Theron’s Jacket

The fact that fans (fixed it!) all over Tumblr are uniting in glee over the ability to finally get Theron out of that goddamned jacket is incredible. *sniff*

I seriously envision my OCs having stage an actual INTERVENTION with Theron to get him to change his damned jacket. Like Temprien having to give him a Gentle Talk ™ and offering baby steps, like assuring him that they’re not Getting Rid of the Jacket ™, just… putting it away for awhile. 

Then Lana steps in with that Sithy Look in Her Eyes ™ that makes Theron Question Everything ™.

anonymous asked:

Hi, just wanted to ask you a question, do you think Chris is broadway material? Like, i think he has learned to use his voice very well during the years, but i'm not really an expert, and you seem to know something about broadway and the way it works, so i would like your opinion on the matter

awww this is nice! I’m really no expert either, just a really big fan who “grew up on” the stuff and listens to a lot of Sirius broadway so I think it makes me one lol. I would definitely ask glorfindel-m ​or blondebenoist for​ more educated opinions, as they are (respectively) a vocal coach and classical voice undergrad and have both written some really nice analyses about Chris’s vocal skills. tagging them both so they can chime in!

but, based on what I do know, and being as objective as possible, he absolutely has the chops for broadway. there are roles that wouldn’t suit him or his range, that even as a stan I would be like, no baby please don’t you’ll hurt yourself and not showcase your talents adequately. pretty much anything more in a more rock/contemporary style comes to mind. I kind of laughed when people were like “you’d wet yourself if it was chris as Hedwig!!!” bc that’s actually like…. not even close to a role I’d want for him lol.

but anything Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, ALW, the more “standard” musical theater or even pop/musical theater sound, and yes absolutely chris would KILL it. he’s got an extensive range and fantastic belting ability (which glee woefully underuses) and that’s without any sort of professional vocal training. get him a coach to help him switch between higher and lower registers and strengthen his breathing control, all the technical stuff that the people I named earlier would be way more qualified to talk about, then cast him as the emcee in cabaret and we’d be golden

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