You have a knife? They’re gonna have a field day with you when they find out, grunt.”

“I-I don’t have a knife!”

“Sure sounds like you do.” He states, voice taunting. The scraping continues, urgently, than becomes more muffled, and he decides if he should see for himself if they had something they shouldn’t, or to just leave.

Curiosity gets the best of him as he unlocks the door leading to your cell. The room is dim, as most are, but overwhelmingly dry. The shadows shift against the wall, and he knows better than to think that it was just his imagination.

“Come out.” He nearly demands, watching you nervously scuttle forth, almost twice his size. “What the hell?”

“Hey! It gets hard to control when I’m really hungry or thirsty….” You trail off, feeling small compared to the intimidating man before you.

He crosses his arms and stares at you a moment longer. “I’m guessing by that you mean, changing?”

“Mmhmm. But, I thought you guy knew that already.” You turn your head away from him bitterly. “I would’ve thought you knew everything about me by now.”

“Well, apparently, Talon isn’t to found of the idea of spreading the fact that they have a dragon in their dungeon.”

Your eyes sweep back to him. “You mean you didn’t know? You look kinda important.”

“Honestly, won’t have cared enough to remember if I was told.”

“That’s a bit rude.”

“I’m a member of a terrorist organization. We don’t tend to considerate.”

“Touché.” You curl yourself on to your bed and sigh. “If you’re not gonna get me some water, you can leave. I’m sure you have other, more important things to do.”

“I do. But they aren’t nearly as interesting.” He leans against the wall. “I’m curious, how exactly were they able to catch a dragon.”

“Why would you care?” You put dryly, no longer facing him.

“Humor me.”

You shift in your bed, trying to find the right words. “They didn’t FIND a dragon.” You exhale loudly through your nose in discontent. “They made one.”

You both sit in silence as he takes in your words. He pushes himself off the wall and leaves, not saying a another word.


“Wow, even your wallet is edgy.” Sombra snorts, eyeballing the black leather wallet, with a metal skull emblem and chain.

“I told you to stop calling me that.” He growls and she raises her hands in mock defense.

“Why are you buying that many water bottles anyway?”

“That’s none of your business, Sombra.” He pulls the last of the five he bought into his arms, and turns to leave.

“Aww, I was hoping to watch you chug those all at once!”

“Too bad.”

Night Falls: Chapter 20

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 3,971


A/N: Brace yourself, friends. 

In case you’re squirmish, it gets a little bloody below. Just a warning. 

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Night Falls Master List

Your jaw clenches as you hang up the phone. Crowley plucks it from your hand before his henchman grabs your wrists and ties them behind the back of the chair you had been thrown into when you arrived at the warehouse.

After you had made your decision, the same man who was tying your wrists just a little too tight for comfort appeared in your apartment and gripped your arm, forcing you to stand with a grunt. A gun was waiting in his hand, and he had pressed it into your stomach as he led you from your apartment to an awaiting limo outside. 

It was late, so there was no one around to see you as you got shoved into the car. From the tinted windows, you could see the unmarked car that was parked right across the street, and you could see the face of an unknown agent, his head resting against the window with his eyes closed. If you hadn’t known any better, he looked like some guy napping in his car.  Your stomach clenched as you had to fight down the urge to be sick.

Crowley’s henchman–who seemed to have no name–climbed into the car behind you before Crowley joined you, someone outside closing the door once he was settled. The man with you had pulled you onto the seat with him and kept the cold barrel of the gun pressed against you. 

The three of you drove in silence for about thirty minutes until you had pulled up to a row of warehouses along the river. You had never been to this part of town before, not that you had any reason to before now. It looked like some sort of shipping yard–and with not a single person in sight. 

You had been dragged inside and thrown into the chair you were currently tied down to before Crowley had handed you a cell phone and instructed you to call Dean. 

You hated yourself for the choice you had made, but Dean was smart. He would figure out at some point that this was a trap, wouldn’t he? Your fingers had hesitated over the phone screen, second guessing your choice before Crowley’s man backhanded you across your cheek. 

The sting had burned and you hissed as your neck snapped to one side. It had been a warning to cooperate. 

So you called Dean and said a prayer that the two of you would make it out of this alive. 

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I'm like very disappointed this page doesnt display more reputable facts :( I'm a Scorpio to the core with a Leo moon, and though i admit to have to having a dark side ive always acknowledge, i hate the stereotypes about us! Give us the facts!

the facts are that my favourite scorpion is the blue scorpion because they are beautiful and also make great pets and you can keep more than one in the same cage because they don’t cannibalise each other like some other pet scorpions do. I am looking at pictures of the babies riding on their mom’s back rn and I’m filled with such glee

Pink Diamond

You know what would be amazing?

