glee will never be the same

“go watch another show with real representation” b*nch WHERE

oitnb? killed a black lesbian. the 100? killed a bisexual girl. person of interest? killed a wlw. skins? killed a lesbian. faking it? cancelled. glee? total shit. sense8? sure, cute, good but it has violent homophobia and transphobia too. steven universe? main lesbian literally never stops pining, other lesbians don’t interact they just are. hannibal? are you fucking kidding me???? 

like where is this iconic representation you speak of, where is the beautiful show with brilliant actors and millions of dollars behind it with iconic, well-recognized and beloved characters who are three-dimensional flawed human beings that aren’t actually fucking evil who canonically display gay-coding and same-gender attraction and aren’t fucking miserable all the damn time?!? GOD!!! that was never too much to ask! 

it was never too much to ask someone not to write in all that fucking subtext if they were never going to do it, if they were never going to pull the trigger on real gay characters who are open about it. they could have written a good show that i would have ditched in early 2014 to move onto better things and we’d all be okay but they had to do this! where is our representation? where?! 

I have a problem.

I have a problem with real life ships that aren’t confirmed by any of the involved.
I love the way Natasha and Elise interact and are affectionate just like everyone else. But do you know what happens when shippers cross a line? No?
Just ask HeYa aka Heather Morris and Naya Rivera from Glee.
Just ask Camren aka Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony.
You love their interactions and that they’re affectionate? Then don’t press them to be anything that they’re not or something they’re not comfortable talking about.
For example: I LOVE the bond Camila and Lauren have/had and it seemed to be really special but you will never, ever catch me spreading theories or what not. And I’m honestly afraid that if people continue to ship Natasha and Elise to this extent the same will happen like it happened to “HeYa” or “Camren”. If you ship them, please don’t shove it in their face, don’t tag them, don’t write endless theories about them. (And pls don’t diminish their acting abilities by saying “she can’t act being in love THAT good she has to be in love with her” that’s just rude, insulting and hurtful.)

I Forgive You, But I'll Never Forget

Request: Can I get a Sebastian imagine, let’s pretend he’s bisexual. (I’m a girl) and I’m Blaines little sister. We’re both the same age and he flirts with me and it all ends up with a steamy make out session? Requested by: anon Word Count: 504 - You watched in horror as the slushie comes in contact with your brother. Blaine falls to the ground, clutching his face and screaming. The glances New Directions turned to you in shock. “Get him to the hospital!” You exclaimed, hitting Finn’s shoulder. You picked your jacket off the ground and ran after the fleeing Warblers. You looked around for your lover’s car, blinking rapidly at all of the headlights. After what felt like an eternity, you saw him talking with another Warbler outside of his car. You jerked Sebastian back, your face flushed with anger and betrayal. Sebastian turned around with a warm smile on his face. He opened his arms expecting you to welcome yourself into his warm embrace. Instead, you swung your hand across his face, exerting a significant amount of force. One of Sebastian’s hands flew up to the cheek you just hit. “(Y/N), what the hell was that?” “No Seb, that’s the question I should be asking you. You just slushie day brother, my fucking brother. What’s wrong with you?” “Oh come on babe, it was just a little slushie. No harm, no foul,” Sebastian said, continuing to pack up his car, “Just get in the car and we will go get some ice cream and cuddle or whatever you want to do.” He wrapped his arms around you. You quickly escaped his grasp and glared at him, arms crossed across your chest. “What did you put in it Sebastian?” His actions ceased at you calling him Sebastian. You normally called him Seb or baby. Sebastian knew you were mad whenever you called him by his first name. “I didn’t put anything it sweetheart,” he denied. “I’m not stupid, Sebastian. I have been slushied before and it never hurt that bad. So, until you become a man and admit what you did, we are through.” You walked away, ignoring Sebastian’s pleas for you. Before you knew it, you were pressed against the wall. “I put rock salt in it. I will admit, not my best decision but if it makes anything better, it wasn’t meant for your brother,” he admits. Both of his hands were placed on either side of your head, leaving minimal space between you and Sebastian. He didn’t give you any time to gather your thoughts before he placed a passionate kiss on your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. Sebastian quickly placed both of his hands on your butt and with a soft squeeze he told you what he wanted you to do. You jumped and he grabbed you while you encircled his hips with your legs. You two kissed for what seemed like hours, but it was fine because you didn’t want to stop. Sebastian pulled away but with an apologetic look in his eyes. “I’m very sorry for what I did to Blaine. I wasn’t thinking about the consequences.” You pressed a quick peck to his lips. “It’s okay Seb. I forgive you but I’ll never forget.”

