glee special


One of the top comments on this is “send this to Trump” and I couldn’t stop laughing

[Make You Feel My Love] was the first song that I was asked to pick what I wanted to sing. Initially, a lot of sad songs came to mind, and then instead of thinking about a sad song I thought, ‘Why don’t I think about a beautiful song, a song that makes me think of a beautiful time.’ That’s what I did, and I thought about this song, and I thought about that I still listen to it all the time. It made me so happy, and I love this song. I still listen to it despite what moment it was in Glee. It’s very special to me, and it brings up a lot of different emotions, but mostly positive, and mostly beautiful. That’s what I’m trying to hold on to when I sing it.


Everyone wants to feel special. Loved. Included. Are you going to be the person to prevent that from happening? I know I am not, not ever, and I feel compelled to do everything I can in this lifetime to encourage others to be loving and supportive people. Not everyone is going to be like you, and how boring would it be if they were! Let love in and be love. Those are the words that I live by. What are the words that you choose to live by? Think about it.
—  Dianna Agron

today they finish filming glee. for some people it might be the end of a show, for people like me, it’s the end of the most beautiful and amazing time of my life. 

thank you to the entire cast and crew of glee. we’ll never forget this.


You say they were just characters,
You say they weren’t real…
But where were you when I needed to grow?
Where were you when I needed to believe?
Where were you when I was dying?
Who saved my life?
Because it wasn’t you.
Because they are much more than I’ve ever had.
Because of them I feel special ⭐️