glee will never be the same


Neil fiddled with the ring. It was habitual – and it was a better habit than biting his nails down to the quick or scratching said nails over the ridged skin under his arm bands. But every time his finger caught the thin silver chain and spun that silver band around, Andrew would settle a flat look until he stopped. 

Maybe because he was drawing attention to it. But it was just a ring on a necklace. Andrew had never worn his in public: There was no way anyone would think of the ring as anything special. How much had it cost? Neil couldn’t remember. 

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“go watch another show with real representation” b*nch WHERE

oitnb? killed a black lesbian. the 100? killed a bisexual girl. person of interest? killed a wlw. skins? killed a lesbian. faking it? cancelled. glee? total shit. sense8? sure, cute, good but it has violent homophobia and transphobia too. steven universe? main lesbian literally never stops pining, other lesbians don’t interact they just are. hannibal? are you fucking kidding me???? 

like where is this iconic representation you speak of, where is the beautiful show with brilliant actors and millions of dollars behind it with iconic, well-recognized and beloved characters who are three-dimensional flawed human beings that aren’t actually fucking evil who canonically display gay-coding and same-gender attraction and aren’t fucking miserable all the damn time?!? GOD!!! that was never too much to ask! 

it was never too much to ask someone not to write in all that fucking subtext if they were never going to do it, if they were never going to pull the trigger on real gay characters who are open about it. they could have written a good show that i would have ditched in early 2014 to move onto better things and we’d all be okay but they had to do this! where is our representation? where?! 

anonymous asked:

lol at that anon. glee and more specifically klaine helped me accept who i am and my own sexuality, and i know i wasn't the only one. "gay shows" help me see the representation i've never had.

Kurt and Blaine are Glee’s legacy.  They showed LGBT+ youth that gay kids can have everything they want- friends, a career, a loving relationship, marriage, and kids. That there others out there just like them.  That it does get better. 

Further, Klaine showed so many others, who perhaps had not been exposed to many LGBT+ people in their communities that in fact Kurt and Blaine were people just like them. They laugh, they cry, and they love just like every other human.

Because of Klaine, and in large part because of Chris and Darren who played these characters with heart and soul, we saw that Kurt, the boy we grew to love over a season and a half, could have a crush on a beautiful boy, get his hopes up when he learns that Blaine knows his coffee order, just to have them crushed. And then to have said boy say “I have been looking for you forever” after which they shared a first kiss that was in my opinion one of the best first kisses ever portrayed on TV because Chris and Darren wanted to tell this story in a true and genuine way:

In an article published by AOL Entertainment,

“On last night’s ‘Glee,’ the New Directions won regionals after hitting the stage with a pair of original songs – a first for the series – but that isn’t what anyone is talking about this morning. After months of hints and winks, fans of FOX’s hit musical finally got what they’ve been waiting for: The characters of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) kissed for the first time. And it wasn’t a peck. It also wasn’t overtly sexual or desperate, it wasn’t rushed or clouded with turmoil, and it certainly wasn’t played for laughs, the way many kisses between men are on TV. It was perfect.

“It’s hard to overstate the significance of the kiss between Kurt and Blaine on ‘Glee’ last night,” Michael Jensen, editor of Logo’s tells PopEater. “Even better, it wasn’t the sort of kiss we saw back in the 1990s where the guys pecked each other on the lips – or worse, the camera cutaway – but this was a real kiss that hinted there is much more to come in this relationship. If we still needed proof how far gay characters have come on network TV, 'Glee’ just gave it to us.”

“’Glee’ has raised the bar of what it means to be inclusive on TV, and viewers are tuning in by the millions, sending a clear message to networks that Americans not only accept gay and lesbian characters, but they are beginning to expect them,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios tells PopEater. “It’s stories like Kurt and Blaine’s that continue to remind gay youth everywhere that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are.”

Glee then went even further and tackled the issued of Kurt and Blaine losing their virginity, a story line that paralleled Finn and Rachel. Making the statement that Klaine’s first time was just as beautiful, just as relevant, just as significant, and just as full of love as the heterosexual couple on the show. And Chris and Darren’s scene was perfection:

Thanks to Glee, we saw Kurt and Blaine navigate high school, long distance relationships, angst and heartache. The show often got it wrong, but when it got it right, it do so spectacularly. And never as amazing as our Klaine engagement:

And while the wedding certainly left a little to be desired, Glee still allowed our beloved Kurt and Blaine to declare their love to the world and state their vows, at at time before same sex marriage was legal across the country. A time when they had to cross state borders to tie the know and make it legal. And while the creators of Glee left a lot to be desired, as always, Chris and Darren took what they were given and displayed nothing but love and happiness that they were finally husbands:

In 2013, Klaine was named the Greatest TV Couple of all time by Entertainment Weekly (X)  The article that accompanied their win described their relationship as:

a timeless, groundbreaking TV love story

On the morning of the finale, in an article entitled “The Gay Legacy of Glee” Klaine was described as follows:

In season two, Kurt met Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). Not only did he get a boyfriend, but a bonafide, epic love story that’s spanned the remainder of the series. Blaine’s dreamy debut,  is the kind of hearts-aflutter teen romance usually reserved for straight kids on TV. They’ve made-out, broken-up, lost their virginity, gotten engaged, broke-up again and eventually got married. They’ve evolved into the central relationship and one of the greatest young love stories in mainstream television. (x)

Another article, written in the Fall of 2016 entitled “The Cultural Significance of Glee” stated:

This character [Kurt] attracted many people in the LGBTQ community in which many found comfort in the character, knowing that they are getting some representation.

The couple [Klaine} became one of the most popular couples on television. The couple go through the same obstacles than any other straight relationship would have, creating the image that there is no difference between a straight or gay relationship. The couple broke up twice, causing an uproar of extremely upset and mad fans. By the end of the of show’s seasons, the two end up marrying each other. The couple known as “Klaine” has been “leading TV’s gay-teen revolution”(Entertainment Weekly). The actors have claimed that they have received hundreds of letters from fans both gay and straight saying that the couple has changed their views positively and helped them to keep an open mind. The phenomenon that is “Klaine” definitely has a positive reaction on the majority of viewers. While these two characters are not the only gay men on the show, they have been the most impact.

