glee what are you doing to me

me : *is the first one to finish the reading of a paper in class *

teacher : Have you finish yet ?

me : yep

teacher : Wow, you’re a quick reader !

me : I read a lot.

teacher : Really, that’s great. What do you read ?

me : *think about all the 60k (and more) fics I’ve been reading since the last few years*… Harry… Potter…

teacher : *confused* the last one was published about 10 years ago…

me : I read it…again… a lot ? 

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wait what happened with melissa

She’s so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Melissa Benoist. I met her when she was on Glee. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. So then in eighth grade, she became Supergirl who was fine at first but then got messy on season 2, and Melissa was like, weirdly protective of it. Like, if someone would call it out for the absolute bullshit they were doing, she’d be like, “Mon El was Kara’s first love”. And I’d be like, “Why are you so stupid?” So then, at Comic Con, which was supposed to not be this messy, she was like, “Supercorp isn’t ever gonna happen cause Kara isn’t a lesbian.” I mean, she couldn’t have gay fans feeling validated. It would literally kill her. I mean, right? They think Lena and Kara are LESBIANS. So then Chloe emailed Melissa’s team and respectfully called her out, it was so iconic. And then Melissa’s team emailed her back and said she’s not an homophobe because she was on Glee and she’s totally a feminist, and now I guess her entire team is on crack.


Request ⇾ Can I request a Mike imagine? Reader is Will’s twin. So when Mike wants to ask Reader to the Snow Ball but he has to go through Jonathan, Will, and Joyce’s interrogation.

Warnings ⇾ nothing, this is pure cuteness n fluff!

A/N ⇾ hope y'all enjoyed the ships! I may do more in the future!


“So, Mike. What makes you think you’re good for Y/N?” Jonathan began.

Currently, Mike was surrounded by all members of the Byers clan. He had Joyce direct across him, Will diagonally to his left and Jonathan diagonally to his right. All he had asked was if he could take Y/N to the snowball! Was it that big of a deal? They all seemed to think so. Y/N would get nothing but the best, and Mike seemed to think that was him.

“Yeah, Mike, what?” Will chimed in.

Mikes head turned directly to will, with an unamused look on his face. “Really, Will? You too?”

“Hey! This is my twin, Wheeler! We want to know your intolerance’s are right.”

“Intentions, baby, its intentions.” Joyce corrected Will, not taking her eyes off of Mike for a second.

“We want to know your intentions are right.” Will then corrected himself.

“My intentions? What the hell, Will? Of course they are! All I want to do is take Y/N to the snowball! What’s the big deal!”

“What’s the big, what’s the big deal?” Jonathan repeated, “Well, Mike, we want to know our little sister won’t have her heart broken!”

“Of course she won’t! Why would I do that? That would only ruin my chances of being with her!” Mike defended himself.

“So now you want to be with her?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes! I always have!” Mike responded, getting more annoyed as each question went by.

“You always have?” Joyce asked, “So, you’ve always known you wanted to be with Y/N?”

“Well, you know what I mean! I’ve known for a long time!”

“Well, Mike, you said always and now you’re saying a long time so you can see why we’re confused, can’t you?” Jonathan responded dryly, tilting his head to intimidate Mike further.

It honestly felt like Mike were down at the police station, hands cuffed and a bright yellow light was shining down on him. What had he done wrong? He just wanted to take Y/N to the snowball?! Why was he being punished like this?!

It went on for what seemed like hours, more questions were being spilled out everywhere and Mike was getting more flustered as they went by. They only stopped when Y/N entered the house, and saw all of her family surrounding Mike in a rather strange way.

“What is going on here?” She asked.

“Oh look,” Mike muttered to himself. “It’s a family affair!”

“Oh, nothing sweetie! Just talking to Mike, is all!” Joyce responded sweetly, ignoring Mike’s comment.

“No, they were not just talking to me! They were interrogating me!” Mike counteracted, standing up from the couch.

“Interrogating you? That seems a bit far fetched, doesn’t it Mike?” Jonathan said, standing up too.

“Wait! What do you mean? Why are you all surrounding him?”

Before Will, Jonathan or Joyce could answer, Mike ran up to Y/N and held her hand.

“Y/N, will you go to the snowball with me?” Mike asked turning his back towards the inquisitive family.

“Oh my god, yes!” Y/N answered in glee. “Yes, of course I will!”

