Glee Song Tournament (S5): Round 1, Bracket G

Welcome to the Season Five Song Tournament!!!

The tournament will be set up like the previous ones, voting on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

So – no matter which way you slice it, season five only has 118 songs.  So! Instead of giving certain songs ‘Byes’, I put all them all at the end of Bracket H.  Meaning, Bracket H will just have less matches in it.  

Check out the full brackets: Here

For tagging purposes, I’ll use the tag: s5songtourn   You can also check out the ballots you missed on the main page under Tournaments and Polls.

To vote: List the episode you want to win within each match in a response and then reblog.  You have exactly two days (next  ) at 8am (U.S. EST)) to cast your vote. Go, go, go!

Bracket G

Match 49:

All of Me (5x20)

Revolution (5x02)

Match 50:

Hey Jude (5x02)

Brave (5x09)

Match 51:

Addicted to Love (5x16)

Wrecking Ball (5x05)

Match 52:

Natural Woman (5x15)

I Am Changing (5x13)

Match 53:

Don’t Rain On My Parade (5x09)

Marry the Night (5x04)

Match 54:

Downtown (5x14)

My Life (5x06)

Match 55:

Let’s Wait Awile (5x16)

Take Me Home Tonight (5x19)

Match 56:

The Chipmunk Song (5x08)

You’re My Best Friend (5x07)
Songbird Chapter 2: A New Boarder, a glee fanfic | FanFiction
The crew of the Songbird has one mission in life: Do the job, and get paid. When they're hired by Al Motta to transport his daughter across the galaxy, can they get the job done and avoid Alliance cruisers, all in one fell swoop? Glee/Firefly AU - A Troubletones/ Brittana Story

A new update on my Brittana/FireflyAU. Check it out if you’re so inclined. :D

A note for fanfic readers....

I have been writing fanfic in the Glee fandom for four years now, and I’ve produced a massive volume of work. When I started, I was a housewife with 2 babies and a disabled school age child. Then, I got a job, but only for 2 days a week. Now, I work, as a writer, for around about 55 hours a week, plus I still keep house and raise my school age kids, supervise homework, take them to after school activities, etc. I do the vast majority of this (90%), on my own.

It does not leave much time for writing for pleasure, and, since writing is now my job, it’s not something I necessarily want to do in my down time, anyway.

I decided to take part in the Klaine summer challenge because, like most of you, I miss Klaine. I enjoyed writing Light Up The Sky but it was a constant struggle to find time for it. However, I was proud of the 33 chapters I produced, and I felt I gave the story a natural and happy ending. So, I was somewhat dismayed to get this review today:

“Absolutely devastated to see this ended the way it did. My heart dropped when I saw the time jump because there was so, so, so much potential in this story. There was so much more experiences that could have been added. Blaine’s move to New York. The first time they moved in together. Every argument and every "I’m sorry I was so stupid”. I know and understand completely that you’re not a full time writer here anymore, and that’s fine, I respect that. Even though it wouldn’t have been the same, you could have passed the completion of this story to someone else. There was just so much potential in this it’s sad to see it just tossed away like so.“

It’s a guest review, otherwise I’d reply to the poster direct and not mention it here, but as it is, I feel I want to have my say. I am NOT PAID to write fanfic. None of us are. Anything produced by the fandom for the fandom is done for the love of it, be it fic, art, videos, or setting up challenges or rewatch parties.

Saying that I tossed my story away is unfair and untrue. I have never, ever, ended a story prematurely. If I had detailed every bit of Blaine’s senior year, plus his move to NYC, plus their future, we’d be looking at a 100 chapter plus fic, and I don’t know many PAID writers who would want to produce something of that length.
When I was writing Light Up the Sky it was my kids summer break from school. I was juggling work, plus writing the fic, plus caring for and entertaining them. Despite this, I posted regularly, sometimes 2 or 3 chapters in a week, and I really enjoyed interacting with the fandom again. However, this review is enough to make me want to go away completely. I’d never hand my work over to someone else, it’s my story, written by me.

Please, just think before you go demanding this that and the other. Fic writers, fan artists, those who run fan sites… We are all people, with lives away from the fandom too. Every positive review boosts us, those reviewers who come back again and again, thank you, because it means so much.

I do not write this post to offend those people, merely to point out, as many people have previously, that fanfic writers give their time freely, and out of the goodness of their hearts. We cannot fill every suggestion, every prompt, detail every last second of a fictional couple’s journey. All we can do is write what’s in our hearts, to the best of our abilities, and that’s what I always try to do.


Glee Credits Retrospective: Season Four

A continuation of my latest video project, as prompted by @spaceorphan18

  • I'm currently catching up on Gotham, Agents of Sheild, NCIS and I've started on Glee because I'm in love with it at the moment. I'm also trying to work on the one request I have in my inbox and some other things. Also, guess who got in the school play? Me! I'm one of the lead roles. Which is scary. But I'm fine with it. Anyways, just wanted to update everyone! - Admin Nyx🌑