Kurt and Blaine made a profound impact on society and greatly influenced how people saw members of the LGBT+ community. And that they play a significant part in enabling LGBT+ youth to know that they were not alone.

For everything Glee got wrong, it will always have its legacy- Klaine.  And that is mainly thanks to two extraordinary men who fully committed to their roles, Chris and Darren. 

And for anyone to minimize this, to state that Chris is not proud of what he and Darren accomplished on screen, clearly knows nothing about him.  And that is heartbreaking.

I can’t wait for Season 2 of Stranger Things when Lucas is going to give El a gigantic, tear-filled hug and tell her how much he missed her and El is going to smile and say that she missed him too and I turn into a sobbing mess when he squeezes her shoulder and tells her that they’re never going to let her get hurt again. 

The tears will continue when Dustin shouts with disbelieving glee and picks El up, spinning her around with joy because he’s just so damn happy that she’s back. And then he’s going to put her down and put his baseball cap on her head and make a joke about their hair being kind of the same. 

And at that point I’m basically a puddle of incoherent babbling and there are tissues all over the floor.

Helping Hand (Part 2)

(Namjoon’s embarrassing encounter with you ends up making for an exciting first date.)

Warning: Masturbation, exhibitionism

It was 3:15pm.  Namjoon had left your apartment about 10 minutes earlier.  

An hour ago, you had never even considered dating Namjoon.  But right now you were prancing about your apartment like a giddy school girl.  You had been on plenty of dates before, but it had been a long time since you were this excited.  When he told you he liked you, it felt like the first time you had received a boy’s confession – back when you were shocked to find out that any boy liked you, let alone one as cool as Namjoon.

You skipped to your bedroom to start thinking about what you would wear tonight.  You had less than four hours to make yourself beautiful, might as well use every minute.  As you scoured your closet to find just the right look, you heard a phone ringing in the living room.  You looked at your bedside table to see your own phone sitting there silently.

You followed the sound to find Namjoon’s phone, half hidden behind a sofa cushion.  You noticed a missed call from someone called Boss-nim.  Figuring it could be an important work call, you headed over to return the phone to as quickly as possible.  As you approached, you saw Jin coming out of the apartment and closing the door quickly behind him.  You called out to get Jin’s attention.

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growing up with your jedi uncle ben:  a list

Basically an extension of THIS POST.

a.  Luke Skywalker has spent his childhood going from planet to planet but Tatooine stands out because of the sand, the womp rats and the krayt dragons and the ten thousand other things that could kill and eat you…. except Luke has dealt with them all with a certain aplomb.

(They tend to end up in Tatooine when Uncle Ben basically runs out of ideas.  For some reason, the Empire never really thinks about coming here, but maybe that’s because if there was a bright spot in the galaxy, Tatooine would be the furthest from it.)

b.  Also, the best thing about Tatooine is Uncle Ben’s entertaining squeamishness over the giant, actually harmless, non-venomous spiders. 

(Uncle Ben would never let Luke keep one for a pet.)

c.  When Luke was very little, he remembered his mother watching over him, leaving him kisses on his forehead before he went to sleep.

(The touch of her fingers and her lips upon his brow were cold, cold, cold.)

He knows now that wasn’t a living person but he’s not frightened, not really, not when he could remember her beautiful brown eyes and how sad they looked.  It was only when he called her “Mama” that the sadness would lift away from them. 

d.  Luke has met other Jedi such as Kanan Jarrus.  But Uncle Ben has forbidden him from telling them his true name. 

“What they do not know will not be tormented out of them,” Uncle Ben tells him sadly. 

As far as Kanan knows, Luke is simply a creche infant that Ben must’ve rescued from the Temple during the purge and Ben is content to let him believe that.

e.  Aunt Snips and Uncle Rex know Luke’s true name though.  They are the ones who tell him most of the stories he knows about Luke’s father, a brave Jedi Knight and a hero of the fallen Republic. 

(Any mention of his father only makes Uncle Ben all the sadder.  Luke has learned not to ask any questions from him.  Or to mention his father at all.)

f.  Luke is not unintelligent, of course, and perhaps his father’s fate came at the hands of the infamous Darth Vader.  He’s never seen Vader, not up close and personal.  Uncle Ben has always made sure that Luke is safe

g.  Luke still has vivid memories of being four years old and being handed off to a young Cassian Andor for safety.  He remembers hiding with Cassian in some hidden nook, expressly built for that purpose.  He remembers being told to be good, to be quiet and to not look. 

Luke did look.  There was blaster fire and remembers seeing what was once a living, sentient being fall, all burnt and blasted before Cassian’s hand slid over his eyes.  Luke couldn’t see anymore but he could still hear the screaming.

He was good.  He was quiet.  He closed his eyes and listened to Cassian croon soothing, comforting nonsense.

h.  Luke doesn’t nurse an adolescent crush on Jyn Erso when he sees her again after so many years, this time in the company of the infamous Saw Gerrera.  She teaches him how to pick pockets and how to fight even dirtier than Cassian has ever taught him.

(Luke winces at some of the hand-to-hand tactics she knows.)

In turn, Luke teaches her some slicer tricks and they steal a ship to joyride in, much to Uncle Ben’s amusement and eternal exasperation. 