“Wait, wait, wait–” Jonathan tried to intervene, but only got cut off by Mike again.

“Nope! Sorry, Jonathan! I already asked. No take backs!” He ran out of the house clutching Y/N’s hand, leaving a house full of three unamused Byers.

So what kind of planet do you have?

We are preparing for our homestuck themed D&D sesion I’ll play as a knight of rage my friend makes noted of our planets and stats (she’ll be our GM).

GM: So Kilik what is your planet?

Kilik (me): Uuumm… My knight of rage will have LOBAB, Land of Bubbles and Butterflies.



You know what we’re gonna do? Surrender. I know how hard that is for you because of how hard you hold on to stuff. But we’re just gonna, we’re gonna sit here and we’re just gonna let go. Okay, and let the universe do its thing. And if we’re meant to be together, then we’re gonna be together.

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Do you still remember Faberry?

Do I still remember Faberry?

Anon, I know you’re playing but this might be the most offensive thing anybody has ever sent me in a tumblr ask.

I remember Faberry.

I remember they weren’t friends.

I remember when Rachel first reached out to Quinn, encouraging her to come back to Glee, that she would need friends who could relate.

I remember the time Rachel organised the Glee Club to sing Keep Holding On for Quinn.

I remember when Rachel came to apologise to Quinn about telling Finn who the real father was, and Quinn not being mad.

I remember Quinn drawing a picture of Rachel in her notebook with a million hearts around it.

I remember Quinn was there when Rachel discovered that Shelby was her birth mother.

I remember that Quinn would later give up her daughter Beth to Shelby.

I remember when Quinn put herself out there in a rather humiliating way, which Quinn Fabray has never done ever, when she asked out Finn to check how true his feelings were for Rachel. 

I remember when they first held hands during Dog Days Are Over.

I remember Hey Girlfriend!

I remember how the story plays out and with tears in her eyes, Quinn telling Rachel she didn’t belong here and that she can’t hate her for helping to send her on her way.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel she couldn’t write a good song if she keeps looking for that happy ending, and that she is never gonna get it right.

I remember Get It Right being the song that wins them Regionals.

I remember Pretty/Unpretty being their duet. And how they only had one. And in some way they only ever needed one because it is the single best duet the show ever did.

I remember the light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.

I remember the slap.

I remember the immediate horror on Quinn’s face.

I remember Quinn opening up to Rachel and telling her her biggest fear.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she’s a very pretty girl, prettiest girl she’s ever met, but she’s a lot more than that.

I remember Quinn letting Rachel wipe away her tears.

I remember Quinn dyeing her hair pink and how Rachel told her she was sorry that she was so sad. That she missed seeing her in Glee club. That they’re a family and this is their year to get it right.

I remember that possessive hold during I Kissed A Girl.

I remember Quinn spilling her plan to get Shelby fired to Rachel. 

I remember Rachel chasing Quinn down the hallway.

I remember when Quinn thanked Rachel for stopping her from doing something she would have regretted her entire life. 

I remember kind of.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she is a lot better than she knows.

I remember Rachel going to Quinn for advice on Finn’s proposal.

I remember Quinn saying she can’t.

I remember Rachel being the first person Quinn tells about getting into Yale.

I remember their first hug.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel that she has an amazing life ahead of her and if she really wants to be happy she’s going to have to say goodbye to Finn.

I remember Quinn standing up in front of Glee Club, talking about how she was the only one standing in the way of herself, that you can’t change your past but you can let go and start your future. And that all of that was directly said to Rachel.

I remember Quinn holding Rachel’s hand like a lady while being serenaded on Valentine’s Day.

I remember the look on Quinn’s face when Rachel announces that her and Finn would be getting married after Regionals.

I remember when Quinn wasn’t going to stand around and watch Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson.

I remember Quinn asking Rachel when she was singing that song, she was singing it to Finn and only Finn, right? With tears in her eyes.

I remember Quinn setting aside her own personal feelings about Rachel’s decision to get married and deciding to support her instead.

I remember their second hug.

I remember Rachel making a room full of her closest friends and family wait because she didn’t want to get married without Quinn.

I remember ON MY WAY.

I remember Rachel not being able to stop thinking about Quinn.

I remember Rachel breaking down in front of everyone else and interrupting to tell Quinn she was so sorry.

I remember their third hug.

I remember do you not understand what you mean to me?

I remember Quinn being everything that Rachel wanted to be.