back in the glee days i got the same shit from people. you will never please everybody! so just do what YOU wanna do! “now it’s just reacting to camren” …yet only 4 of my last 20 videos were about camren…. a lot of YT’s try to please their audience & do vids they don’t wanna do. i just do whatever is fun/interesting to me. i can’t fake tht shit. i could get a ton more subs/views by acting fake & pretending i ship every couple we react to. that would please ppl right? yea well i don’t do fake. i get that some people miss the old stuff, but you can’t expect for people not to evolve over the years. that’s not fuckin healthy. but anyways, just please know that each an every video i put out is something i wanted to do and am having fun doing. even the cringy ones lol those are the funniest ones anyway! haha. xo

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Youngjae being GOT7's actual baby makne is so important. When they started preparing for debut, JJP had known each other for 5 years, & Markson practically raised Bambam who was on the road to BFFs with Yugyeom. On top of being odd man out, he had to dance constantly and be away from home. That GOT6 knew how hard that must have been for him, & took it upon themselves to care for him fills my heart with glee. They wouldn't let anything touch their sunshine.

rlly i know :((( i rmr in their got2day when jinyoung said he felt sorry that youngjae didn’t have a same-age friend in the group and youngjae said it doesn’t matter and he’s never rlly noticed or let it bother him bc he genuinely feels close to all the boys in the group like they were so welcoming when he joined at such short notice and didn’t let him struggle thru that by himself like they’d been thru everything youngjae was abt to go thru and wanted to b there for him imfdkjsfdks literally i get so soft thinking abt how protective they are of youngjae!!!!!


doing some bg studies! i never liked how chic the loft looked in glee? like it looks purposely fancy w weird ass artsy fartsy furniture LOL ! it doesn’t look like real people live there >:0

SO i wanted to design kurt and cedes’ apartment to look very home-y! with some clutter and mess. i think the best tv apartments has to be the one from Friends, it’s SO pretty w it’s bright colors but also SO cozy! i love taht they just have a whole bunch of shit, it has so much story without it being told ! i feel the same about the beach house in su! 

anyway i’d like to get better at bg’s simply because i believe the scenery should have just as much characters as the people do ! :’v

Glee changed my life. It overhauled it. It got me out of debt. It helped to cement my career. And before the show, I’d never had a group of people I was that close with. I think a lot of the other cast members would say the same thing (except, maybe not about the debt…). […] While Glee changed our lives, it didn’t necessarily change who we were. We started the show as a ragtag group of misfits, and six seasons later, when we filmed the last episode, we were still the same bunch of misfits. Just now wearing more expensive jeans.

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Have you heard the mashable interview with Chris? Could he have stuttered any more when he was talking about AVPM and how he "heard of the thing" but "Had never seen it". First off, we know he's lying about that, since he AND Darren have both mentioned that Chris had seen AVPM, and the amount of stuttering he does is a tell also. Why lie? He brought up HP in the interview. He was never quiet about his love of HP. Oh, right, he is forced to be quiet about his love for Darren. Gotcha. Very clearly

Anon, I agree he is forced to remain silent and he is very much in love. 

But I think his denial of all things Darren is very intentional. Its been their strategy and it continues. Its why since Glee ended, with the exception of once, they do not interact on social media, they are never seen at the same place at the same time, they do not support each other’s projects publicly, and have not been seen at an event for the other in years.  Despite the fact that both men are the biggest cheerleaders of so many of their other Glee co-stars.

This lie was much more blatant than many others and easily refuted within seconds.  And Chris knows that, he is very well aware of the games being played. And he is very well aware of fandom. It is naive to think they do not troll and look at what is being said and what is being noticed. It is why Chris in particular continues to drop constant hints via social media.  

And I do think when the reference was made that appears to have taken Chris by surprise, Chris reverted into the strategy of “I don’t know him, I don’t like him, I never see him, and I know nothing about any of his projects.”