When Saw Gerrera abandons Jyn, she ends up with Luke and Ben for a good long while, before she strikes out on her own after rumors over the whereabouts of her father. 

i.  Jyn, of course, knows all about Luke’s hopeless crush on Cassian Andor. As well as the one on the beautiful Princess Leia Organa.  She doesn’t laugh at him at all for it, which Luke appreciates. 

j.  Chirrut Imwe tells Luke that the Jedi of the fallen Republic had forgotten the true Jedi Code and that perhaps, it contributed to their own destruction.  He chants it as a secondary prayer:

Emotion, yet Peace.
Ignorance, yet Knowledge.
Passion, yet Serenity.
Chaos, yet Harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

(Luke doesn’t understand the significance of this vs. the Code that Uncle Ben had always known until he undertakes his own Jedi training.  And then, finally, it made sense, when he learned the truth about his father and how he’d Fallen to the Dark Side.)

k.  Baze is solidly practical and is quite smug when Luke reveals an aptitude for blasters.  

l.  Truth be told, Luke always felt that Uncle Ben would’ve preferred him to stay out of the Rebellion altogether.  

These are our failures, young Luke.  I wish that you would never have the need to set those right, to leave that task to us instead.  I wish that you would find a better, more peaceful life.

But Luke couldn’t stand by and let his friends suffer.  He couldn’t stand by and let Uncle Ben fight alone. 

m.  So Luke steals that ship so he could go to Shariff and he arrives just in time to save the lives of all his friends, to fly away just as the Death Star blasted its own military base into stardust.  There are hugs for all his friends, a reverent salute to the pilot Bodhi Rook and of course, because things never work out perfectly, the ship takes damage from TIE Fighters chasing them.

n.  The rendezvous point with Princess Leia is the one that makes perfect sense, even if Luke teases his Uncle Ben that he’s all out of ideas again.  Luke sets course for Tatooine, now adopted as part of the now infamous Rogue One team. 

o.  While in hyperspace, Cassian grimly hands Luke the remains of K2SO.  Luke smiles at the man he once crushed on and tells him that K2 is not completely lost, that he can be repaired again. 

p.  On Tatooine, Luke will be forced to crash the ship after running into the same Star Destroyer attacking the Tantive IV.  There will be a new ship, a smuggler and his Wookiee, a moisture farmer and his wife to save and certain droids that must be found. 

Some things remain the same and some things do change. 

The saga continues, in that galaxy far, far away….

Note:  I shamelessly headcanon Tatooine as Space Australia and also because @determamfidd ‘s posts about ACTUAL EARTH AUSTRALIA never fail to make me chortle in glee. 

My Favorite KurtBastian FanFics

1.   Legally in love by KrazyForKurtbastian A year after Sebastian Smythe and Kurt Hummel break up, Sebastian a successful named partner in his own law firm (with his happily married friends Jeff and Nick) finds himself alone on his birthday.

2.  Who, Being Loved is Poor? by KrazyForKurtbastian Long ago in a land far away both Prince Sebastian and his devious step brother Prince Hunter have feelings for the lowly but beautiful stable hand’s son Kurt Hummel.
As both princes compete for the peasant boy’s affections Kurt must decide who he loves, the kind but misunderstood crown prince or his deceptively sweet brother?

3.  It’s Just Like a Movie by AndersonRex Kurt was a journalist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and Sebastian was an actor with enough baggage to go around. It’s only when Kurt’s boss assigned him an article that requires him get closer to his former rival, that he starts to wonder if the pros really do outweigh the cons.

4.  Beautiful Things Never Last by AndersonRex After Klaine’s breakup, Kurt seeks solace in Virginia. There he finds a certain Warbler who might help him rediscover the original Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

5.  The Time When… by Starlight_Daylight: Collection of moments Kurt and Sebastian shared the time when they…Drabbles are not necessarily from the same AU unless stated otherwise. If not, they have no relations to each other.

6.  ‘til Kingdom Come by flipmeforward (vinterdrog): Series chronicalling the lives of Kurt and Sebastian.

7.  A Winter Full of Kurtbastian by afterdalton

8.  KB Week 2014 by OfAGroovyMind 

Day 1: Dalton!Kurtbastian.
Day 2: Cheerio!Kurt x Lacrosse Captain!Sebastian.
Day 3: Crossover or AU.
Day 4: Body Swap.
Day 5: College!AU.
Day 6: S4 Redo.
Day 7: Online.

9.  If I Never Drew You by Leydhawk:  Kurt has always drawn his clothing designs on a model of a boy he sees in his mind, a boy with green eyes, who grew and changed as Kurt did. When he gets into an AP art program at the local college, he never expects to meet the boy in person, or that Sebastian has been drawing Kurt since childhood as well.

10. Give Me a Memory. by Teardropfires“So for three years now, they’ve been doing this. This admittedly weird friendship that toed the line into unknown territory more times than he can count. Kurt had always assumed it was one-sided and unrequited.But none of this explains why Sebastian attacked Kurt mid sentence by smashing his face against his.”

11.  Like One of Your French Boys by cornflakesareglutenfree Sebastian draws, okay? It’s a masculine pursuit. Get over it. And sure, Kurt has good lines. And maybe he should take his pants off.
The fic where Sebastian is drawing Kurt in a coffee shop and then things get *saucy*.

12.  Meerkat Day by delightful_fear A Groundhog Day AU. Sebastian & Kurt are complete opposites, and being thrown together for a big case, when the universe throws a wrench into the works. Can Sebastian overcome the time loop he’s stuck in, and come out the other side smiling?

13.  Wrong Window by delightful_fear It starts with Sebastian sexting Kurt by accident…. Or was it an accident?
Things heat up between them and then go in a surprising direction.

14.  Distraction 'verse by artist_artists The first Kurtbastian fics I ever wrote! These go AU after season three, since they were written that summer, and it follows Kurt and Sebastian’s relationship from friends in college to more.

15.  Coffeeshop Drabbles by KurtbastianJust A Collection Of Drabbles, none interconnected but ALL of them kurtbastian!

16.  Glitter and Grease by scifigeek14 The club was called Desire and it was about as cliche as strip clubs came. What wasn’t expected was that the Raven was Kurt Hummel or that Sebastian Smythe would discover this fact.