I remember that Rachel sees the new Quinn, the still-beautiful, but humbled and inspiring Quinn.

I remember when Rachel looks back on her high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that she’s going to be so proud of is that she found a way to be Quinn’s friend.

I remember that Quinn first started talking about being prom queen in episode 2 of Glee, and that it’s all she ever wanted.

I remember that Quinn won.

I remember that Quinn rigged the votes.

I remember that Quinn chose Rachel as prom queen.

I remember the smile on Quinn’s face when it was announced that Rachel won.

I remember Quinn talking about change being so good because if they hadn’t changed they would’ve never been friends.

I remember Quinn bought Rachel a Metro North Pass from New York to New Haven, and one for herself, so she could make sure they stay in touch.

I remember their fourth hug.

I remember Quinn’s smile as Rachel arrived at the station to leave for New York, being so proud that Rachel finally got it right.

I remember the hundreds of gifs I’ve made.

I remember the thousands of words I’ve written.

I remember Rachel and Quinn as being the love story of Glee. 


I got a few requests from you guys to design a Corrupted White Diamond, and I was going to do it, until my little Brother wanted to do it with much glee!!

He wasn’t able to settle on a design, and neither was I, But I have to say the top picture is probably what she’d turn out to be if she was corrupted.

I have to say, I am quite satisfied with these!

The Big Reveal

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Request: Can you do one where Sebastian Smythe and reader are dating and they reveal it to the Glee club by having reader where his blazer?

Notes: So, Sebastian is a bit out of character in this one but still keeps his sass towards the others. It’s a bit shorter than my other imagines but I hope you guys like it!

“Babe, please?” Sebastian begs you, holding the jacket out in front of him. You take a moment to examine the blazer, noting the crispness of the navy, the sharp contrast of the red piping and the Dalton logo stitched on the left chest.

“Why do you want me to wear it?” You question, feeling the heavy fabric between your fingers.

“It’s the biggest game of the year. Our schools are playing each other, it’s just to show support. It’d be like wearing my jersey, but I kind of need that. The other girlfriends are going to be wearing the blazers too. You’ll fit right in.”

“Have you forgotten that I sit with my friends at the lacrosse games? The ones who not-so-subtly hate you? Who would flip out at me telling them that we’re dating?”

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BTS Fic Recommendations

 There seems to be a weird divide in this fandom between reader x member and member x member stories, but I’m just here in the middle like “all Bangtan smut is good smut!” A good story is a good story and good writing is good writing. Some of these have no smut at all and some are so filthy that I can’t believe I’m recommending them, but, you know, BTS ruined my life and I have no shame anymore. 

I’ve probably read hundreds of BTS stories by now and these are the ones that I go back to over and over. I tried to pick only one per author, but all of these authors are amazing and you should go check out their whole masterlists. These are the authors that I personally fangirl over and stand in awe of. None of these are particularly similar to mine (eg. they are way better) and none of them are particular similar to each other. These are the fics that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t forget about after I read them.

Warning: Some of these are very explicit, so use caution. Anything marked with an M is definitely NSFW. 

Hope you enjoy!

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BTS React to S/O being really short

@tiffalicious68:  Hello I was wondering if you Could you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend being really short like under 5"2 :) kinda like the one you did with them being tall 🤗💕 btw I love your stuff!

Thanks for the request! 

- Admin Crys


He loves it. He likes that he’s bigger/taller than you it makes him feel manly/strong. It also means you’re too small to be the big spoon, so he gets to have his favorite cuddle position all to himself. XD

“Come here y/n. It’s cuddle time.”

*wraps his arms and legs around you like an octopus

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He’s used to being the tall one, but he’l not used to being around someone so short, and what that entails. He has resigned himself to be the one to reach things on top shelf, at home, at the mall, at the grocery store, etc. 

He may act affronted by it, and like it’s burdensome, but secretly he really enjoys it. It makes him feel needed, and like he’s able to do things for you. 

It makes him feel like he’s a good bf. 

When you get tired of bothering him for things, you buy a step stool and put it in the kitchen. 

He is honestly so offended. 

“What is this?! You don’t need me anymore? Is that it?”

“Well, I can see that I am not appreciated in this household.”

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J Hope:

He would think it’s hilarious. He would watch you struggle with your height related issues with glee. 

“You need my help to get it down?”

“Nah, you got it baby, just a little bit more.”

“Hobi, please help. I can’t reach it!”