And by doing so.  Chris reminded us to keep looking. Keep talking. Keep making a big deal out of these things. Because the truth is out there.  And the two people at the center of this nonsense, who are the victims no matter what they do or say or how much they play, are screaming for people to notice.

No, you don’t understand. I freaking love Molly Hooper. Like, she was dealing with Sherlock’s shit longer than John, she never gave up on him, ever, she believed in him but at the same time she was ready to kick his ass when he was being really rude to others. She even managed to silence him with only one stare. She noticed something was wrong with him and told him she was there for him and she really was. She made it possible for him to fake his own death and kept that secret for two years. She was dating the criminal mastermind and before she dumped him, she introduced him to her cat and made him watch Glee. She was helping John with Rosie when he needed it the most. Molly Hooper is freaking badass. Molly Hooper deserves better.

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Faberry Week 2015 Day 3 Marriage (kind of based on this prompt)
Rachel can’t get over the fact that Quinn didn’t attend Brittany and Santana’s wedding. In reality, Quinn asked Santana to forgive for not attending, Santana agreed that she shouldn’t go because despite them having made the same mistake at a certain previous wedding, Santana got the girl she was desperately trying to get over in the end, while Quinn didn’t. And with Rachel’s reaction to her confession, Quinn fears she never will. 

Who remembers hearing the spoilers about Glee shooting a skating scene in NYC and we all assumed it would be Finchel - but of course - it’s always Finchel…and then…and then…

Chris and Darren showed up and let themselves be free and we had a glorious and unprecedented 12 hour riot that Chris himself regarded as one of his favorite filming memories ever?

Good memories, my friends.

Still going strong.

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"Lady Elise! I heard that today was your special day. I hope I'm not too late. I brought you some hair ribbons! A princess can never have too many, right?" Lucina held out a handful of colorful hair ribbons. No two of them had the same pattern.

She looks at each ribbon one by one, soft oohs and ahs following each inspection. “These are just the cutest! Thank you! I love these so much…!” Elise holds a few up to her hair, biting her lip with glee as she compares them. “I love mixing and matching–I’ll wear them right now.”

With deft fingers, Elise replaces her usual bows with the gifted ones. Sure, they kind of clash since they’re not the exact shade of pink and black on her dress (and no matter what other people say, there is no such thing as matching blacks. If they’re different shades, they’re basically different colors!), but they’re tied with love. 

“Ooh! Do you mind if I touch your hair for a moment?”

Fic: The Perfect Partner

Based off the post:  “So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets.” AU and prompted by an anon.

~1200 words, unbelievably fluffy, G.

Kurt wasn’t sure why the genius who designed his apartment building had placed the bathrooms of neighboring apartments next to each other, but he knew that if he ever met the person, he’d probably end up in jail before the day’s end.

“Why would you do this?” he muttered to himself as he undressed. “The same pipe feeds both of our apartments, so I’m definitely going to run out of hot water since someone next door is already showering. Did no one think about this while they were designing the building?”

Still grumbling wordlessly, he hopped in the shower and cranked up the handle as warm as it would go, figuring that was the only way he’d get even lukewarm water at this point. In an attempt to cheer himself up, he decided to sing a Disney song as he lathered up his hair.

“All my life has been a series of doors in my face, and then suddenly I bump into you.”

Kurt almost dropped his conditioner bottle directly on his big toe when the person in the other shower jumped in with Hans’ part.

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One day our great-uncle Ser Harbert told me to try a different bird. I was making a fool of myself with Proudwing, he said, and he was right. (A Clash of Kings)

“She will not fly higher than that, lad.”

“She will! I know she will. She just needs more practice.”

Harbert sighed. The boy was as stone cold stubborn as his lord father.

“Your cousin Aerys is not the man you once knew, Steffon.”

“He still is, Uncle, deep down, if only he would remember it. I am not prepared to give up on him just yet.”

Proudwing soared and soared, high above the treetops. Stannis clapped and cheered with glee. Ah, if only …

In truth, Stannis was still trying to coax his bird to take flight. “Maester Cressen said her injuries are completely healed. Why should she not soar as high as any other bird?”