If Pink Diamond is more than just a newbie dictator who Rose beat to free everyone.

Imagine if she was a loving Diamond, excited about her first colony. Belly gems are associated with love, joy, and whimsy, like Navy or Steven. She’d be excited, newly formed and wide-eyed at the world around her and at everything she sees. She’d be enthusiastic to do her best, and to be a great Diamond…like the others.

We think of the Diamonds as cold and unfeeling and mean, but YD seems enraged at the existence of Earth. What if it’s because of what she lost?

Imagine three beings that are separate from their society suddenly getting a new member. Someone who was like they were once - someone new they can mentor. Imagine it like discovering you have a new, baby sister.

Imagine YD being overwhelmed by how excited and curious she is. Answering her questions about Homeworld, and delighting in her joy at being shown how to make new Gems, or at a new tower being built by a Bismuth team.

Imagine BD being stoic and pretending to be annoyed at the constant questions, the giggling and the jokes and the optimism, but secretly loving it and the attention, and seeing this new planet in a new light because of it.

Imagine WD preparing everything back home for her new Sister, who she met and instantly adored. Imagine a new grand Palace for Pink, a new Diamond Symbol, a new set of statues for the now-four Diamond Authority.

Imagine all of them talking about how much they want to show her, and telling her stories of other worlds. Imagine her glee at this, constantly asking the Pearl WD sent her about where she’s been, or telling her newest experiment, Rose Quartz, about all she’s seen, as Rose gets irritated that she’s talking about other worlds and not the one she was born on, the one she’s on now, with all its wonders she’s about to forget…

I wonder who told them. The three Diamonds at Homeworld’s Galaxy warp, waiting for their new Pink Diamond to step out and onto the Homeworld landing, to step into their greater Galaxy.

I imagine it was Jasper, stepping from the beam instead of Pink Diamond. The others know immediately from her face, as she walks, faltering, but still showing the discipline and deference ingrained in her. She utters “My Diamonds….” with a cracking voice. BD whispers “No….” YD is silent. WD is gone.

WD never orders the destruction of the new palace, though the statues and gone, the symbol left as it was, three. She hasn’t been seen in millennia. She refuses to take any new Pearls.

BD sometimes looks around, wondering why it’s so quiet. Why there are no questions. Before she remembers.

YD buries herself in her work, ignoring exhaustion and barking orders. She keeps a tab open to Earth, now a failed, abandoned colony, and the Cluster project germinating within. She’s planned the date and the perfect distance to park her ship for when it erupts, pending a certain Peridot. She wants to see it emerge in its glory, tearing free of that rock.

She’s waiting to whisper something she’s wanted to say for 5000 years.

“For you, Pink.”

Amelia: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

This is based off of @ourforgottenboleros series ‘Amelia’, which is AMAZING and you should go read it RIGHT NOW because oh my god it’s just so quality. ( @amelialuzmiranda )

My thing takes place seven years later, two months after Hamilton has premiered on Broadway. Yes, I wrote fanfiction of fanfiction but shhhh.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I know nothing about subways :)

Word Count: 1945

Hamilton took seven years for Lin to write, and you were there every step of the way. Five years ago, the two of you were married. Amy was the flower girl and a bridesmaid. She insisted on being both and you could you say no to that? Three years ago, you opened a second gallery in Brooklyn. It focused on more modern art pieces while your original focused on photography. You had never seen Lin so proud of you in your entire life. You were building a brand name.

One year ago, Hamilton opened at the Public Theater. Two months ago was Lin’s opening night on Broadway. Everything moved slowly, but at the same time was passing you by in an instant. You had always been pretty good at taking things slow.

On this particular Friday, Amelia had been talking about going to the theatre from the moment she woke up in the morning.

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Characters: Jared x Reader, fans, Jensen

Word Count: 1579

Warnings: implied sex and kinda fluff

Summary: All people ask you about is your past relationships and your relationship status during your panel. They are pleasantly surprised with the end result of their questions.

Authors Note: Honestly, this whole idea came from listening to Intertwined by Dodie. I wanted to have this song as like how they fell in love type thing. This is my first RPF. Also, Jared is single for this. No disrespect to Gen. Hopefully I satisfied your imagination with this! Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy xx

Originally posted by marvelouslyinsane

You slowly woke up in your hotel room with Jared’s arms wrapped around your waist. You lazily look at the time before jumping out of bed, realizing that you were running late for your panel.

