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I’ve made a masterlist! It took like an hour, so I hope you appreciate it :)

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You Got Nothing To Prove [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: do you still have my ask about Seb having a soft side with his little sibling or little cousin and reader, who thinks he’s just a big jerk, finding out about it.. and proceeding to tease him about it while he’s all “nope, I’m an asshole you’re confused I’m not nice at all.. what? me? soft? you’re soft!! …ok, just.. can we keep it a secret at least?” ? (if you lost it tho, that was it. that was the request lol ;) )

a/n: i don’t even remember seeing this ha…….i HAD to use the name #sorrynotsorry

Your eyes must be deceiving you. Sebastian Smythe is here, in an ice cream shop, with a little boy. They kind of look alike, other than the obvious; the boy has to be at least seven or eight and has darker hair; both have the same facial structure. The Warbler bends down, knees buckling under him.

When the boy points at you, you try to appear occupied, scuffing your floral print Vans on the bland tiles. “Well, if it isn’t Little Miss Sunshine…” Sebastian taunts, tongue flicking over his top pearly teeth. Your thumbs hook in your thin brown backpack straps, tugging them to the waistband of your dark green shorts, eyes focused on the floor.

“Seb, tell her she’s pretty…” the young boy whispers as quietly as possible. Your cheeks heat up.

Sebastian’s grass green eyes blow wide, long eyelashes batting across his freckles. “Dartanian! What was our deal?” The boy giggles, much to your surprise. “I get you ice cream and this is how you act…” he grumbles, smiling as Dartanian tugs on his navy blazer, licking the cone. “You are so lucky you’re cute.”

A little noise comes out of you and you cover your face with your hands. This is so cute! “I never knew you could be so nice, Sebastian!” you squeak, jumping slightly. The Warbler rolls his eyes, trying not to grin at your level of adorableness. “I thought you were an as-…” you cut yourself off, fixing your black t-shirt.

“Come eat with us! Seb thinks you’re cute!” Dartanian smirks. There it is. There’s the resemblance. Same goddamn smirk.

With wide eyes, the brunette looks at the boy, as if he disrespected his honor or something. “Go sit down!” he orders, voice slightly higher than usual. Dartanian huffs, stomping towards the table with the messenger bag and blazer. Sebastian sighs, straightening his striped tie. “Look, I am an asshole. I’m not nice, I-”

“You like me…” you tease, rocking back on your heels, broad smile on your lips. He turns his head, jaw clenching. “You’re nice and you think I’m cute!” you giggle, twisting from side to side bashfully.

Sebastian frowns, pretending to be annoyed. “Yes, okay, I’m nice to my cousin. Big deal. Are you gonna join us or not?” he bites, glaring; you nod, continuing to smile. “Okay… this is between us, got it?” he grumbles, spinning on his heel.

“Can I hold your hand?” you ask innocently, gaze focused on capturing his hand.

He scowls, “No.” (Plot twist, you end up holding hands.)

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Imagine Sebastian listening to you perform, knowing the song you chose is about him. 

“You make me feel like I’m livin’ a teenage dream..”

Sebastian smiled, butterflies erupting in his stomach. 

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Yes I’m aware this song was performed i Glee, no I don’t care.

anonymous asked:

glee - you know you can't not do that, right? :)


  • my all-time ultimate fave character:  Kurt and/or Blaine depending on the day
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: Dave Karofsky actually. I believed his ultimate redemption though thought Blaine dating him was a bit of a leap.
  • a character I used to like but now don’t:  Will, I guess.
  • a character I’m indifferent about: Marley and the season 4 boredom squad (sorry…I know some of you out there like this gang but yawn)
  • a character who deserved better: There is a bit of an “all of them” to this but like season 6 Blaine and Kurt 
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: Samcedes. I’m okay with it but I didn’t feel strongly at all.
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: ha ha klaine.
  • a cute, low-key ship: For me - Brittana.
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: Artie/Brittany - I’m re-watching season 2 and they’re pretty sweet.
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: The ship I hated the most on the show was Kurt and Walter. I still can’t believe they wrote that nonsense for Kurt. I mean really.
  • my favourite storyline/moment: “There is a moment, when you say to yourself…” - and the whole story arc leading up to it.
  • a storyline that never should have been written: ONLY ONE?? Ha ha….ummm….Kurt and Walter, Rachel leaving Funny Girl, season 6 in Lima instead of NY…I could go on…
  • my first thoughts on the show: I actually thought it was silly/cartoon-ish. I thought the characters were caricatures and it didn’t interest me…Then I started watching again in season 2 and Kurt started grabbing my attention, Blaine sang Teenage Dream and that was it - down the hole I went.
  • my thoughts now: I will miss you forever and ever. I can’t imagine I will ever love a show so much again. My love runs deep and full and unironic.

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glee xx

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: mercedes jones and everyone can go to hell for not appreciating her enough
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: honestly i didn’t like santana for a solid bit but i love her
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: noah puckerman
  • a character I’m indifferent about: sam evans
  • a character who deserved better: quinn fabray and tina cohen chang, sorry can’t pick one
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: tbh i’m pretty sure i shipped all of them at some point but f*nchel and kla*ne
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: samcedes, y’all did me so wrong
  • a cute, low-key ship: quinntana, byeeeee
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: tike for sure, under-appreciated
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: *my brain just froze for 5 solid minutes* didn’t sam and rachel have something towards the end of the show
  • my favourite storyline/moment: tbh mercedes/quinn’s scene in the “home” episode
  • a storyline that never should have been written: the entirety of the last couple of seasons
  • my first thoughts on the show: “i love this!”
  • my thoughts now: “what fresh hell.”

tbh this was so much fun to do, thank you!

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bro sometimes i catch myself thinkin about glee and like… bro it had some of the wildest scenes ever… remember when tina rubbed vic on blaine’s chest crying…. when sue was throwin sticks at mercedes in the hallway for no reason…. literally any will schuester scene…………… 

anyone else who thinks this is fucking terrifying? he’s straight up telling everyone to blame the judge and the entire court system for any future terrorist attack. this isn’t just mr. pissboy throwing a tantrum, it’s worse than that. this is preparing the groundwork, so that when a terrorist attack happens, trump can blame the court system and justify weakening it to gain more power. it’s the fucking Reichstag fire all over again