17.  The Love You’re Given by Teardropfires:  Kurt and Blaine have been somewhat happily married for almost 16 years. They have a beautiful six year old daughter, they have great friends, a nice home in the city, and Kurt has a job that he loves. After an embarrassing flop from his first attempt as a solo act on Broadway, Blaine starts teaching at a few of the universities and has made the family move further from the theater district, much to Kurt’s dismay. Kurt continues to work his way through the community separate from Blaine, but has always been reluctant to take on major roles in order to keep the peace with his husband. After a drunken night of writing, Kurt and Rachel create the start of a promising new musical that has them all excited. When it gets up and running and receives some positive buzz, it puts a strain on an already rocky marriage. But one Sebastian Smythe, fresh off a nervous breakdown, threatens to knock it over the final edge when Jesse hires him as the producer. Kurt tries to save his marriage, be a good father, have a successful career, and find happiness.

18.  Summer Wind by iaminarage:  This verse is basically a series of fluffy one shots. In this verse, Kurt and Sebastian started dating in January of Kurt’s Sophomore year at NYADA. Sebastian is a student at NYU. It is generally canon compliant through the end of season 4.

19.  Control of the Heart by xonceinadream Sebastian’s always hated knowing who his soulmate is going to be, that he couldn’t choose his life. When Sebastian meets Kurt at Dalton his life turns upside down. He’s not ready for a relationship but he doesn’t want to hurt Kurt. When Kurt meets Blaine and starts falling for him that changes things for Sebastian and he comes to a few realizations. 

20.  Not Enough by Obsessivecompulsivereadr: After a year of a relationship with both Blaine and Sebastian, Kurt has had enough, and he’s decided to remove the source of all his relationship problems from the equation… himself.

21.  Make Me Happy by iaminarage After spending two years out on tour with Wicked, Kurt Hummel is finally back in New York and ready to take the next step in his career. What he’s not ready for is the sudden reappearance of Sebastian Smythe. This is the story of a career, a relationship, and a group of friends finding their way in the city they all love.

22.  Four Hearts by KurtsAnatomy (TheSwanOfWinterfell) Blaine Anderson, Elliott Gilbert, Adam Crawford and Sebastian Smythe are the four rulers of Dalton Academy and the Warbler Council Members. When new kid Kurt Hummel auditions for the Warblers, all four of them slowly begin to fall in love with him. Who will get him?

23. Is It Stalking If You Have Permission? by JessAlmasy The one where Kurt tries to turn a stalker into a boyfriend but has the small problem of not knowing who’s texting him.

24.  Life in Technicolor by hammersandstrings Kurt is fresh off a Tony win when he faces his toughest role yet: PR boyfriend to Academy Award nominee and resident pain in the ass, Sebastian Smythe.

25.  Hunter Clarington: A Mystery by rasyaharidy Kurt Hummel, an up and rising Broadway and film actor, is happily married with entrepreneur Sebastian Smythe, and best friends with renowned orthopedist Hunter Clarington. Although he is tied down with Sebastian for years as of now, some people would see the three of them in a polyamorous relationship, because of the affection Hunter gives to Kurt and the latter doesn’t even mind. But, of course, there’s a story behind everything. It is quite long, though.

26.  Of Bear Cubs, Meerkats, and Hobbits by Obsessivecompulsivereadr Blaine has cheated on Kurt, and while Kurt is in no way surprised, he is surprised about who Blaine cheated with – Dave Karofsky. While Kurt sets out to make changes in his life, Blaine won’t accept the break-up without a fight. And an unexpected friendship with Sebastian Smythe changes everything for Kurt.

27.  It’s Just A Bar, Right? by JessAlmasy After leaving NYADA, Kurt finds himself working in a bar with the last people he’d ever dreamed of. He’d known he was making a mistake since he first walked in the door, but he’d had no idea what he was getting himself into, or where it would lead.
AKA: The CoyoteUgly!Glee story that never should have been written.

28.  Later Then? by Obsessivecompulsivereadr:   Sebastian pulled him close and dipped his mouth near Kurt’s ear again, “Isn’t this where you tell me you have a boyfriend and I say something about not caring?”

29.  Call It a Clan (Call It Family) by monchy   On any regular day, Kurt would claim to hate children. But then, well, then there’s Madeleine Smythe.

30.  Safe Harbor by KattsEyeDemon When tragedy strikes, Sebastian has to find help in the one place he would never have thought. Living with Hudmels proves to be a blessing and his undoing at the same time: can he resist the boy he simply can’t have? Or will these unwelcome feelings destroy his only safe harbor?

- Link to My Favorite Lady Divine (because she is the KurtBastian Queen) Stories:

- I will probably have part 2 and 3, because there’s just so much talent.

- And seriously check out  hazelandglasz, iaminarageLady Divine (fhartz91)hummelssmythescifigeek14lilinascacophonylightsThumb3l1n4afterdaltonflipmeforward (vinterdrog)OfAGroovyMindAndersonRexKrazyForKurtbastianLeydhawkTeardropfiresStarlight_Daylightdelightful_fearartist_artistsValdyr,   Daughter_of_Scotland, Obsessivecompulsivereadr and  JessAlmasy on AO3. INSANELY TALENTED WRITERS.

Shy gf when they see their (BTS)  “interest” in them.  *coughcough*


Seokjin may look like an angel but rest assured he is a devil in disguise. He knew that you were going to notice his hard on. It was mostly because at this point it is impossible to hide. You two had been cuddling and watching a scary movie. Well you tend to cling when watching scary movies so by the time the movie was halfway over you were in almost in his lap and well… he had a perfect view down your shirt. He tried not to look. He really did but it didn’t last long. So when you threw your face into his shoulder and peeked at the tv you gaze fell downwards to his lap and you lept off of him like he was on fire. Your face was bright red and you started stuttering about needing to get some more popcorn… even though the bowl was still full. He got an evil glint in his eyes however and pulled you back down to the couch and kissed you softly leading down to THAT spot on your neck that never fails to send shivers down your spine. 

