glee without cory

A few things I think need clarifying/debunking around the Glee PR situation:

1. There is no doubt that Darren is speaking tomorrow about Cory on Good Morning America either on Glee’s request or blessing, not because he himself wanted to as an individual (Do I need to explain why this is so?). The reality of this PR situation (a real PR situation) is that there do need to be voices from Glee coming out about this in the next few days - Darren is a good choice for a lot of reasons:

a. He is a major player in the Glee cast, a central voice

b. He already had press interviews scheduled for GML.

c. He was a good friend and colleague of Cory’s but by all known info and appearances, not a very best friend or partner (like Lea, Mark, even Chris) who may be in more intense grief.

d. He is great with press and is genuinely emotional and kind.

2. I don’t believe that Darren is suddenly the voice of Glee on this situation. I think he is a voice of the Glee cast representing on some level the sadness that they feel as a cast. There is still the issue of Glee the business and how they will proceed. Darren is not the spokesperson for this (I’m virtually certain). The Glee powers will likely have to have someone speak on this in the next week or two - RM, Brad, another high up person from Fox or Glee, who can address fan (and advertiser, LBR) concerns about Glee.

I’m cc'ing our resident PR expert girliesportsjunkie for her thoughts too.

blurintofocus said: Just to answer someone here below, feel free to share — I got contacted by the movie press team with “Darren is canceling all press appearances" for me that meant press day interview, and I assume also TV but I can’t say for sure.

Thanks Rae. FYI - It does look like TV is included, and here is what Rae was told.

So I am having a really different reaction to Darren at the premiere than almost everyone on my dash, so I thought I’d share it.

I am happy to see him. I am happy to see him real, as he generally is. He wears his emotions in his eyes and its one of the reasons he’s so easy to connect to.

His presence is a comfort to me. I don’t feel like I need to comfort him. I never feel that because I’m not real to him. But he is real to me.

He looks dignified and dapper and sad and handsome.

He is great at what he does because he can connect so easily and he will. I’m not afraid of him crying. It will probably make me cry if he does but I’m also okay with that. 

I’m just happy he’s there and is one of the Glee cast who is chosen and has chosen to reach out to the world at this sad time.

I’m listening and thankful.

I think he looks incredibly beautiful.

I don’t have much more to say than I’ve said. I’m starting to see and reblog my usual love of all things Darren and Chris smattered among a sea of love for Cory.

But when I think of Glee, and truly  a huge sad for me, will always be that Finn and Rachel won’t get their happy ending. 

My heart aches for Lea in a way that I don’t really want to access. It’s her real life grief and I’m not her friend. I am a glee fan and all I want for her is space to heal in whatever way works for her.

But I’m a gleek- and Rachel’s arc is forever changed.

I am blogging away, but still, and all year, when Finn isn’t the one there, I am and will be just so damn sad.

I miss you, Cory.

mshoneysucklepink  asked:

I think there are several possibilities, if they don't start shooting July 22; 1) a short delay, perhaps a week, and Glee starts on time or a week later. 2) a longer delay; perhaps they wait until after baseball. 3) Longest delay? If there are enough episodes of the mid-season replacement "Rake," they may move that up to a fall premiere, then (if it gets a full season pick-up) move it to another night, give Glee a January start in the post-Idol slot, and run all 22 episodes in a row like "24."

I actually don’t think there is any possibility other than Glee starting on time with the schedule as anticipated.

It is still 2 months away (they actually have a lot of wiggle room right now). It is hugely tragic, but it isn’t going to change the schedule of this monster TV show and its ensemble cast. While others who are close to Cory will be personally so so sad for ages I’m sure, they will still get up and go to work. (I should be clear that I imagine all promo stuff for Glee in the next couple of weeks will be delayed or cancelled and that shooting may be slightly delayed. I just don’t think the season schedule will change).

The Lea situation is far more profound and terrible. He was her partner and they likely planned to marry one day (Chris even quipped about it). But my guess is that even with her, she will be there. 

Like I said, I’m guessing as much as the next person, but Glee will go on as planned and hopefully do a beautiful job honouring Cory’s memory.