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Korrasami- Mine

“I remember how we felt sitting by the water…”

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Jessica Sanchez🙌

Song:Drunk in Love/***Flawless by Beyonce

I'm So Excited (Glee Cast Version) [feat. The Troubletones]
Glee Cast
I'm So Excited (Glee Cast Version) [feat. The Troubletones]

I’ve waited over two weeks to listen to this. And I am not disappointed at all! Having Glee covering this song makes me so excited I almost wet my pants. No kidding. I’m so happy with this! Happy Brittana Wedding everyone!

Dear Lord thank you for having the glorious Gloria Estefan singing this much!!! Amber killed it too, and Naya and Heather sounded like angels as always <3 I would have paid to listen Heather sing more, but that’s ok. And this Gina Gershon sure has a nice voice :O It also makes me happy to listen to
Jennifer Coolidge singing xD I love her.

The Brittana Fanslide Extravaganza (yes, that's a thing!)

Hi everyone!!

As the 100th episode draws near- bringing with it an army of new, old and never-before-felt feels-  5150 and I came up with a great- if we do say so ourselves- (and we do say so ourselves)- project we’d love everyone to take part in.

We’ve all heard a song on the radio, or on our ipod, that instantly paralyzes us with feels because it’s just so Brittana. So now, we want you to gather those songs, because The Brittana Fanslide Extravaganza is upon us!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Someone sends the title + artist of a song that gives them ~Brittana feels to your askbox. (Anon or not, it’s up to the sender.)
  2. You write a 100-word drabble using the song as a prompt/inspiration, and post it under the #FANSLIDE tag. (See the example post under the tag)
    ***If you’re not a writer, or you’re not feeling the song, you may opt to share a mini-playlist of 5 songs, and write a sentence about why you chose each one, what you imagine the characters doing when you hear it, etc. We want everyone to participate!
  3. Once you post, then it’s your turn to think of a song that gives you ~Brittana feels, and send that title+artist to someone else to write about.
  4. Everyone dies.

Easy, right?

About the post:

  • The drabble should be 100 words but no more than 150, though honestly, I’m not going to sit and count, so, honor system, okay?
  • For an extra challenge, you can try and make it exactly 100 words long, but it’s not required.
  • AU, angst, fluff, and pretty much any genre are welcome. If it’s smut, though, just make sure it’s tagged appropriately with #NSFW, just in case those 100 words get carried away. (Looking at myself, here…)
  • Please link to the song in the post, if you can. Or, if you feel so inclined and it’s a song you already have or whatever, you can make a music post and attach your drabble to that. The point is to share the feels! (Again, see the example post under the #FANSLIDE tag!)

About the music:

  •  Any genre, any song, no judgment. If you’re worried about your music, trust me, mine is probably the most embarrassing collection alive, so don’t be afraid to share your selections!
  • If someone already did the song you wanted, and you don’t have any other songs to share, it’s okay to share the same song again, just send it to a different person than the one who already covered it. :)
  • You can use songs Glee has covered, other covers of songs, or pretty much anything. It’s all up for grabs.

About the ask:

  • You can choose to ask someone under anon or not. Personally, I think it’s fun both ways. But if you don’t want someone to know that you’re the person that’s sending them “Sometimes” by Britney Spears, you might want to stick to Anon.
  • Also, just in case people randomly get song titles and artists sent to their askbox on a regular basis, please include a Brittana quote of your choosing, so they know it’s for the Fanslide! Examples would be, “You’re a genius” or “Put this shirt on and dance with me.” Get creative, songbirds!

Okay, so what happens if you get tagged and you don’t want to participate at all? No writing, no playlist. You’re too paralyzed with feels. 

Well, that’s okay- just send the ask back to either 5150 or myself, and we’ll get the bird flying again! :)

And finally…

Don’t know who to send it to next?

Here’s a list of a few birds to get you started! (Get it? Birds?)

xandylytex, 5150allthebestpeopleare, jellyman-kelly, x-roulette-xchaoticspaces, mad-cow-mamaishiheard2day, leigh-kelly, chuckleshan, gethigherff, lordtubprivateeye, ohhheyitsnic, finnfuckingshothimself, killercereal, fwok, mysecretlifeofwords, lazarusgirl, ididntmeanyou

(If I forgot to tag you, I’m sorry! Just leave a comment or reblog and add yourself!)

Of course, these aren’t the only people you can send an ask to- the point is to get everyone participating, so if you know somebody who knows somebody who might know somebody who might be interested in participating, send them an ask and see what happens! ;)

5150 and I will both be sending a song out to two special someones to kick off the project in the next 24 hours, so track the #FANSLIDE tag and watch your askbox!! 


This year GLEE did over 121 song covers, now that it’s the end of the year it’s time to vote for your favorite songs!
I’ve divided the songs into Group Performances, Solos, and Duets.

  1. You can vote for THREE songs in each category.
  2. You can reblog this post and add your answer, or message/submit your votes!
  3. Voting extended to January 5, 2014

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for the rest of my life after next week I’ll be listening to a song and I’ll still be saying, “glee should cover this song”

and then I’ll stare into the distance as a tear falls down my cheek because I won’t ever happen


               suddenly it moves with such a
                                                   p e r f e c t   g r a c e