“Yes you can, I don’t need to encourage your co-dependency. Fighting :)”

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He wouldn’t care at all, and would never bring it up as an issue. 

He might tease you about it from time to time, but that’s just the kind of relationship you have, being able to joke around freely. 

“Wahhh, it must be tough being so short. I don’t think I could take it.”

“You know, I can still take you down. Don’t fuck with short people, they go for the kneecaps… and other more vulnerable areas.”

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He senses that it bothers you more than him. He’s on the taller side, and with you being under 5′2 there is quite the height difference. 

“I just hate the stares you know?”

“Baby, don’t worry about it. They don’t know you, or anything about our relationship. Don’t let it bother you.”

“They have no impact whatsoever on us.”

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He thinks you’re so cute, and your height makes you all the more cuter. 

He is so fluffy around you it’s insane. He also loves that while you may be small height wise, you don’t have a small personality. You have your own unique traits that match his own. 

Originally posted by kimthwriter


You know Jiminie is thrilled that you’re shorter than him. He already gets a ton of flack for being one of the shortest BTS members, so you being smaller would make him feel more confident/manlier in your relationship. 

He doesn’t have to feel insecure about his height or how little his hands are around you, because you’re smaller and you fit so well together. Couple goals tbh. 

- Would take advantage of it constantly, propping his chin on your head constantly, etc. 

“Jimin you have a pointy chin! It hurts, stop it.”

“Ahhh, but jagi it’s so comfortable, please just a little bit longer?”

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First Language [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: ok we know seb lived in paris but never got specifics soooo i had an ideaaaaaa…maybe part 2? yes? no? anyone?

“You guys didn’t have to come with me.” you huff back at the gang following you, angrily stomping through the posh hallways of Dalton Academy. “He is my boyfriend… and you hate him… Why did you come actually?” you wonder, crinkling your eyebrows together, pulling both your backpack straps to the waistband of your ripped sky blue jeans.

Santana scoffs, crossing her tan arms over her cheerio’s uniform. “Uh, duh, I wanna see what happened to the mole faced chipmunk.” she states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world. You roll your eyes, sighing deeply.

While holding Rachel’s hand, Finn tilts his head in confusion; Sam does the same, wondering the exact same question on everyone’s mind. “What exactly happened to him again?” the blonde asks, fixing his purple hoodie on his shoulder. “All I saw was you get a call and leave rehearsal…. Then everyone followed you and I got lost… I’m still lost.”

You bound around the corner, stopping when you get to the door that says ‘nurse’. Spinning on the heel of your sneaker, you fix your pink shoulderless shirt. “He was in lacrosse practice and hit his head and passed out, okay?” you rush out, inhaling deep. “And can I please see him alone before you all parade in?” you plead, hands returning to the straps of your backpack.

When most of the club nods, you let out a breath, facing the door. Turning the knob, you cautiously step in the office. “I’m Y/N, Sebastian’s…” you trail off as the nurse leads you to the cots. “How is he?” you chew on your lip nervously.

“Non! Non!” Sebastian’s voice lingers in the room, French accent a lot more noticeable. “Retire tes mains de moi (get your hands off me)! Ou est ma petite amie (where is my girlfriend)?!” he spits at Trent, who’s trying to coax the Warbler back into the cot, muttering ‘why are you not speaking English?’. “Je ne sais pas bon anglais (I don’t know good english)!” he bites in a frustrated tone, running a hand through his hair.

You furrow your eyebrows together, pushing the curtain. His knuckles curl around the edge of the cot, shoulders almost touching his ears. The moment Sebastian sees you, his green eyes light up, smile stretching on his lips. “Mon bébé, là tu es (my baby, there you are)!” he beams, standing up; navy lacrosse jersey hanging off his shoulder. You blink in confusion. “Ne me comprends-tu pas (do you not understand me)?” he whispers, eyes filling with water.

Frowning, you bend down in front of him, cupping his face. “Sebastian… Je t'aime (I love you)…” you hum, saying the only French you really know.

He grins, “Je t’aime, Y/N.” The knock on the door startles him and the glee club enters. “Pourquoi sont-ils ici (why are they here)?” he snarls, nose scrunching at the gang. “Quelle (what)?”

“Why is he speaking French?” Mercedes whispers to Kurt, who shrugs.