Your panel starts in twenty minutes. It takes ten minutes to get there, leaving you with ten minutes to get dressed, and you still have to shower.

You texted Rob that you were going to be running late before taking a quick shower and getting dressed. You were about to rush out the door, then you realized that you hadn’t woken Jared up. You shake him awake and his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Morning sunshine,” you joke as you give him a quick kiss. “I’m running late for my panel, but I’ll see you down there after you get dressed.”

He hums in response, leaning on the headboard, looking at you. “Go on, don’t want to keep the fans waiting.” He smiles at you. “You’ll be great.”

You rush out the hotel room and made it to the panel, even though you were ten minutes late.

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Title: Together With You, We’ll Relearn the World 

Pairing: sidlink

Rating: Everyone 

Tags: fluff, sweet, a little bit of sad but not a lot 

A/N: Thank you for the request! This was so super cute and I had SO much fun writing it! Hope you like it! 

Also posted on my AO3 if you’d prefer to read it there! Prompt requests are still open so send ‘em my way if you got ‘em! Comments, reblogs and kudos are much appreciated, thanks! 

Not smiling was proving to be harder than he had originally thought.

Climbing up the steep, grassy incline, the ground slippery underneath his feet, heading towards the small camp they had set up at the base of the hill, Sidon tried to focus on anything other than the small Hylian on his back. This was proving to be a challenge as the slightest glance to his right allowed him a full view of his little Hylian’s face, which just strengthened the urge to beam idiotically.

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Blast From the Past

A/N: Request for @little-dis-kaalista-pythonissama. Jax imagine the reader is chubby and leaves town, but returns years later completely changed and Jax recognises you. Enjoy!


It had been many years since you’d been in Charming. Constantly bullying in school about your weight and overall frustrations in a small town drove you out, but you were back. You were staying with your aunt and you’d gotten a job at a local supermarket.
Some of the long term tenants of Charming remembered you when they heard your name, but if they passed you on the street, they’d never have known it was you.
You’d worked hard to get your body to a shape that you were happy with, and you were happy with your anonymity. Until you met Juice.
You’d called to get your car towed by the only garage in Charming. You hadn’t wanted to call them, but your car wouldn’t make it to the next town over. Juice arrived and towed your car, calling the next day when everything was done so you could pick it up.
Hesitantly, you walked into Teller-Morrow, heading straight for the office.
“Hey, Y/N!” Juice called out, coming over to you.
“Hey. Juice.” You replied, looking around to see if anyone noticed.
Thankfully, everyone seemed busy with their jobs.
“Car’s all ready to go, Jax has been working on it, got it up to scratch.”
The name Jax made you stiffen and blush. You hadn’t seen him in years, but you never forgot him.
You’d been at the same high school and you remembered Jax and Opie running  around, causing trouble. But they were always nice to you, unlike the other kids. Maybe because they were social outcasts like yourself. You never got close enough to them to find out, leaving halfway through high school.
“What are you up to tonight?” Juice asked.
“Oh, probably just hang out at home, watch movies, something like that.”
You hadn’t made friends since coming to town, Juice being the closest thing to it, and he’d only towed your car for you. When he’d come to collect the car, he’d asked you a little about yourself. You hadn’t gone into detail, just said you were from Charming and had recently returned after a long time away.
“You should come to a club party tonight!” 
“Oh, I don’t know…” You began.
“You’d have heaps of fun! Everyone’s really friendly and they’d all love you!”
You thought about it, considering that surely, even though you would see Jax and Opie, they wouldn’t recognise you.
“I… Yeah, okay, I guess I could.”
“Great, see you at 8!” Juice gave you your car keys and walked away.
Sliding into your car, you breathed a sigh of relief. You could do this. You could go to the party, have a nice time, go unrecognised and then never need to cross paths with Jax again.


