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March 21, 2017

Basically, Calm The Hell Down.

To everyone saying Taylor should get back together with Dianna, try to remember that she broke up with her for a reason. Think about Better Man. Think about Come Back Be Here, think about the Glee tweet, think about Blank Space if you read my post about it. Look, I love Dianna, but that’s because I’ve never been with her. You have to admit what was wrong with the relationship for once, instead of seeing Dianna as a random ex who Karlie replaced, who it didn’t work out with because of out-of-control dating rumours. What was wrong with it was that Dianna treated Taylor like shit. She was constantly playing with Taylor’s feelings, hooking up with other girls and not making Taylor feel like she was particularly special - only just equal to the other girls (coughNayaRiveracough). By the time they broke up, I’m sure Taylor felt worthless and terrible about herself. Again - think about Better Man. It explains Taylor’s side of the story beautifully.

I also feel as though the reason Taylor was so grateful for how special Karlie treated her was exactly that. Taylor purposely looked for someone like Karlie because she realised that being in love with someone wasn’t enough of a reason to date them anymore, no matter how deeply, because it’s a matter of them, but it’s also a matter of you, and how they make you feel as a person. For heaven’s sake - Taylor teared up when Karlie called her beautiful*. Personality-wise, Karlie’s legitimately like the opposite of Dianna.

So yeah, that’s why I get triggered when people say “lol get back together with Dianna”, and they’re joking, but secretly they’re kind of serious too; at least, they haven’t ruled it off the list. They still see it as an option. Which it’s like, not.

*In the Vogue video

anonymous asked:

IM NEW HERE, CAN YOU HELP? So your post and was wondering: What happened with Dianna Agron? And what viral videos of Karlie being intimate?? Annd who's Emily Poe?????! So many questions!!!! :((((((((

Welcome welcome! So I’m going to give you some short answers to your questions and then give you some tags and masterposts you can go and read! 

1. What happened with Dianna? 

Oh boy, this is a bit of a long one. So basically Di and Tay met in 2011 and quickly became ‘besties’ in early 2012. They went on movie dates, after parties, you name it! Now the thing with Di is that there had, and continues to be a lot of speculation surrounding her sexuality ( *cough cough* Lea Michelle) but I won’t go into detail with all that because you probably don’t care. So anyways, back in 2012 was when Taylor was in full ‘serial dater’, she seemingly dated a bunch of guys in a relatively short period of time, but surprise Dianna was with her basically every ‘date’ she went on with these guys. She was there when Taylor ‘first met’ Connor Kennedy, she was there on ‘dates’ with Harry Styles, you get the point. Di and Taylor were basically smooth sailing until there were a few mishaps. First was the Glee tweet, basically Taylor tweeted that a ‘secret source had told her that they’d be doing her song on glee’, hinting that Di had told her that they’d be performing a TS song… well in fact, they didn’t. Instead, it was the episode where Quinn Fabray ( Di’s character) hooked up with Santana. We can assume that Dianna had told her they were doing her song to get her to watch her have sex with another woman…lol. Then a few months later, an article was published basically saying that they were dating. Turns out the article was fake, but it went viral so people believed it. Even some bigger twitter accounts tweeted about them being in a relationship. The two seemingly had a falling out some time after that whole thing and didn’t interact at all until a few months later when they went to a concert together. After the concert it was over, they weren’t even seen together again. 

There are a few songs that are most likely about Di on both Red and 1989, most definitely Everything Has Changed, 22 and Holy Ground on Red and Clean, I Wish You Would, All You Had to Do Was Stay, I Know Places and Wonderland. I would go more into detail but then this post would be like 10 pages long lol so I’ll link a Swiftgron masterpost at the end.

2. Viral Video of Karlie and Tay

So this is what we call Kissgate. Basically it was a video from a concert that Tay and Kar were at where someone took a video of them supposedly ‘kissing’. Now whether they actually kissed or not is up for debate, but either way they were being pretty intimate. The video got posted and was picked up by the media pretty quickly.  Now the thing with Kissgate is that it basically ended the glass closet thing that Kaylor had going on in 2014. After Kissgate, they went into hiding basically and not too long after, the stunting with Cowpatty began. So all in all, Kissgate was a pretty shitty thing.

3. Who is Emily Poe?

Well well well, this is also a long topic but I’ll do my best. Emily Poe was Taylor’s fiddle player and backup singer for Taylor’s first tours. This was in the TS and early Fearless eras, if I remember correctly. They were touring with various people as openers or side acts. Emily and Taylor were VERY close and just looking at old pictures of them you would assume they were dating (which we’re pretty sure they were). Suddenly, Emily left the band and went to law school out of the blue. Taylor made a video for her with signs that said ‘I love you emily’ and the song Stolen playing in the back (when we learned that baby Tay is the cutest little romantic). We found out later that Emily was in fact fired by Taylor’s team. Our guess is that things with her and Taylor were getting pretty serious and because Taylor was an up and coming country star, her dating a girl probably wasn’t the best move for her image at the time. 

So here are some masterposts you can go and read to find out some more:

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If you’ve got any more questions feel free to ask me! I promise I don’t bite ;)

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