Sighing, you card your hand through his uncharastically messy hair, shaking your head. “French is his first language. He only learned English two years ago, before he came to Dalton.” you frown, eyes searching his face. “When we started dating, he was still learning.” you explain, “He must’ve hit his head really hard…” you cringe, pulling your beanie down.

“So, what’re we gonna do?” Artie pipes up, pushing his glasses to his nose.

Sebastian tugs on your hand, pouting. “Regarde, je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis mais (look, I don’t understand what you’re saying but)…” he pauses, licking his lips. “Je meurs de faim, pouvons-nous manger (I’m starving, can we eat)?”

You shrug your shoulders, squinting your eyes. “I think he’s hungry? Help me take him to Breadstix?”

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Thinking like 250-350 words, the concept of weather specific clothing in the Space Australia context. Just as a blunt example I live in Canada. I wear a hoodie, fleece gloves (one finger is missing), heavy leather boots that grip on ice. As well as a face mask and bandana the only human parts of me visible are my eyes one finger and a little bit of my throat. I look like the the freaking boogie man in the darkness. So I was thinking if aliens could survive our environment, what would they think?

My thanks to Anon for the prompt that led to this short story! Sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy having been the unwitting victim of my playing dress-up with you! Mwahaha! >:D

Human history is a lush and diverse one. It’s young days were full of bloodshed, the hostile environment of Earth and the difficulty early humans had in meeting their needs due to natural or artificial (usually artificial) resource scarcity making war commonplace. But, as humans say, necessity is the mother of invention. This is why by the 23rd century, humanity’s technological progress had frown in leaps and bounds and almost all areas of human innovation was radically different from what people in the Antiquity had known.

Almost all areas.

Strangely, in some domains, humans seemed to have a blind spot that made technological progress impossible. These fields were few and usually went unremarked… that is, until humanity made its first forays into the greater galactic community, and its idiosyncrasies became fuel for mockery.

“I’m almost ready! Hold up!”

Hopping on one foot, Nonnie finished pulling on his heavy leather boot. With thick soles that were specially designed to grip onto whatever ice might dare to cross his path, he felt ready to face the great outdoors in his quest for snacks. Warm leggings under a stylish heat-recycling winter skirt, a thick sweater and a large hoodie as well as a face mask and bandana completed the ensemble. The only pieces of skin visible were a sliver of throat, and one finger due to a hole in Nonnie’s nonetheless favourite pair of fleece gloves.  

Selqueth wriggled her antenna in exasperation. “I mreek don’t see why you mrak felt the need to make me mreek wait while you mrak changed your mrak clothes when what you mrak were wearing before was just fine and clean. We gaszgooz are only going down the street for pizza and sour-boiled lambar worms.”

Nonnie laughed as he made his way to the door where Selqueth had been waiting for the past 10 minutes as he dashed through the hive they shared looking for appropriate start-of-winter wear.

“I know you don’t get” – Selqueth interrupted with an offended flail, to which Nonnie responded with an eyeroll and a teasing insult.

“Fussy! Just because I don’t use the proper deferentials doesn’t mean I’m propositioning you. We’ve gaszgooz been over this Selqueth… Humans don’t assume whomever tishtosh we’re mreekoth talking to is down to fuck just because no one saaal explicitely said otherwise. And even if we mreekoth did, we mreekoth still wouldn’t pounce on unsuspecting people tishtosh and start doing the do. There’s a time and a place. And even if there WEREN’T, I’m mreek really fucking gay, Selqueth. No offense against you mrak because you’re mrak fine as hell and all, but I’m mreek only sexually attracted to other humans tishtosh. We gaszgooz will never ever need to have a duel to the castration in response to a misunderstanding because I mreek am never ever going to try to get it on with you mrak, ever, even if I mreek don’t explicitely state this, and I mreek know you’re mrak professionally celibate. Everyone saalmoth knows because you mrak are dyed purple and only a trump saal would try to proposition you MRAK. Can we just go now? I’m starving!”

“It’s still rude!” Selqueth insisted, but nonetheless opened the door and led the way to the restaurant the duo preferred, allowing Nonnie to close it behind him. “You mrak sound like a savage! It’s a wonder humans tishtosh managed to evolve enough to make it off planet if they tishtosh never bothered putting into place proper protocols to ensure consensual congress took place. I mreek still don’t understand how you mrak can be certain there won’t be issues. My mreek people almost faced extinction and we mreekoth wouldn’t still be around if the consent pronouns hadn’t been invented and made mandatory for all Samzin mreekoth three generations ago. Did I mreek ever tell you that my mreek mreek clutch-mother tish had ninety-six siblings tish and all but two of them tish and her tish were castrated in duels?”