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“How about we just forget this movie… and lets go to bed early tonight.”


It had been awhile alright? Between your job and his job there hasn’t been much time for the two of you. In fact it had been almost a month and a half since you two had done anything even remotely close to sex. You tended to be very shy when it came to it and he never pushed. He always let you make the first move. Which is mostly the reason why you two hadn’t done anything in awhile. You were tired and he was of course tired too but he would never push for anything. Well now you two just so happen to have a half day at the same time you take advantage of it with glee. That means your fridge is stocked with the quick comfort foods, the Netflix is queued with his and yours favorite movies, and you were in comfy clothes. He was in comfy clothes as well but it was a different type of comfy. You tend to overheat easily so your comfy clothes were a pair of boy shorts panties and one of Yoongi’s over sized t-shirts. Also known as the sexiest thing on earth. Yoongi was in the process of warming up some kimchi jjigae when you waltzed into the kitchen happy as could be. It was an instantaneous reaction and Yoongi didn’t have a chance to hide it before you froze and stared. You slowly backed up blushing furiously and looked everywhere but at him. Yoongi panicked and grabbed the nearest thing (a bowl that had been on the drying rack) and covered his crotch. He felt horrible because he normally had better control of himself and he did not want to make you uncomfortable. 

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“I- I am so sorry Jagiya… I um… I am going to go… somewhere.”


This sweetheart. You being shy was so endearing to him that he tended to coo and dote on  you when you have a shy episode. Although this time was a bit different. You two had only been dating for a month or so and you two had yet to take that final step into intimacy. He wanted to take it slow and not rush anything preferring to build an emotional relationship with you. That worked out perfectly for you because while you wanted to intimacy with him you also were very shy about it. It was just one of those things that you never quite found a way to get over. You two had of course been dancing in the middle of the bedroom when he claimed he could do more girl group dances than you could. Let the Great Girl Group Quiz begin! You two had been at it for about thirty minutes when you started doing Sistar - Touch My Body. Hoseok missed the bed when tried to sit down. He fell to the floor with a thump and stared at your energetic dancing and what you thought were just innocent cute expressions. Damn. Hoseok always did have a weak spot for that wink. He didn’t even realize how he was reacting until you had finished the song and you looked at him still sitting on the floor with one knee propped up and his other leg extended out and his hard on was on full display. You blushed and immediately looked away kind of gesturing with your hand at his lower body. He looked down and felt himself blush as well when he realized just how bad that looked. He quickly jumped up and did an aeygo to try and relieve your shyness. It didn’t stop the blush now traveling down your neck but it did make you laugh.

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If Seokjin was the devil then Namjoon was his best henchman. Namjoon tended to tease you when you get shy during sex. You two had been dating for 3 years and you still insist on the lights being turned off (at least at first) and you NEVER talked about it in public. This means that Namjoon and you now have a code for sex and he would causally mention it just to get you to blush and lightly punch him in the shoulder. It was his way giving payback for every time you would tease him about breaking something. Or catching something on fire. Or both at the same time. However he would always be quick to stop when your shyness turns into embarrassment. Which is exactly what happened when you two were at the park and got caught in a sudden rainfall. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but you happened to be wearing a white shirt that day and it quickly became transparent as you were drenched. You two had made a run for the nearest shelter but it was too late. You were soaked from head to toe and Namjoon could see everything. You didn’t realize it at first because you were mostly concerned about your mascara and eyeliner that was surely running down your face. When you turned to ask Namjoon how bad was it you realized he wasn’t even looking at your face but rather his eyes were locked on your breasts. Because he was also soaked by the rain when he started getting hard it became SO obvious. Like so so obvious and you couldn’t help but feel the familiar feel of a blush cover your face. You looked away but he already caught the blush and he started teasing. For some reason however it was affecting your deeper than it normally did and instead of laughing at his crude joke you actually became embarrassed and your eyes started to water. He immediately stopped teasing you and drew you into his arms apologizing. His hard on disappearing just as quickly as it had appeared.

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“Ah shit. Sorry Jagi I didn’t mean to take it to far.”


A spontaneous hard on was not apart of the plan. You had put a lot of effort into your 100 day anniversary and he had full intentions going with the flow. Well evidently he went along a little to well with the flow because when you and he started slow dancing to your couple song in the middle of the living room his body started following the flow too. The flow down south that is. You had a beautiful red dress that was a little form fitting and when you two were pressed together smoothly moving through your dance he could feel your ass pressing against his crotch. Shit. This was not good. He tried to delicately maneuver you away from his body but you didn’t seem to get the message because you pressed even closer. He groaned softly and you froze against him before twirling around to stare at him embarrassment flooding through you. You stuttered out an apology but he stopped you with a soft kiss careful to keep it light, more of a comforting kiss than anything. He pulled you to come sit on the couch softly brushed the hair from your eyes. You blushed harder when your gaze strayed to his crotch where he was clearly still hard. You jerked your gaze away and he gave his famous eye smile and kissed your forehead before stepping away to calm down so you wouldn’t be shy anymore.

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It’s morning okay? And when someone with a penis wakes up in the morning they sometimes happen to have  boner. It happens. What does not normally happen is that you were there to see it. You two had plans to go to the zoo that day and you both wanted to get an early start because it was supposed to get hot. You let yourself into the apartment with your key (you and Taehyung just celebrated your 1 year anniversary) and you were surprised to see him still sprawled across his bed asleep. This was not the plan! He was supposed to be awake so all they have to do is leave when you got there! You told him as much as you started shaking his shoulder and being the cuddle bug that he didn’t really wake up as much as he just grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into bed. You struggled knowing full well that he isn’t really awake and this is normally something Seokjin goes through but it didn’t really help your case because no one else was there. You kept struggling and calling out Tae’s name until he sleepily looked at you and asked you name confused. You sigh exasperated and carefully scooted out of his arms (you didn’t want to accidentally fall out of bed) and glared at him. You told him that he was supposed to be awake! This caused his eyes to widen and look a the clock before he jumped out of bed and apologized profusely as gathered his clothes for the day. You gave a laugh at his shock but your laugh died out quickly when your eyes fell onto his morning erection. He was just wearing a pair of boxers and tank top to bed so there really was nothing to hide it. The tips of your ears went bright red and you gave a startled squeak looking away. He looked at you confused then down at his crotch. He blushed as well and quickly covered his hard on with his clothes he was holding. He tried to find something to relieve your shyness but his brain had yet to wake up so instead he just grabbed the rest of his clothes and literally ran out the door.

