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  • me as a creator: ugh. this is so melodramatic. this is way too obvious. look at this predictable shit dialogue. how can you claim this nonsense is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! you call yourself a writer?!?!

Mike: I’m freaking out, I have no idea what to get El for Christmas.

Max: When in doubt, go with socks.

Dustin: A pet rock is always good.

Lucas: What about soil?

Will: I agree with Max about socks.

Steve: You see? This is why I don’t have a high-maintenance girlfriend. Or any girlfriend for that matter.



Request ⇾ Can I request a Mike imagine? Reader is Will’s twin. So when Mike wants to ask Reader to the Snow Ball but he has to go through Jonathan, Will, and Joyce’s interrogation.

Warnings ⇾ nothing, this is pure cuteness n fluff!

A/N ⇾ hope y'all enjoyed the ships! I may do more in the future!


“So, Mike. What makes you think you’re good for Y/N?” Jonathan began.

Currently, Mike was surrounded by all members of the Byers clan. He had Joyce direct across him, Will diagonally to his left and Jonathan diagonally to his right. All he had asked was if he could take Y/N to the snowball! Was it that big of a deal? They all seemed to think so. Y/N would get nothing but the best, and Mike seemed to think that was him.

“Yeah, Mike, what?” Will chimed in.

Mikes head turned directly to will, with an unamused look on his face. “Really, Will? You too?”

“Hey! This is my twin, Wheeler! We want to know your intolerance’s are right.”

“Intentions, baby, its intentions.” Joyce corrected Will, not taking her eyes off of Mike for a second.

“We want to know your intentions are right.” Will then corrected himself.

“My intentions? What the hell, Will? Of course they are! All I want to do is take Y/N to the snowball! What’s the big deal!”

“What’s the big, what’s the big deal?” Jonathan repeated, “Well, Mike, we want to know our little sister won’t have her heart broken!”

“Of course she won’t! Why would I do that? That would only ruin my chances of being with her!” Mike defended himself.

“So now you want to be with her?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes! I always have!” Mike responded, getting more annoyed as each question went by.

“You always have?” Joyce asked, “So, you’ve always known you wanted to be with Y/N?”

“Well, you know what I mean! I’ve known for a long time!”

“Well, Mike, you said always and now you’re saying a long time so you can see why we’re confused, can’t you?” Jonathan responded dryly, tilting his head to intimidate Mike further.

It honestly felt like Mike were down at the police station, hands cuffed and a bright yellow light was shining down on him. What had he done wrong? He just wanted to take Y/N to the snowball?! Why was he being punished like this?!

It went on for what seemed like hours, more questions were being spilled out everywhere and Mike was getting more flustered as they went by. They only stopped when Y/N entered the house, and saw all of her family surrounding Mike in a rather strange way.

“What is going on here?” She asked.

“Oh look,” Mike muttered to himself. “It’s a family affair!”

“Oh, nothing sweetie! Just talking to Mike, is all!” Joyce responded sweetly, ignoring Mike’s comment.

“No, they were not just talking to me! They were interrogating me!” Mike counteracted, standing up from the couch.

“Interrogating you? That seems a bit far fetched, doesn’t it Mike?” Jonathan said, standing up too.

“Wait! What do you mean? Why are you all surrounding him?”

Before Will, Jonathan or Joyce could answer, Mike ran up to Y/N and held her hand.

“Y/N, will you go to the snowball with me?” Mike asked turning his back towards the inquisitive family.

“Oh my god, yes!” Y/N answered in glee. “Yes, of course I will!”

“Wait, wait, wait–” Jonathan tried to intervene, but only got cut off by Mike again.

“Nope! Sorry, Jonathan! I already asked. No take backs!” He ran out of the house clutching Y/N’s hand, leaving a house full of three unamused Byers.

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i'm giggling to myself bc i keep imagining that sasuke's and naruto's friendship starts bc sasuke learns that naruto has massive chakra reserves and he's just like "well /hello destruction/" and they probably become everyone's worst nightmare.

The first time Sasuke really notices Naruto is during their Academy class’s unit on sealing.

To be fair, it would be kind of hard to miss him after the way he shoves so much chakra into the exploding tag he’s supposed to be making that he blows up the back half of the classroom and launches himself about twenty feet into the air. A couple of the other kids are a bit singed, and they end up having to share a room with another class until the terminally overworked Mokuton user can fix the wall and ceiling, but Naruto wanders back in the next day looking sheepish and entirely unharmed.

Since Sasuke saw him take the brunt of the explosion, this is worthy of note. So is the fact that he managed to shove enough chakra into the tag to burn out the safety seal that was supposed to keep things like that from happening.