Nonnie blinked and picked up the pace to keep up with Selqueth’s long strides. “I actually didn’t know that. Wow. I… That’s intense. No wonder you’re so fervent about proper pronoun usage. I thought you were just a grammar nerd.”

Selqueth arched her antenna backwards solemnly. “I mreek am. But more than that, I mreek am a history buff and I mreek could go on for hours about why the consent pronouns are the single most important linguistic, political, cultural and social invention of all of Samzin mreekoth history.”

The two friends walked in silence for several paces. It’s only a few meters away from the door of the Xhampion Fusion restaurant that Selqueth remembered her original question and asked it again. “You mrak never told me mreek why you mrak decided to change your mrak clothes.”

“Oh right! Well, it’s nothing mysterious. Unlike you, I’m not impervious to the cold. When the weather starts getting like this, I have to wear thicker clothes and more layers if I want to go out because otherwise, I’ll fall prey to the cold, get hypothermia, and die. If prehistoric humans hadn’t invented fire, we’d have gone extinct because humans are actually ridiculously fragile when it comes to dealing with cold. None of the other galactically recognized sophonts have this problem, as far as I’ve noticed. I guess it’s just a human thi… why are you looking at me like that?”

Selqueth had stopped walking, turning to focus all six of her forward-facing eyes onto Nonnie’s, and was making a buzz of incredulous disbelief. “I’m mreek not impervious to cold, Nonnie mrak”, she said.

“You’re not? I’ve never seen you see so much as a scarf even when we got that freak blizzard three years ago during end-of-winter. How are you not freezing to death right now!?”

Selqueth began chittering loudly, and waggled her antenna in Nonnie’s direction. Passersby turned curiously, wondering why a Samzim was pointing and laughing so loudly at an increasingly flustered human.

“I don’t get it! What’s the joke? What’s so funny!”

Selqueth gasped. “You mrak wear more clothes to stay warm! That’s ridiculous! What do you mrak do when it rains? Run?Stay inside?” The chittering was devolving into buzzing now.

“No! We use umbrellas! Not that it ever rains on this colony. But if it did, we’d use umbrellas. And some people wear raincoats, and rainboots too, I guess.”

Selqueth began stomping hopping in amused glee. “Raincoat. Rainboots. How hilarious! What is an ‘umbrella’? Is it some kind of anti-rain scarf?”

Nonnie sulked and crossed his arms. “If you’re going to mock me I don’t think I’ll tell you”, he said with a haughty sniff and vaulted back to the restaurant, cheeks beginning to flush under his balaclava.

“No, no! I mreek want to know! I mreek won’t laugh anymore! Promise! Tell me mreek please. What is an ‘umbrella’ and how does it help you with rain?” Selqueth walked past Nonnie so the restaurant’s motion sensors would register her first, and then waved her friend in politely, trying to show off her good will with the minor act she knew humans interpreted as a courtesy.

Nonnie pulled up besides their usual table, sat down, pulled off his face mask and squinted at her suspisciously. “An umbrella is a thing people use to keep the rain off of them. It’s shaped like an inverted blow and held up on a stick. It’s wide enough to cover a human’s head and shoulders. We hold it above our heads so the rain doesn’t fall on us.”

“Does the wind stop blowing when it rains on your planet? How do you prevent rain from coming at you sideways?”

“Ah… yes it does. And… we don’t. Umbrellas are pretty inefficient actually. You get wet anyways usually… But at least your head stays dry I guess. We haven’t really found anything better. Besides raincoats, hats and boots. But those are so tacky no one besides very young children are willing to be caught dead wearing those things.”

Selqueth looked at Nonnie solemnly. “How long ago were ‘umbrellas’ invented, Nonnie mrak?”

“Um… I don’t know. A few millenia? I don’t think anyone knows, to be honest. Humans have pretty much always used umbrellas.”

“And in all that time… Not a single human tishtosh invented something better?”

“I…”, and he stopped, wordless. “Actually… um… well, no? I mean… it’s an umbrella. How are you going to improve on that?”

“I’m mreek afraid that I’m mreek going to have to break my mreek promise and laugh at you mrak now.” And with those words, Selqueth began buzzing obnoxiously, antenna waggling furiously at the fuming human. “Umbrellas!” she gasped. “Bowls on sticks!” she chittered. “Warmer clothes!” she buzzed. “For millenia!”