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“So I am… I am going to just…. yeah.”


Seokjin often teased you about how the both of you get shy. It was adorable when Jungkook would blush when he kissed you in front of people or when you looked at him for to long. The same could be said of you though because you tended to become extremely shy anytime sex becomes a topic. You and Jungkook had only been dating a few months and because of your shyness you had yet to get very far. It was fine with Jungkook because honestly as long as you were his girlfriend and happy then he was happy too. You felt bad though because you knew Jungkook was teased by his hyungs and while it was innocent when they teased him his face would always go bright red. You worked at trying to keep from getting embarrassed so easily and decided tonight was the night. Tonight you and Jungkook were going to have sex. He was spending the night (not for the first time because he and you tend to get into anime marathons and loose track of time) and you had everything planned out. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. The food was perfect, the wine was perfect, the music was perfect, and even the excuse you gave to run to the bathroom for a moment was perfect. You slipped into a modest red silk nightie and quickly brushed your teeth. When you stepped outside and walked into the bedroom where Jungkook was currently turning down the bed for the night he froze. He swallowed hard as he took in your beautiful form and stepped close to you to kiss you softly. He had hoped this was what you were wanting to do tonight but he didn’t ask because he didn’t want to inadvertently pressure you. He stepped back pulling you to the bed and you gave him a small smile but your eyes widened and quickly looked up at the ceiling because you had seen his hard on. It was pretty much an instant boner when you had walked into the room and it really wasn’t going to go anywhere soon. He was not really ashamed of it but he did feel a bit bad that you were still shy about it. He pulled you to the bed had you sit down while he went around lighting some candles and then turning off the light. The soft glow around the bed room was enough to see Jungkook’s face but nothing else much. It was a perfect way to try and ease your shyness about it.

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“Hey I know you want to do this and I really want to do this too but you know we don’t have to right? I can deal with my hyung’s teasing for years as long as you are happy.”

Hi!! So in answer to your question yes we do smutty requests! However in this scenario I couldn’t really see any smut things happening. I feel like if you were shy the boys would not push for anything and would tend to put you at ease before anything else happened. I hope that was okay!

Requests are OPEN please feel free to send in anything your little stanning hearts desire!


Countin’ One, Two, Three [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe Smut]

a/n: yay poly…. I was listening to ‘3’ from glee…..

WARNING: Smut (threesome)

“I’ve never been with a guy and girl before. At least, not at the same time.” Sebastian smirks, blazer dropping to the floor as he stalks towards the two of you. He grabs Barry by the neck, lips locking to lips hungrily. The speedster gasps, hesitantly wrapping his hands around Sebastian, copying his position. You moan quietly, biting your lip as the Warbler tilts his head, allowing for better access.

Ever so slowly, you dip your hand in your dark washed skinny jeans, popping the three buttons at once. Sebastian pulls back, teeth still tugging on Barry’s lower lip. He winks, watching his doppelgänger’s eyes darken a shade. “Get over here.” he motions to you. You obey, hand gathering his striped tie and yanking him down to your height.

With a swipe of his tongue, your knees go weak, free hand finding his perfectly styled hair, tugging on it. Gasping, Sebastian’s hand flies behind him, cupping Barry’s balls. “Ohmygod, this is so hot…” the speedster huffs, dick hardening in his black jeans, precum soaking his boxers. Sebastian hums, swollen lips detaching from yours.

Barry’s hand hooks in Seb’s tie as yours rip his white button down. Sebastian smirks, feeling both sets of hands on his chest. “Your turn, hotties.” he muses, pulling your coffee colored sweater off your body before spinning, doing the same to Barry’s blue t-shirt. You press up against his back, hands traveling to his gray dress slacks. “Mmm… One, two, three, not only you and me… Got 180 degrees…and I’m caught in between…” he sings, finger splaying across Barry’s pecs.

“Nrg… Bas….” Barry squirms out of his jeans and boxers, watching Sebastian turn again, dick poking his ass. The Warbler gasps, pulling you into him, feeling the tip of Barry. Your lips find his and you lead them towards the bed, laying down, breasts face up. Sebastian braces himself, ass stretching, forearms propping himself up, fingers tangling in your hair. “Can you…ugh… babe, touch him.” the speedster pleads, forest green eyes watching you intensely, kneeling behind the other boy.

Grinning, you rake your nails down his pale back, leaving faint red streaks, making both of them moan. Sebastian carefully lines himself up with your pussy before pushing his dick in. Your breath hitches, head falling back against the pillow. “Sebastian…” you groan, grinding your hips with his while he moves.

Heaving a breath, Sebastian hisses, feeling a dick inside him. “Fuck, yes! Give it to me….” he shouts, sucking his lip in between his teeth. Barry whines, hands creeping up the other boy’s chest, outlining the muscles. They rock at the same time, hitting your g-spot perfectly. Whimpering, you tug Sebastian’s light brown hair and he wheezes. “Oh, Y/N!” he pants, gropping your boobs.

Barry eyes your reaction; mouth open, fists full of Sebastian’s hair. Oh my god, this threesome is so hot. The speedster picks up his pace, dick twitching inside his doppelgänger. “I’m…fuck, Bas, Y/N/N… I can’t…” he moans into the Warbler’s shoulder, unable to keep his cum in. Sebastian gasps, mouth wide open, movements not stopping.