Jax couldn’t believe that you were standing right there in front of him. And by in front of him, he could see you from where he stood behind the wall, peering out from the garage.
You looked different. You were slimmer, more toned, and the jeans and shirt you were wearing clung to you in all the right places.
But you had the same hair colour, he remembered your voice. Your smile was the thing that cemented the idea that it really was you.
Jax had seen your name on the paperwork. It was a fairly common name, but he still made your car his priority, working on it as quickly as he could, eager to see you come in and make sure it really was you.
Heart clenching as he heard Juice call out to you, he brought himself out from under the hood of a car he was working on, seeing you for the first time since high school.
Jax had always had a crush on you, but he was a dumb kid in high school, and always regretted never standing up for you when the other kids picked up on you. He and Opie had managed to put a few bullies in their place when you weren’t watching, hoping that it would make things easier for you until he had the guts to approach you.
But you had left, and Jax figured he’d never see you again. He was so grateful to be wrong.
He heard Juice ask you to the party that night, a small glimmer of hope sparked through him when you said yes.
Maybe this is my second chance, he thought to himself as he watched you walking to your car.

The party was in full swing by the time you had arrived. Jax had been watching the door like a hawk, Opie teasing him whenever he saw someone coming through.
“You gotta relax, man.” Opie chuckled.
“I can’t mess it up this time, Ope. I didn’t say anything last time and she left.” Jax replied, taking a long pull from his beer.
“Well then, make sure you don’t mess it up.” Opie slapped him on the shoulder.
Jax groaned, rubbing his eyes. Maybe you wouldn’t even come. Maybe you’d stayed home and-
“Jax, Opie, this is Y/N.” Juice said, causing Jax to look up.
You were standing right there before him, a pretty floral top and hip-hugging jeans. Your hair fell about your face and Jax about fell off his stool.
“Hi, Opie. Hi, Jax.” Y/N responded, her cheeks tinging pink as she greeted Jax.
“Long time, no see, Y/N!” Opie replied.
“You guys know each other?” Juice asked.
“We went to the same high school together.” Opie turned to you.
“You look great. Doesn’t she look great, Jax?” Opie asked, glee covering his face.
“Y-yeah, yeah you look great, Y/N.” Jax said, staring.
“I think you two have some catching up to do. Come play pool, Juice.” Opie said, getting off his stool.
The two men left and Jax was trying his best to think of what to say.
“You wanna sit? Drink?” Jax asked.
You nodded and he asked a prospect for two beers. You accepted yours, taking a drink, and Jax took that moment to compose himself.
“You really do look great. I saw you earlier today, couldn’t believe it was you.”
“A lot of hard work and years later, but it feels good. You look good too, Jackson.”
It was Jax’s turn to go pink, and he grinned, feeling a little more relaxed.
“I… I know we weren’t close or anything in school, but I gotta tell you, I had the biggest crush on you.”
You giggled, running a finger over the rim of the bottle, and Jax hoped that he hadn’t come on too strong.
“I can’t say that I wasn’t attracted to you, and I always remembered you, even when I went away. You haven’t got any less easy on the eyes.”
Right then, a bunch of rowdy bikers came past, hooting and yelling.
“Do you wanna go for a ride somewhere? We can talk, maybe get something to eat?” Jax asked, thinking you might feel more comfortable somewhere less chaotic.
“Sounds great, let’s go.” You smiled.
Riding through town, Jax passed the supermarket you worked at, taking you to the other side of town where there was a diner the guys frequented. It was busy, but much quieter than the clubhouse.
You sat down in a booth and ordered food, and Jax asked about where you had been and what you were doing back in town. He listened intently as you both ate, and you told him that your aunt wasn’t well and your parents had asked you to go back to Charming and help her out.
“So, do you think you’ll be staying, then?”
“Yeah, I mean, my aunt will need help for a while at least. Plus, it is nice to be home.”
“I was wondering if maybe you’d like to do this again sometime. Hang out.”
“I’d like that very much.” You replied.
Jax smiled, looking forward to having you around. Even happier that you wanted to be around him. He raised a hand, waving over a waitress.
“Well then, we should celebrate your return, and get dessert.”
You agreed, and the pair of you spent the rest of the evening talking until the diner closed.

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First Language (Part 2) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request(s): ‘I formally request a part 2 of first language to bring me to life because I died at first read.’ + ‘Please please please do a part two of First Language!!!’

a/n: im gonna make this a series……hmmm………i gots an idea for pt 3

Part 1

“Je peux toujours conduire, vous savez (I can still drive, you know)…” Sebastian pouts, slumping further in the passenger seat. Focusing on the road, you reach for his hand, remembering the doctor’s advice. He needs to learn English again. “Nous retournerons à Dalton (are we going back to Dalton)?” he frowns, shrinking in his green and black striped rugby shirt. Honestly, he dresses like Finn

Your thumb rubs his knuckles, spinning the steering wheel. “I’m taking you to McKinley. I obviously can’t leave you alone; you freak out at everyone.” you deadpan, glancing at him; he blinks, frowning when you park the car. “And Dalton is an all boys school, so…your headmaster said I can teach you here and when you’re good, you’ll go back.” you smile, pecking his cheek after removing the keys.