“Well what do you do then when you get cold, since apparently you’re not impervious! What’s your better system?” Nonnie snapped, annoyed.

Selqueth laughed for a few moments more before managing to calm herself down.

“Like every single sophont tishtosh except, apparently, humans tishtosh, I mreek use a personal envirothermic regulator.” She waved at the discreet pink tattoo on the underside of her left upper limb that Nonnie had always thought was some kind of tattoo.

“It’s a small chip people tishtosh get implanted starting at about the cost of a big bowl of flava juice. It creates an energy field right above the skin that automatically reacts to varying environments to keep the thermal state at optimal levels so that neither heat nor cold causes any problems. It also automatically dries any water that comes into contact with the wearer tishtosh unless they tishtosh change the settings so that they tishtosh don’t get wet when it rains. If you mrak had one, you mrak could jump into a volcano, swim to the other side and be fine. Every single species tishtosh except, apparently, humans tishtosh had their own version centuries before ever achieving space flight. It’s said that the next model will be strong enough to withstand up to half an hour of hard vacuum, so that people tishtosh won’t need to wear evac suits for quick repair trips outside of their spaceships anymore. How could you mrak not have heard of this? Everyone has one!”

Nonnie’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in horror. He looked around him, for the first time noticing that indeed, just about every single person that he could see in the room had that same small pink tattoo somewhere on their person. And no one was wearing anything that could even remotely be construed appropriate winter wear. No one… except him.

He shut his mouth. Opened it again. Coughed embarrassedly.

“How much did you say these gadgets cost?” he muttered, “and where can I get one?”

Nonnie unzipped his hoodie, took off his gloves, and blushed furiously.

Selqueth chittered.

“May I take your order?” their waiter asked, coming up to the them, gossamer scarf elegantly fluttering down to rest delicately on a corner of the table top. 

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Come Home (Feysand Angst)

A hurtful comment said in the heat of the moment leaves Feyre miserable and alone. Rhys, wounded and angry, departs for a diplomatic mission before Feyre can tell him something important. As the months wear on and Feyre hears nothing but silence from the other end of the bond, her condition deteriorates. Will Rhys return home in time? Or will he be too late?

Word Count: 2664

Read on AO3


“Rhys, please, don’t go,” I plead.

“Feyre darling, it’s only for a couple of months. I just need to sort a few things out with the different courts now that the war is finally over.”

“Then at least take me with you! I’m your High Lady, I–”

“Exactly. You’re my High Lady,” he says, interrupting my pleas. He takes my hands gently in his and looks into my eyes with love. “You’re needed here, to sort out matters in our own Court.”

“You’re just coming up with excuses to keep me here,” I say, ripping my hands out of his. Rage is coursing through my veins like fire. “If you trap me here without you, you’re just like him.” That’s when I know I’ve stepped too far. Rhys takes a step back, in both anger and shock. I can feel the walls between our minds start to build.

“I am nothing like him, and you know it,” he snarls, his wings folding behind his back as if he can protect them from my words. “I told you a long time ago to stop making that comparison. Even if part of the reason I want you to stay here is for your own protection, I am not locking you up. I am not keeping you in this house. You are free to come and go as you wish. Visit the House of Wind. Visit Mor. Visit Amren.” He runs his hands through his hair and begins to pace in front of me. “The other High Lords are still wary of your powers, I don’t want anything happening to you–”

“I can take care of myself! I thought the war would’ve proved at least that,” I protest. My hands are beginning to tremble with nerves, and I clasp them behind my back to hide my distress from Rhys. This argument is bringing back unpleasant memories from my times at the Spring Court…my times with Tamlin. Rationally, I know that Rhys is not Tamlin. He would never be Tamlin. But today is not a rational day. Panic swells in my chest and my heart begins to race.

“I know darling, of course I know you can take care of yourself. But this is the first diplomatic trip since the end of the war, and I just want to feel things out first, there will be plenty of over trips for you to go on.”

“Rhys, please. I don’t care what the other High Lords think of my powers, they must know if they try to hurt me–”

“NO, Feyre.” Rhys stops pacing and growls at me with frustration. I flinch back. My blood is racing through my veins. I can hear my panicked heartbeat in my ears.





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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

Originally posted by disconected-of-this-world

                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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