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My Wishlist for Glee’s Season 3

Taylor Swift: Does Ryan Murphy have something against her or something? Two seasons and they haven’t done Taylor Swift yet, even though “You Belong With Me” was a perfect song for Rachel back in season one. Here’s hoping that maybe the glee club will get to sing “Mean” to the haters or “Never Grow Up” when they’re graduating and realizing that they’re not kids anymore  Maybe Rachel can sing “Mine” or “Ours” to Finn. One Taylor Swift song will do, but I wouldn’t say no to a Taylor dedicated episode, either. If Gaga can have one, so can Swifty.

All I want from the season finale is that it not send us into hiatus with an emotionally divided Klaine (and subsequent raging fandom. I can’t handle a summer of whinging and wank). Divided by distance I can handle, but throw us a bone and have these boys end 5.20 en route to their happily ever after.

Season 6 can bring the hurdles, but give us a happy summer. Please?

My Wishlist for Glee’s Season 3

Finn/Rachel: Keep them together. Please? Last season, we were promised that they’d be together all season and that didn’t happen. What I really want to see happen between Finn and Rachel is exactly what Lea Michele said recently about having them struggle with what they’re going to do after high school. I want to see Finn and Rachel’s relationship go through the inner struggles of a relationship rather than having interference with Quinn, Puck, Jesse, etc.

where does Blaine go from here?

There is a fascinating post on my dash about “where we think Blaine’s plans are going post 5.06” but I’m too lazy to try and find it again, so here is my list of storylines that I think could happen with Blaine, based on nothing other than my knowledge of Glee.

1. Blaine gets into NYADA. Blaine hates NYADA. He has his own personal Cassandra July (whatever he cheered for Sue Sylvester he can deal with antagonistic authority figures) but the thing that bothers Blaine the most is the thing that has always bothered Blaine the most: nobody genuinely likes him. Everyone is his competition, and outside of his friends outside of classes (Kurt, Rachel, Sam, ect.) he has zero friends, and Blaine cannot stand not being liked.

In fact, Glee could use this for some great stunt casting they love to do. “Taylor Swift plays Brianna, Blaine’s new BFF, but does she have more sinister motives other than friendship?”

(And she does. She’s totally just using Blaine for popularity/influence at NYADA, and the she doesn’t even like Blaine or his bowties, and how would Blaine even deal with that???)

2. Blaine gets in NYADA, but success comes to him too quickly. Like, even quicker than Rachel with Funny Girl, and it’s far more widespread mainstream success, too. Cue Blaine trying to navigate his friendships and relationships with people now that he’s Suddenly Famous. Taking the Ace trope Up to Eleven, if you will.

3. Blaine gets into NYADA, but before he graduates high school (possibly at Nationals in LA) he is given an amazing opportunity in Los Angeles, one he’d be stupid to turn down, so now we see if Kurt is willing to pick up and move his life around Blaine like Blaine was willing to do for Kurt.

Either way, I don’t think this is going to be as cut-and-dry as we think. There’s no story in “oh well Blaine gets into NYADA that’s nice” like the show is hinting at right now.

My Wishlist for Glee’s Season 3

Rachel/Quinn friendship: Probably didn’t see this one coming, did you? It’s true that I haven’t been Quinn’s biggest fan thanks to her ridiculously bitchy behavior in season 2, but I’ve been hoping for a Quinn/Rachel friendship since season 1. Actually, what I really want is to have everyone in Glee club really accepting Rachel. And by the rest of Glee club, I mostly mean Santana and Quinn. Brittany seems to already like Rachel a little bit. I’m glad that by now, Rachel already has Kurt and Mercedes as real friends, which she didn’t have in the beginning of the show.