“She’s afraid, lad. Lost her spirit. Never the same again. You can try and try, but you will not make her soar as high as Thunderclap.”

“I don’t care about Thunderclap.”

Harbert laughed. “Of course you do. I cared, very much, when my brother had the faster horse, the bigger sword, the stronger arms. Younger brothers are much the same anywhere.”

“But did Grandfather ever call your horse Weakwing?”

“Why should he? Horses don’t have wings. Except in your drawings, of course.”

That managed to coax a smile out of Stannis. “They’re supposed to be dragons.”

Solemnly, Harbert said, “Even dragons can lose their spirit and be afraid to fly, let alone a bird.”

“She can be brave again,” Stannis insisted. “Or she can be afraid and still fly, but more carefully this time, so she won’t be injured again. Father said fear is useful. Fear makes us careful. Fear keeps us safe. Father said only a fool is never afraid.”

“And only a fool will continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different ending. How much time have you spent training Proudwing to fly again?” Longer than the time the boy had spent patiently nursing the bird back to health, Harbert knew.

Stannis refused to meet his great-uncle’s gaze. “She needs more time.”

“It’s time you try another bird.”

“I won’t abandon her!”

“Seven hells, Stannis! I’m not telling you to slaughter your goshawk for supper. Keep her if you wish, as a plaything, or for company. But you must try a different bird for hawking.”

Hard enough being a younger brother, hard enough living under the constant shadow, without your own foolishness making that shadow larger.

when your night ends with a show that’s been around for eight years of your life. that feeling of ache that it’s never gonna have another episode. that feeling like all you want to do is play that one character from that show. that’s me right now. i just finished the series finale of the vampire diaries and i can’t stop crying. first glee ended, now TVD. all of my favourite shows are coming to an end and i can’t deal with this shit. the shows that made me who i am, the shows that helped me through the darkest hours. i’ll never find shows like tvd or glee for me. sure there’s the originals but that’s not the same. thank fuck AHS is still around.

if Hamilton had come out during the Glee Era, this is what the episode basically would be



- Opening scene: ND in the classroom talking among themselves. Schue walks in wearing full period costume. Everyone is confused and a little ashamed. Schue tells them he’s discovered they’re all failing history, and one of them tells him history is just SO BORING. 

 - cut to a scene of somehow all the kids in the same class in various stages of unconsciousness while a Professor Binns type teacher drones on about the war of 1812. 

- Schue assures them history is TOTALLY COOL, informs them about Hamilton, tries to white rap his way through either Guns and Ships or Yorktown. Santana makes that “why am I surrounded by white fools” face that she always makes. Hamilton is the assignment this week, even though COMPETITION looms in the future, but when have they ever actually practiced before the week of? 

- Blaine has been super friendly with some guy from Dalton or from Hairgellers Anonymous or something, is constantly liking his posts on FB. Kurt sings “Burn” over a montage of Blaine ignoring him in ridiculous situations that no one would ever be on their phone during. 

- Rachel has decided this week is one of the weeks where she’s aggressive about becoming a star, sings Satisfied. 

- Tensions are getting high, so Artie flawlessly white boy raps through “What’d I Miss” while Mike dances, to lighten the mood. 

- The kids are learning about Hamilton, but Schue is worried they’re not REALLY learning the point he’s trying to get at. 

- Probably the Unholy Trinity sings “Schuyler Sisters” 

- Schue walks back in on the kids excitedly talking about the show and/or history in general. Smiles that smile he smiles when he thinks he’s a good teacher. “See you guys? History is now. You’re the founding fathers. You’re the underdogs. Your time is coming, you just have to wait for it.” 

- New Directions: YEAH! 

- The group sings “Wait for It” in the auditorium either in full costume, or wearing just vaguely matching outfits. Finn takes lead, but Mercedes comes in on the middle solo. 

- They all smile at each other at the end, while Schue makes that face again. 

- Sue is in the background glowering that ND has managed to not fall apart yet again.

you’re becoming actual ryan murphy again

My reaction to SS fans shitting their pants with glee over Sasuke saying Sakura “isn’t weak” while he then going on in the exact same panel to talk about her housekeeping instead of actually doing something useful.

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Never in all my days have I come across a more desperate group of shippers.  Even starving dogs are pickier about their scraps than SS fans.