When the two of you enter, Sebastian wrinkles his nose, watching bodies walk in front of him. “Je déteste l'odeur de l'école publique (I hate the smell of public school)…” he mutters, more to himself than anyone else. Shrugging it off as a complaint, you take his hand, dark brown flower print ruffled skirt hitting your mid thighs. “Où allons-nous (where are we going)?” he grumbles, converse squeaking as you pull him into a room.

“Mr. Shue!” you beam, tugging your brown t-shirt down. The curly haired teacher spins around, sheet music still in hand, mouth dropping at the sight of the Warbler. You tangle your arm in his, “You remember Sebastian….well, he’s gonna be here for a while so I can teach him…. English, again.” you grin, pulling your crochet mud brown beanie down the back of your head. “Is it okay if he sits in for glee club?” you ask, squinting as you cringe.

Sebastian stands awkwardly, “Salut (hi).” he mutters, sucking his lower lip in between his teeth.

Mr. Shue sighs, rubbing his forehead, “Sure. But, the club isn’t gonna like this….” he grumbles, going back to the sheet music.

Leading him to a chair, you bite your lip, running your hands through his hair. He ducks away, glaring at you playfully; the group starts coming in.  “Oh!” he mumbles, patting his blue skinny jeans, “As-tu vu mon téléphone portable (have you seen my cell phone)?” he asks, blinking. Your eyes light up and you push your backpack off your shoulders, pulling out his phone. “Merci (thanks).”

When Sebastian goes to grab it, you shake your head. “Cell phone.”

“Cell… phone…” he says slowly; you nod your head, handing him his phone. Puck and Mike stare, amused at the sight. “Qu'est-ce que tu regardes, idiots (what are you looking at, idiots)?” he snares, unlocking his phone. Luckily, the language is in French, so Sebastian doesn’t have to worry about that too.

Puck blinks, squaring his shoulders, one hand on his backpack strap, “All I got out of that was ‘idiots’ and I know you weren’t talking to us, beanpole.” he grunts, stalking forward.

You’re about to say something but Mr. Shue points to the seat. You relax, crossing your arms over your shirt. “Alright guys, new things are happening; Sebastian’s staying for a few weeks so Y/N can reteach him English. I expect all of you to help when necessary.” he says sternly, jabbing his pen in the air.

There’s a collective sigh that makes Sebastian’s heart drop. He slumps in his seat, reaching for your hand. “At least he has Y/N…” Tina mutters to Quinn, who just scoffs.

“Well, I, for one, think it’s an excellent idea!” Rachel pipes up, smiling confidently.

Now it’s Sebastian’s turn to sigh, “Ça va être long (this is going to be long)…”

Flowers And Friends

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Catarina, Ragnor, Alec

Summary - Magnus has had his first fight with Alec; he’s unhappy. Catarina and Ragnor take it upon themselves to cheer their old friend up.

Words - 1071

Magnus was devastated. He’d fought with Alec for the first time. He never wanted to do it again. Magnus had never felt the feeling of guilt this badly before; fighting with Camille and the others had been nothing like this. This was torture.

“Magnus?” Catarina said, staring at her friend. He looked heartbroken. He was sat next to her, head in his hands, hair flopping over his face. She couldn’t see, but she was sure he was trying not to cry.

“I don’t like fighting with him.”

“I know.”

“Magnus, it’s only natural to fight with him,” Ragnor reasoned from behind them; he too had come to cheer up his friend. “You’ve only been with him for a short time, and you’re very different people.”


Catarina sighed. “Magnus, we came here to cheer you up and you’re just ignoring everything we say.”

“Well, you’re not helping.”

“We’re TRYING, Magnus.”

“Very trying.”

Ragnor and Catarina gave simultaneous eye rolls. “Hilarious.”