Under the cover of Iruka-sensei’s yelling, Sasuke looks down at the diagram on his paper, a jutsu that his father dismissed as unreasonable and unusable given normal human limits, and thinks, Huh.

“All your old designs?” Shisui says with some confusion when Sasuke tracks him down after class. He rocks back on his heels, eyeing Sasuke a little warily, and swipes ineffectually at an ink-stain on his cheek. “Yeah, I still have them—I wouldn’t throw them out after you gave them to me for safekeeping, brat.”

“I need them,” Sasuke says with determination. “All of them.”

Shisui blinks, then tilts his head, studying him for a moment. “You know the amount of chakra they need would kill most jounin,” he says, though it’s too curious to be an accusation. “I think even Sarutobi-sama might have trouble with some of them. You’ve got a habit of thinking big, kid.”

“Are you going to give them to me or not?” Sasuke demands crankily, because he’s got curfew in three hours and he still has to pick through his plans to find the easiest one and find Naruto.

“Of course.” Shisui sounds offended that he’d think otherwise. “They’re your designs, Sasuke. Check the hall closet, top shelf—Tenzō!”

Shisui’s boyfriend takes one look at the manic light in his eyes, the scrolls scattered over the breakfast table, and the ink smeared across his face, then blanches and turns right back around.

“No no no!” Shisui lunges after him, grabbing up his scrolls and vaulting clear over the table. “Tenzō, no, come back, I swear this one isn’t like last time, this is a brilliant idea, you will be blown away!”

“Urgent mission, ANBU called, I have to go!” Tenzō calls over his shoulder as he bolts.

Tenzō! That wasn’t even a convincing lie! Come on, you’re the only one in the village with Mokuton, you have to try this or my brilliance is wasted, it’s a gorgeous jutsu! Tenzō!”

Sasuke rolls his eyes as the yelling fades behind him and heads for the closet. The box with the jutsus his father rejected is right where Shisui said it would be, and Sasuke clutches it and thinks a little gleefully about the potential of even one of these jutsus, provided he can get Naruto to agree. The destructive power. The awesome might. The possible explosions.

(Somewhere deep in R&D’s basement Mikoto pauses in the middle of creating a devastating combination jutsu, and turns to smile fondly at the picture of her youngest son on the wall. She’s so glad he got more of her proclivities than Fugaku’s, even if her husband does tend to complain about the property damage more frequently since she introduced him to the wonders of explosive chakra techniques.)

Naruto is just heating up water for his nightly cup of ramen, halfway through trying to factor a new jumpsuit into his monthly budget while still having money for Ichiraku’s, when there’s a knock on his door. A little wary—because Hokage-jiji usually warns him when he’s going to drop by, and there’s no one else who visits Naruto—he pulls it open, and finds himself face-to-face with the weird nerd who spends pretty much all of their time in class drawing on big scrolls. Iruka-sensei yells at him to pay attention almost as much as he does Naruto, which automatically makes Naruto like him.

But he and Naruto have never even spoken before, so Naruto has no earthly idea what he’s doing here.

“Hello?” he asks.

The boy thrusts the shoebox he’s carrying at Naruto and says, “Your chakra reserves are amazing will you try my jutsus?”

This is, Naruto learns much, much later, the Uchiha equivalent of a marriage proposal.

Even if he’d known, he probably still would have lit up with glee and cried, “Yes!”

“Not a word,” Mikoto tells her husband as she ladles miso soup into five bowls instead of the usual four.

Fugaku rolls his eyes at her, ignoring her warning to offer, “I don’t think Kushina would have liked anything more than for you to take in her son.”

“And now we have an excuse,” Mikoto says triumphantly, waving the ladle like it’s a weapon to stab Danzō and the other Elders with. “We couldn’t approach him but they didn’t say anything about Sasuke now did they? Hah!”

“I think,” Fugaku says dryly, casting a glance at where Sasuke is looking halfway to manic as he explains one of his jutsus to a beaming Naruto, “that the Elders are very shortly going to have much bigger things to worry about.”

Fic: (Def)inition, ch. 21/22

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, platonic Kurt/Quinn, past Quinn/Puck, past Blaine/other, one-sided Sebastian/Blaine, brief Kurt/OMC

Spoilers: Spoilers through season three, but this is a fairly radical AU.

Contains: For the story as a whole: non-con, consent issues, explicit discussion of suicide, slavery, disordered eating. For this chapter: dissociation

Beta: @idoltina

Word Count: 5,300

Summary: Everything you love is in this city.

Note: Thanks to everyone for their (literal) years of patience, and for believing me when I said that this fic wasn’t abandoned. Thanks to Tina, for being the best beta a girl could ask for, to Lizzy, for making me get off my butt and finish this chapter, and for everyone else who’s prodded and encouraged me along the way. 

Chapter 21 here; whole fic here.