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Do you have any fics where either of them has a twin or a lot of siblings? Thanks!

We have not read this first one, but it has been previously rec’d via our readers. 

Meet The Anderson’s by  Emmy-Mae92

When Blaine’s phone rings constantly to voicemail, Kurt begins to get a little frustrated and concerned. With a little push from Burt, he finds himself at Blaine’s front door, where he may be in for the shock of a lifetime and an entire new side to his boyfriend’s family that he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams.


The Dumbing Down Of Love by @coffeeringlets

“The butterflies in his stomach had been lying to him and it was only in that instant that he realized it. He wondered just how long his traitor brain had been duping him. All he was sure of was that what he was beginning to feel for Blaine was very, very dangerous.”


It’s All So Simple by  notarelationship (justpraticing)

While going through his mother’s papers after her death, Blaine Anderson discovers hospital paperwork for a girl born the same day as him, in the same hospital in New York City. His investigation into the baby leads him to his twin sister, Rachel Berry, and her roommate Kurt Hummel. Blaine has to navigate his feelings over his new sister, complicated by her best friend who he might be falling for.




“S/he is amazing!” Dean turned to his left and smiled at his younger Brother.
Maybe this wasn’t hunting but you’d always loved singing and acting and Dean had to admit that he loved seeing you up there, doing what you loved most.
“I know, right?” Sam returned the glance for a second and looked just as proud as the oldest of you Winchesters. 
A few minutes later the play was over and the crowd started to applaud.
The whole cast took a bow and after that you looked at your cheering Brothers.
They smiled up at you and even though you really missed your parents in the audience, you knew that your brothers would always be there for you.


Glee Klaine Anderberry AU___  Overprotective psycho brother

Kurt and Blaine are living together in Bushwick, NY. Rachel, Blaine’s little sister, is also starting to build her life in the city: A couple of weeks ago, she moved in with her boyfriend Elliott. But she doesn’t want to tell Blaine: he’s always been an overprotective brother and isn’t comfortable with the idea of his baby sister dating someone.

As the time goes by, Blaine gets suspicious: he knows Rachel can’t afford living alone in NY, and he still hasn’t been introduced to any roommate… So he makes a decision: he’s going to find out what’s really happening, and Kurt is gonna help him.

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This was based heavily on this vine

Anyways, it’s Killua’s turn to be traumatised! Silva’s discovery can be found here!

How Killua found out about Illumi and Hisoka’s relationship.

When the falcon had arrived for Killua with a scrap of paper, Killua’s initial reaction had been to throw out the note in a fit of rage and disappointment. He’d thought he was well hidden from his family’s eyes but apparently not. His anger was rooted deeply to the fact that his family would not leave him be. 

His curiosity had, of course, won in the end. The note was from Illumi, which made Killua rethink his decision on burning the note, the eldest Zoldyck had apparently moved out of the mansion and was offering Killua his address in case he was ever in need of his beloved big brother (Illumi’s words not Killua’s.)

Killua was struck with an odd mixture of surprise and pride. Illumi had never hinted that he may want to leave the Zoldyck estate. Perhaps Killua had inspired him to leave the nest? Killua doubted that but it was an almost comforting thought, he did care for his brothers after all.

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Noelle puckerman ☆ nineteen ☆ senior ☆ mila kunis

Puck’s sister needed for mckinley boarding school. located in denver, colorado and home to hundreds of students from across the nation. students are sent here for their love of arts, excelling in school, or just because their parents wanted to send them away. students go to school year round and stay in dorms. who knows what trouble, drama, and chaos will occur.

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ok so Siobhan Smythe from Supergirl and Sebastian Smythe from Glee are 100% siblings right? I mean they have the same initials, are pains in the ass and have this weird thing about fancy coffee.