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@anon wth i'm here to fight anyone who ships Santana with somebody who isn't Brittany. Brittana is life ❤️

A masterpiece ❤️

p.s : fuck you glee for fucking up their wedding by including fucking Klaine

for @sunlewis, who came up with this glee au and then waited patiently for like a month for me to finish it. love of my life @softjimon for helping me edit and cheerleading me into publishing it. anne and jess are two of the best people on this planet earth and you can fight me on that!!

if you ever want to be in love (i’ll come around) || jace/simon, 10k+, glee au || ao3 link here

And all your tears will subside ,” She sings softly, her voice quieting down as the music lowers to just a single guitar again. Simon and Jace are standing by the lamp, and Jace looks at Simon, drinking in the sight of him crossing his arms and bumping shoulders with Jace, happily singing. “ And all your tears, will dry .”


It’s serenades week in Musical Performance 113, the slightly less exciting college version of Glee Club. Simon’s decided to woo Jace with this; Jace has decided to have an existential crisis with it.

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Dancing with the Stars: Heather Morris Reveals Which Glee Costars Want Show Tickets

Heather Morris will have no problem filling her cheering section at Dancing with the Stars.

The former Beyoncé backup dancer had the audience on their feet after her performance on Monday’s season premiere of the ABC dance competition — and soon that audience will be full of some familiar faces: her former Glee costars Naya Rivera and Kevin McHale.

“I was just talking to Naya and she was, like, ‘Can you get me a seat? I’m so excited!’ And Kevin was the first to be, like, ‘You’re joking! I want to come see you!’ ” Morris, who blogs about her DWTS experience exclusively for PEOPLE, told reporters after Monday’s show, “So you’ll expect those two in particular, but hopefully a couple other people will be coming.”

Morris spent six seasons dancing and singing on Fox’s former musical dramedy and says it was a good training ground for the hectic nature of DWTS‘ live shows.

“I think every show has their circus involvement,” said Morris.

“Yes, but what other show has a circus with so many rhinestones?” asked her pro dancer partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

“This is true,” she replied.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (at 8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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egos...what if amy never came back?

(*squints at you* Be nice.)

Wilford places his hands over Host’s ears and makes an angry face at you, but it’s too late and already the Host is mumbling anxious narrations to himself, trying to stay calm. Bim and Dr. Iplier rush over to comfort him while Google powers up Red to incinerate you. Ed pats Silver on the back, a little harder than perhaps he should, as the hero cries into his over-sized gloves.

Dark sits back and watches the show with a barely-contained glee.

Celebrity Crush -- A Chris Evans Fanfic

Chapter One - Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Read it on AO3


When Friday finally rolls around, you wake up with a smile on your face.

Tonight is your date with Chris.

You still can’t believe you’d managed to get this far, but you were determined to have a good time and try to make a real connection with him.

Sitting up in bed, you reach over to your nightstand to grab your cell phone. The screen lights up with various notifications, some texts, and one missed call. You swipe through all the new content before you land on a text from your publicist, which contains nothing but a link. You click it, raising your eyebrows in surprise when you see where it leads.

The headline is simple, “WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY?” but the photos just beneath it are of you and Chris, which makes your stomach knot up. You scroll down the page to the article.

Unless you live under a rock, you must be familiar with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a late-night staple among many people in the US. If you were watching last week, you might’ve caught an appearance by actress (Your Name) (Your Last Name) in which she admitted to having a crush on superhero actor and all-around dreamboat Chris Evans. Not only that, but Fallon then surprised (Your Last Name) by bringing Evans out from backstage, where he then proceeded to ask (Your Last Name) on a date. So, our question now is: will they or won’t they? Was it all for show? Will there actually be a date this Friday night? We don’t know the answers, but here’s one thing that’s a given: they’d make an awfully cute couple.

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The singer and YouTube sensation formerly known as Charice Pempengo – who landed a regular role on season two of Glee – is finally able to be his most authentic self. On Sunday, the Filipino star announced that he will now go by the name Jake Zyrus, a new moniker that reflects his male gender identity.

Awww that’s awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

mod m

SEDUCTIVE | Vampire! Au | Jungkook X Reader | SMUT | 13

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading!