You groan, peering up at the two boys, knot forming more and more as Sebastian rocks back and forth. You feel his thrusts become uneven and clutch his neck. “Come on, Seb, cum for us.” you encourage, kissing him passionately.

In less than a second, the both of you cum. Barry pants, arms still wrapped around Sebastian; hands tracing his chest. The Warbler sighs, head resting on your shoulder, dick still inside of you. “Fuck,  I love you guys.” he admits, laughing breathlessly.

“We love you, too, Bas.” Barry hums, pecking the other boy’s shoulder.

“Very much.” you pipe in, kissing his forehead.

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Any recent headcanons you've developed on Belle and Adam? I just love reading about your ideas on these things.

Aw, thanks anon, I’m glad you like reading this stuff. Let’s see what I’ve got here…

  • Adam is a stubborn and proud person, rooted in his deep insecurity, so Belle is the only person allowed to tease him, ever. She’s the only one that can gently poke fun at him or get him to laugh at his own mistakes, because he knows it’s coming from a place of love and not a desire to humiliate.

  • After the spell is broken, Adam is absolutely starved for human contact because he was isolated for so long. He was always a bit afraid of touching her when he was a beast, because he thought he might hurt her, or that she might be disgusted. Belle picks up on this and makes sure he gets all the hugs that he needs, holds his hand, sits close to him on the sofa when they have a quiet afternoon together. 

  • Adam notices that Belle seems to like it when he references the times they had together while he was still under the curse. It’s further reassurance that he is, in fact, the same person she fell in love with.

  • The day he proposes to her, all the servants are listening excitedly at the keyhole and (to Adam’s annoyance and embarrassment) can’t contain their glee when she says yes. He won’t admit it, but he’s also touched that they’re so happy for him. 

  • For a few years into their marriage, Adam is still plagued with nightmares about the curse. He doesn’t want to bother Belle with it, but she always wakes up when he does and just strokes his hair until he feels safe enough to fall asleep again. They never have to say a word.

  • Lots of the other nobility in the kingdom are snooty toward Belle when they find out about her humble origins, and Adam always gets very indignant on her behalf, but she doesn’t let it bother her. She’s used to way worse gossip than this.

  • Adam promises to take Belle on the adventure she’s always wanted, and eventually they do travel to some far-off lands on diplomatic visits. Everywhere she goes, she manages to find a bookshop and brings a few new titles home to put in her library (meanwhile Adam is all “wtf Belle, there’s no way you’ve already read your whole library, why are you getting MORE BOOKS?” but he also thinks it’s cool that she’s making the library her own and adding something for the next generation).

  • They name their first son after Maurice. It’s Adam’s idea.

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Cullen realizing he's falling for a male inquisitor, please?

At first he pushed him away. Saying he isn’t looking for a relationship right now. As days pass he finds himself becoming closer to the Herald. The two of them finding solace and familiarity in telling of battle.

He confides to the Inquisitor about his nightmares, the torture he underwent at the Circle, as well as what he endured in Kirkwall. He didn’t know why he told him but he felt safe enough to do so.

He realizes one day that he does feel something towards the man and it’s more than friendship. He wonders if he still feels the same. He never expected to find love. Especially when he wasn’t looking for it. He tells the Inquisitor how he feels then and he’s in glee when he says he feels the same.

Cullen knows he’s not perfect. He knows he’s not infallible but he’ll be damned if he didn’t try to make this love work.

Clinging to This Hating Game 4/?

(Yes I got the title wrong on the last chapter, that’s what happens when you try to post form work)

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~3800 (this chapter)

Thanks as always to my superbeta @mshoneysucklepink.

Everything wonky is my fault.

AO3 link Chapter 4

On tumblr: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3

Just a quick disclaimer: It just so happens that the only production of Bye Bye Birdie I have ever seen was a middle school production; I have never seen any film version or a staged version done by adults. I did review some high school productions on youtube while I was writing this chapter.

I only mention it because the school version and the movie version have some different staging, and I definitely had the school version in my head. It’s not a huge part of the action, but it is in there so I thought I should clear that up.

Chapter 4

Kurt did his best to avoid talking to Blaine after their confrontation in the locker room.

Football season was over two weeks later anyway, so there were fewer run-ins in said locker room to try and avoid.

Of course dodging him altogether was impossible, with rehearsals for sectionals and the musical starting up in earnest. But those were both group events, and Kurt could be a professional. In fact it would be excellent practice for when he was a working actor. After all, there was no guarantee you would always get along with everyone in the cast of a show. Kurt convinced himself that he was even looking forward to the challenge.

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I just realised that Glee made a big deal out of Finn and rachel dating because one was a football player and the other a glee clubber but.. Mike dated Tina the entire time? And they were the exact same situation but no one made a huge deal out of it.. Also I have a huge crush on ur buff Tina.. she's just so nice n beautiful thank you for drawing her and everyone else !!


like tina and mike were SUCH a better example of the ‘jock dates dweeb’ trope bc u literally never see it w two asian americans! not only that but mike was SUCH a better dopey hero than finn. he never made a big deal that kurt was gay, never felt threatened by him and even WANTED to perform in fish nets !  and tina was in ways like rachel, ambitious and passionate, but she wasn’t self entitled (i guess u can count s4 but i literally do not blame her attitude in it bc I WOULD BE PISSED TOO)

also YESYSEYSE i love buff tina too *____* she’s like my dream girl HGGHHHHH

So Let’s Talk About This Time

I was feeling a little nostalgic with all of the talk of This Time. And what I think is amazing is that this song can mean many things, just as Darren said. If you are listening to it as a fan, it can be about about your experience watching Glee for six years and what i meant to you personally and how it shaped your experience. It can be Rachel singing it and her journey. Or it could be as its original intent, about the many characters on Glee and collectively about the challenges they endured, the friendships they made, and their accomplishments.

But each and every time I hear it. Every time. I get a little teary eyed and I think about the first time Darren sat in his house and played this song for Chris. Which we all know happened. And how almost every word and lyric can be applied to them. 

