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Glee Song Tournament (S4): Round 2, Bracket C

Welcome to the Season Four Song Tournament!!!

The tournament will be set up like the previous ones, voting on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

Pretty much all the songs found in season four are here! The only exceptions this time around are the snippets sung at competitions from third parties such as Over the River and Rainbow Connection, addition Christmas songs only found on the album, and Stoner Brett’s seminal classic - Busters Got Popped.  I also combined the Fridea Romero songs Wings and Clarity so not to have to cut one performance – also, they’re basically one song anyway, and most likely to be cut in the first round.  

Check out the full brackets: Here

For tagging purposes, I’ll use the tag: s4songtourn   You can also check out the ballots you missed on the main page under Tournaments and Polls.

To vote: List the episode you want to win within each match in a response and then reblog.  You have exactly two days (next Thursday, the 4th) at 8am (U.S. EST)) to cast your vote. Go, go, go!

Bracket C

Match 9:

Hopelessly Devoted to You (4x05)

Getting Married Today (4x14)

Match 10:

Boys/Boyfriend (4x02)

No Scrubs (4x11)

Match 11: 

The Scientist (4x04)

This Is The New Year (4x12)

Match 12: 

The Way You Look Tonight (4x03)

Shout (4x15)

take me back to the start- a fanmix for beacon hills star-crossed lovers

listen: (x)

1.for seventeen in the arms of her first love/kiss it all better- he is we
2.for fighting till their last breath/just one yesterday- fall out boy
3.for letting go but never giving up/if you ever come back- the script
4. for isaac and kira/ someone like you- adele
5. for struggling to breath/say something- great big world christina aguliera
6.for after four months/i almost do- taylor swift
7.for no such thing as fate/ the scientist- glee cast cover
8. for holding on to each other/devil’s tears- angus and julia stone
9. for storms all around them/our hell- emily haines
8. for their unescapable destiny/samson- regina spektor
9. for star-crossed love/arms- christina perri
10.for all secrets revealed/my salvation- gabrielle aplin
11. or the prom//wings- birdy
12.for “because i love you”/start of time- gabrielle aplin
12.for falling/my love- sia
14. for “she kissed me”/never let me go- florence and the machine
15. for the girl without a pen/everything has changed- ed sheran and taylor swift