Originally posted by rapmonsexpensivegirl

After dinner with your parents, which could only be described as eventful, you and Jungkook returned to his place. Seeing as your parents had referred to him as your boyfriend, he had eagerly accepted his new, ‘title,’ (as he referred to it).
It was late when you arrived back at Jungkook’s house (well, in truth it was a fucking massive manor house, but same old same old), so it was hard for you to see as you navigated your way through the courtyard. The moonlight was blocked by the clouds, thus thrusting you into darkness, and you had always been clumsy, too.
This was your excuse for tripping over your own legs as you reached the entrance steps, and landing in a heap of your own tangled limbs.
Before you had even righted yourself, you knew that you had scraped your knees and hands, and perhaps had twisted your ankle. You winced in pain, but nevertheless moved to stand up, but this caused Jungkook to yelp in alarm.
'Baby, no!’ he yelled, rushing over to you from where he had been stood, locking the car.
'What?’ you questioned, not quite understanding what the problem was.
Bending down, Jungkook lifted you up into his arms and cradled you against his chest. He unlocked the door quickly, and carried you through to the oversized kitchen.
'I’m the boyfriend here,’ Jungkook stated proudly, puffing his chest out, 'So I have to carry you, and take care of you.’
He set you down on the kitchen table, before pulling a first aid box out of one of the numerous cupboards. You flicked an eyebrow upwards in question as he grabbed two antibacterial wipes and plasters. 'Why does a vampire need a first aid kit?’ you questioned sceptically.
Chuckling Jungkook confessed, 'I stocked up on medical provisions after you first came here and I, uh, bit you. I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep away from me.’
Scoffing, you shot back, 'I couldn’t keep away from you because of this damn Claiming bullshit!’
Jungkook snorted and shook his head, not replying. He wiped at the scrape on your knee, and you whimpered softly. He hushed you, and proceeded to tenderly clean the graze of your palm, before pressing plasters onto your injuries. Kissing the plaster on your knee, he smiled up at you before lifting you off the counter, and setting you back on the floor.
'You know,’ he told you playfully, 'if you injure yourself like this again, I may have to become your own personal doctor.’
Rolling your eyes, you walked away from him. It was then that you felt a hand grope your ass roughly, and it was obvious who the culprit was.
Spinning round, you scowled at Jungkook, who had a big, daft, grin upon his face. 'What?’ he enquired in response to your disapproving gaze, 'I’m your personal doctor now, right?’
You cocked your head to the side, not understanding what he meant. 'Huh?’
'I’m your personal doctor, and your ass was in desperate need of a check up,’ he explained, 'And it gives me great pleasure to tell you that it is just fine.
Pretty damn fine, actually.’
'I can’t believe you,’ you laughed, attempting to walk away from him. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close to him.
'You’re not going anywhere, missy,’ he told you, humming darkly in your ear.
'Why not?’ you enquired, blinking up innocently.
'In the supermarket today, you mentioned something about my skills in bed,’ Jungkook murmured against your neck, 'and I just wanted to see if those comments were really true.
'How about with a little test now?’
'Fuck you,’ you murmured, kissing him roughly.
If he was your doctor, you were going to be in for way too many check ups.
In the blink of an eye, you were in his arms again, and were quickly being carried across the threshold of the bathroom. Placing you gently on the cool floor, his hands gripped yours firmly as he pulled you to him. Nipping your earlobe, he leaned over the side of the large bathtub, turning the tap, causing steaming hot water to rush into the bath.
How convenient it was that the bathtub was most certainly more than big enough for two.
Immediately you were the centre of his attention again, and his fingers tugged at the zip of your dress lightly: not enough to unzip it, but to tease you. Whining, your hands moved to the back of your dress, trying to unzip it yourself.
“You’re so eager, you must have really meant what you said earlier, huh?” Jungkook teased as he submitted and unzipped your dress.
The dress fell to the ground, and you couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief - for once, the bastard hadn’t ripped your damn clothing. At least he always stayed true to his word and replaced your clothing anyway. His large eyes greedily drank in your figure, his gaze lingering on the curve of your hips, the slope of your breasts, the smooth skin of your thighs. Those eyes, which were often filled with such innocent happiness and adoration, were now filled with pure lust, which he wouldn’t have been able to conceal even if he tried. While he was distracted by your appearance, you hooked your thumbs in the belt loops of his pants, not hesitating before pulling them down.
Jungkook’s stare was so heated and intense you almost felt rather self-conscious, and you were impressed by the restraint he seemed to be exercising: usually he would have your panties shredded by now, and he would be buried deep inside you.