Think about it, Glee was both the best and worst of times for them.  On one hand, Glee is the reason they were repressed. And the were confronted with pure evil all too often.

But it was also how they met. It was where they went to work everyday in a relatively safe environment where the cast and crew knew.  They didn’t have to lie and pretend. They were able to be breathe the same air, be in the same room, even talk to each other (imagine that novel concept).

And think about how the end of Glee probably embodied a lot of hope for the future as well as a lot of fear about how they were going to function in a world that was unaware of their love.

These walls and all these picture frames
Every name they show
These halls I’ve walked a thousand times
Heartbreaks and valentines, friends of mine all know

I look at everything I was
And everything I ever loved
And I can see how much I’ve grown

And though the mirror doesn’t see it
It’s clear to me, I feel it
I can make it on my own

I’m not afraid of moving on and letting go
It’s just so hard to say goodbye to what I know, I know

This time no one’s gonna say goodbye
I keep you in this heart of mine
This time I know it’s never over

No matter who or what I am
I’ll carry where we all began
This time that we had, I will hold forever

This old familiar place is
Where every face is another part of me
I played a different game then
They called me a different name then
I think of all the things I did and how I wish I knew what I know now

I see how far I’ve come and what I got right
When I was looking for that spotlight
I was looking for myself

Got over what I was afraid of
I showed ‘em all that I was made of
More than trophies on a shelf

For all the battles that we lost or might have won
I never stopped believing in the words we sung, we sung

This time no one’s gonna say goodbye
I keep you in this heart of mine
This time I know it’s never over

No matter who or what I am
I’ll carry where we all began
This time that we had, I will hold forever

I’m looking out from the crossroads
I don’t know how far away I will roll
I take a breath, I close my eyes
Your voice will carry me home

I keep you in this heart of mine
This time I know it’s never over

No matter who or what I am
I’ll carry where we all began
This time that we had, I will hold
This time that we had, I will hold
This time that we had, I will hold


This song is a reflection of Darren and Chris’ journey. There is no question in my mind.  The things that Darren did to find the spotlight.  And I think the one line that always haunts me is:

 I think of all the things I did and how I wish I knew what I know now  

That, to me, in my interpretation (just so we are clear), is Darren admitting that he has not been perfect. That he made a lot of choices. Choices that had a profound impact on his life and on Chris’ life. And that he wishes in retrospect that he said “no” to some of the demands. And he admits that that their life has been hard. And that is has been filled with constant struggle.   And then he hits us with the most beautiful line of the song.  

For all the battles that we lost or might have won
I never stopped believing in the words we sung, we sung

He is admitting, they have won some, but not all of the battles. They are still fighting. But he will always believe in them. Because no matter what, he will keep Chris in his heart and that it will never end, no matter who tries to tear them down.

I have feeling Darren was very hopeful that things were change in a positive way post-Glee.  I am glad he wasn’t aware of what the next two years would bring.  And I think this song very much reflects that hope.

I just hope they stop having to fight the battles and they win the war soon and walk into the light.  It is their time.

Media and Ableism

Kylie Jenner. An entrepreneur. A million heir. A fashion and style icon. An ableist.

Kylie Jenner has been someone that I have personally looked up to growing up. Watching her on my television and reading about her in my Seventeen magazines gave me hope that some day I could be as beautiful, happy, and successful like her. When this magazine cover was released, at first I thought it was amazing. I thought that it was Kylie Jenner’s way of showing support for those who are wheel chair bound. Then, this magazine cover completely blew up on social media. I was scrolling through twitter later and came upon this post that also went viral. A young teen girl replied to Kylie’s magazine cover by tweeting “@KylieJenner wow being in a wheelchair is so fun and fashionable! #Ableism is the ultimate fashion statement!” This is when I realized that this was completely horrible. I never took into consideration how those who were in wheel chairs would feel or if they would even care, maybe they would have appreciated it? I guess as someone who doesn’t have a disability, these things never crossed my mind. I think that this is why we need to have awareness about ableism and disabilities in the media because it’s a real thing that people struggle with. 

Media has had some bad ways of displaying disabilities, but also some good ways. Growing up one of my favourite shows was Glee. One of the main characters was in a wheel chair. Sadly the actor didn’t actually use a wheel chair but it was exciting to see someone with a disability being represented. On the same show, a woman with down syndromes was also a main character. This made me especially happy because in my middle school and half my high school years I was close friends with someone who has down syndrome. And that’s only one show that has shown disabled characters, there are countless others! Media is in full control of the world. Whatever people decide to put out, they will receive back. Kylie Jenner in a wheel chair for a magazine cover was not the greatest idea, but showing disabled characters in a real life and relatable way is a great one. 

ID #32096

Name: Marco
Age: 17 to 18
Country: Spain

I love adventures, hate routine, have never found any sense in rules and dogs bless my entire existence. I travel a lot due to my parent’s job; some of my favorite places are Iceland, Peru and my kitchen, where my mum hides the rare and precious chocolate. I would like to study graphic design, art or history.
I like reading absolutely anything; from Harry Potter (Gryffindor!) to Shakespeare (King Lear makes me cry). My parents have made my music taste by long car drives listening to Queen, Louis Armstrong and Beethoven, so pretty much like any good song. I will play the same song on repeat for a week and, for some reason, from all the meaningful songs in the entire world my favorite one is “Feliz Navidad” glee version. I don’t know, it makes me happy and I love Christmas. I like playing sports but I am actually bad at it. It’s just for fun really. I enjoy art, nature and lasagna.
I have really bad ideas more often than I’ll like to admit and I easily get in trouble. But I like to help others and I would say I give good advice, even if I never follow them. I have a really open mind and terrible taste in humor and clothes.
I speak Spanish and English and like two sentences in french so…

Preferences: Nah. Just no Racist/sexist/homophobes/dead brought back to life by an evir wizard or an evil wizard.
Also we don’t have to share same sack interest