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What are some things you want to see in the 100th Episode?

1. For Puck to return, after Schue confesses about the jacket, and for Kurt to apologize for the jacket as well as Puck for his remarks. This will lead into a duet to celebrate their fallen brother and future as bros.

2. Kurt and Hairgel to break-up. Not with cheating, or mistrust, although there’s tons of reasons for that, but because Kurt realizes that the past year had been hell for him. He needs time to be his own person and to be on stable ground without someone at his side to tilt that.

3. For Brittana to have a moment with a promise to try in the future if neither are with someone.

4. Jarley to stop. Not the relationship, but to decide right then and there to continue, or to stay apart and keep it that way.

5. For Hairgel to stay in LA, realizing that he needs to grow up and living with his estranged brother may be the best way.

6. For a confused Sam moving to NY with Puck so the bros can be together and face the big city with friends.

7. Mercedes to have something great happen that won’t be changed in the future.

8. Unique to find a boyfriend who only sees her for her, not the gender appearance that comes with her.

9. Kitty and Artie to decide their future instead of dragging it to the unknown.

10. For Rachel to be received well with Funny Girl, but be on the verge of getting kicked out of Nyada so she’ll have to decide her future instead of balancing on both paths.

I decided on ten and tried to hit every character. I tried to give each character the best future path without being disrespectful to that Stans Fandom. Now for cliffhangers:

1. Kurt to be sitting in his room, content, when a knock comes on his door and we see the shadow of some male: new or old.

2. Santana to fill out a college application and apply to Nyada!

3. The final scene, since Ryan loves Rachel and it will most likely be this way as the final cliffhanger: Rachel will be watching all of their friends in NY, happy to be reunited and excited for their new lives. She sighs before turning away and holding up a letter for an International Funny Girl Touring which will take her away for 8 months.

Great question anon! Thoughts?

I would have loved to have seen a supergroup with ALL of the newbies! That includes Rory, Sugar, Joe, Unique, Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty, Roderick, Jane, Mason, Madison, Spencer, Alistair and Myron.

I wish glee had a storyline that dealt mental health problems such as depression, I know it’s a difficult topic and one that there is never a cure for so it would have been sad but I know it would have helped so many members of the fandom. It’s also something that’s never really only TV and glee dealt with so many groundbreaking things like sexuality back in s1 even when it was uncommon to talk about this so I think it could have handled it.

I wish Marley, Jake, Kitty, Ryder and Unique could have come back in season 6 and be in New Directions. Then Madison, Mason, Jane, Roderick and Spencer could have joined. That’s 10 members. Then they just needed 2 more. Alistair and Myron could have still joined or just find 2 more characters. I would have preferred that over Warblers/New Directions mega group. The Warblers should have remained competition. It would have been interesting to see a married Klaine be competition rivals.