'Take a picture - it would last longer,’ you suggested with a smirk. Groaning lowly, he gave in to his desires, running his hands over your hips. It didn’t take long for his hands to slide downwards to cup your ass, squeezing it firmly, making you moan against his shoulder. You pressed your head into the crook of his shoulder as his hands slowly worked the flesh of your ass, and you had to bite your lip to silence a groan which threatened to slip from your lips.
Leaning down, he put his lips against yours, kissing you slowly and more passionate than you had expected: it was not often that Jungkook would take his time.
'Why would I take a picture when I’ve got the real thing right here, hmm?’ he questioned, finishing his sentence by tugging your bottom lip playfully with his teeth.
'It hurt me, you know,’ Jungkook stated huskily, 'when I saw how fucking amazing you looked in that dress tonight.’
'Hurt your dick, more like,’ you mumbled, causing Jungkook’s chest to shake lightly with laughter.
Jungkook unclasped your bra, before letting it fall to the floor. You curled your fingers in the smooth fabric of his shirt as he massaged your breasts, and you moved your hips towards his, searching for friction. He couldn’t help but smirk as he saw how needy you were getting.
'Is someone needy, baby?’ he enquired, smirking down at you. Your lips parted to protest, but he ground his hips roughly against yours for only a second before pulling away, drawing a soft whimper from your chest.
Standing on your tiptoes, you bit his neck gently while grinding your hips against his erection. A low growl rumbled in his chest, and you chuckled softly. 'Looks like I’m not the only needy one,’ you snorted, fingers nimbly unbuttoning his shirt.
Jungkook moved away from you to turn the bath tap off, and the pair of you removed the remainder of your clothes. Stepping into the bath, Jungkook lowered himself into the water, before motioning for you to follow suit.
'In. Now.’
'Bossy,’ you murmured. His round doe eyes were absorbed by a mixture or playfulness and desire as you clambered in the bathtub, not bothering to hide your eagerness. You hissed as the hot water enveloped your skin, and Jungkook sat you in between his legs, but where you were still facing him. You peppered gentle kisses against the smooth skin of his neck, grinning at last night’s handiwork: a dark purple hickey just below his jaw. Your teeth grazed his earlobe and tugged gently, and Jungkook hummed in evident satisfaction.
'Baby, as a vampire, I deserve special treatment,’ Jungkook demanded breathily as you accidentally brushed against his hard on.
'Am I correct in thinking that, by this, you mean your dick deserves special treatment?’ you asked with a sly grin and a knowing expression.
Jungkook chuckled darkly, and his arms tugged you closer to him in the water. You planted a kiss on the tip of his nose, and shook your head. 'It’s a good thing I love you, because hell, are you demanding.’
Instantly, Jungkook’s entire face lit up, and you couldn’t help but think a smile that large must be painful for his cheeks. 'You love me?’ he asked, childlike glee rolling off him. You nodded, and he groaned happily, covering your face, neck and collarbone with kisses.
'I love you, too.’
Your fingers lazily traced over his ribs and caressed his chest, and, oddly, it didn’t disturb you as much as it you would have thought it would when the tips of your fingers felt his heart was not beating in his chest. You guessed you had simply reached that point when it no longer meant anything to you. It was irrelevant if Jungkook had blood pumping through his veins or not: he was very much alive to you.
'You know I’ve never been in a serious relationship,’ you told Jungkook as you dragged your nails up the smooth skin of his thighs, and upwards over his torso.
Jungkook smiled down at you, and simply nodded. You could tell how happy he was to hear it. 'Saving yourself for me, were you?’
You shook your head, and shifted in the water - again, you brushed against his furious erection. Hmm, you had forgotten about that.
Not uttering another syllable, you turned around so you were no longer facing him, and you didn’t have to tell him what you wanted. His hands lifted you upwards, and he lowered you down slowly onto his length. You slowly rolled your hips against his, the water allowing you to slide up and down his cock much easier.
You could tell he was going slower than usual, though you were not sure why. It was different, though: he was more loving than ever, and you felt your chest swelling with affection as you saw his dominating side switch out for a gentler one. It must have been odd for him, you decided, allowing you to be on top: submitting to you like this.
It didn’t take you long to find your rhythm, and Jungkook thrust his hips upwards to meet yours. Your pace started out slow and passionate, but quickly it increased, seeing as you were like Jungkook: impatient.
'Fuck, (Y/N),’ he told you as you continued to quicken your pace, 'I need you to come for me so bad.’
So after only two more minutes of shared moans, groans, whimpers and thrusts, your walls were tightening around Jungkook’s cock as you rode out your high, and he groaned your name as he reached his climax. Once your climaxes had subsided, Jungkook pulled you against his chest in the water.
'Looks like we need a shower, now,’ you remarked, chuckling at the state the two of you were in.
Jungkook nipped at your collarbone, smiling against your skin. 'Sounds good to me.’
Frowning, you caught on to what was going through his head. 'That’s not an invitation for round two, you know.’
'I need no invitation, and I make no promises.’