glee survivor


Anon prompted: prompt for bash hidden moments: Blaine taking care of Kurt after bash the night they get home. kurt insists he’s fine and tries to carry himself up the stairs but almost falls over, therefor having to give into opening himself up and letting blaine help him.

Kurt’s tired of everyone treating him like a victim.  Blaine realizes that Kurt’s not a victim, but a survivor.

1255 words.  Rated: PG

Kurt sighed in relief when they finally reached the apartment building.  It had been a long week for him, as well as a long day.  Burt had always said that no one ever gets a good night’s sleep in the hospital and Kurt wholeheartedly agreed.  After a week in the hospital, Kurt felt utterly exhausted.  But that hadn’t stopped him from trying to jump right back into life.  He had insisted upon going to swap out flowers for the other gay bashing victim and going to see Carmen Tibideaux to reschedule his critique.  He had been determined to continue on as if nothing happened because he figured that would be the best way to separate himself from the attack and move on.

Unfortunately for Kurt, moving on wasn’t so easy.  By the time that he and Blaine had made it to the apartment, the pain that Kurt felt was slowing becoming intolerable and he was dead on his feet.  He was determined though to make it up the stairs unassisted.

“Are you sure you don’t want my help?” Blaine asked as he stood at the base of the stairs watching as Kurt looked up at the stairs and gulped.

“Yes,” Kurt whispered in return.  The truth was that Kurt wasn’t all that sure at all.  He wondered how he was going to make the first step, let alone the few flights of stairs he was going to have to climb.  “I’m sure.”

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Here is the festival poster for The Blackout Experiences. The horror documentary will premiere at Sundance later this month as part of the festival’s Midnight section.

The films is directed by Rich Fox, who has worked as an editor on such shows as Aquarius, Glee and Survivor. The synopsis sounds fairly intriguing:

A group of friends discover the dark underworld of the ultra-scary, psychosexual horror experience called Blackout. But what starts as a thrill ride through the unknown becomes deeply personal, developing into an obsession that hijacks their lives and blurs the line between reality and paranoid fantasy.