glee season premier

Despite all the times I hated Glee with all my heart and swore I'd never watch it again, here I stand to say

that I love this stupid show with all my heart and I am so thankful for all the time I spent watching, listening, reading and crying. 

I am blessed to be a part of the Gleeks from the beggining, to be a proud Gleek, to defend with al my guts that this is, after all, the greatest final seaseon they could be doing.

And I’m glad to say Glee changed my life. Gave me courage to come out, gave me strength to overcome depression, and made me realize we can’t live without music.

Sing it out loud, Gleeks. With all your hearts.

And be glad. We are finally getting a good Finale. <3


fandom: Glee
characters: Sebastian/Blaine
word count: 572
rating: pg
summary: Blaine runs into someone familiar right after the break-up.
author’s notes: based on some of donnanople’s tweets after the season 6 Glee premiere. spoilers for s6. (ao3)


The rain clatters like the beat of a drum; rhythmless and out of tune it manages to drown his breathless sobs, caressing his lungs with long claws that dig deep and painful, his stomach settled on nausea. He can’t believe it’s over, he can’t believe just half an hour ago he was planning his wedding, the most beautiful day of his life and now—

Where does he go from here? Does he just pack up his things, find his own place and— move on?

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Well, these first two episodes left me feeling very depressed for obvious reasons. I’ve spent the past fifteen hours clutching my chest and periodically crying my eyes out. The fact that I could become so emotionally invested in a tv show baffles me. Anyway, there are some scenes that left me hopeful. Number 1, Kurt finally goes to a therapist, and she shows him that he has a problem with intimacy. Everybody always says that the first step to fixing a problem is realizing you have it, and admitting it, and Kurt has finally taken that step. Now he can start to fix it. This means that when him and Blaine get back together, which they will, their relationship will be so much healthier because Kurt doesn’t keep all his feelings bottled up until eventually they spill out and Kurt says things that he doesn’t mean. Number 2, Blaine and Dave’s relationship wasn’t real. I don’t give a crap what anybody says, Blaine looked so uncomfortable after Dave came up and kissed him on the cheek. Blaine is usually a very affectionate person, but with Dave, he kept his hands to himself, and when Dave teased him he responded in what kind of looked like an eye roll. He’s obviously uncomfortable with Kurt being there, because he is the guy that he’s been trying to get over for the past few months, and now that he’s back, he made Blaine realize that no, he’s not over Kurt. He’s not over Kurt at all. That’s why he was focused so deeply on Kurt’s reaction, and he knew what was going through Kurt’s head. He knew that when Kurt said he was going to the restroom, he was gonna break down and cry. Blaine may have gone into the relationship with Dave thinking it was because he liked him, but deep down he knew that it was just a rebound. It was just because they talked about Kurt, who he missed like hell, and he was so hurt and rejected that he would take any form of love and acceptance he could get. Blaine doesn’t have the best parental support system to fall back on, so he relies on relationships with other people. Number 3. Every single time Blaine was with Dave, he was looking at Kurt with an almost knowing look, almost as if he was rubbing it in Kurt’s face. Although I am not happy by the hostility, I do agree that Kurt kind of deserves it. The point is, when Blaine looks at Kurt that way, it shows that he wants to be noticed. He wants Kurt to realize that he had pushed away the person that made him the happiest, the person he loved the most. Little does Blaine know, Kurt has figured that out. The problem is, Blaine’s too scared to go back into a relationship that has hurt him so many times before, even though he desperately wants to. I have come to the conclusion that after Blaine and Kurt get back together, their relationship will be better than it ever was, because now that they have had time to themselves and really figured out who they were without each other, they can realize how happy they make each other, but at the same time not be so dependent on the relationship that it becomes unhealthy and causes fighting and tension. 

So.... thoughts on the screening commentary for "Loser Like Me"...

First of all, many thanks to Brian Cantor for his honest appraisal of the final Glee season premiere. With expectations (good and bad) running high, it’s nice to get an opinion from someone who is a professional and doesn’t have a personal investment in the show or the fandom. And his comments do make me feel a little better about the upcoming episode. Sure, I’m still expecting the season to be a total shitfest in general (and for Kurt in particular), but I’m no longer quite so pessimistic.

First of all, the “Rachel element”, as he put it. I’ve been saying that she’s been cruising for a massive fall for a long time now and it appears that the show is finally going to give it to her and will be pulling no punches. She’s going to be knocked to the ground and kicked while she’s there. It’s been a long time coming and after seeing her treating everyone around her like crap because she felt it was her right as a star, and showing absolutely no appreciation for her professional accomplishments because they came so easily to her. To see her humbled (and so well deservedly so) will go a long way to making the audience care about her story. In season five, they gave her so much so quickly that there was nowhere to go but down. Now that they’ve knocked her down as low as she can go, there is no where she can go but up. Hopefully they’ll be able to moderate her accomplishments to a more believable level and actually let Rachel learn something from her experiences instead of her going back to her old self-entitled ways.

Then we have what obviously has the Klainers in a total tizzy… the big break up between Kurt and Blaine. Again, the breakup has been telegraphed all though season five that these two just weren’t ready to try living together and each time they tried, they failed. That they would implode again is no surprise. Nor that Kurt would be the one to call it quits in the end. We spent all of last season watching his frustration with Blaine’s presence taking over every corner of Kurt’s life, and Blaine being oblivious to when Kurt wasn’t happy. They just weren’t working together.

Now here is where Brian said something interesting in his commentary – that both Kurt and Blaine will get a chance to be seen sympathetically by the audience, but in the end Chris’s acting and the narrative will put most of the sympathy to Kurt’s perspective. This is certainly going to upset the klainers (who are primarily Blaine fans). Ever since Blaine cheated and caused their first break up, they’ve wanted the score to be evened. Since the first spoilers came out, they’ve been waiting for Kurt to be the one at fault for the second break up in order negate the burden that Blaine’s infidelity put on him. Instead, we seem to be getting the impression that while Kurt might be the one who made the call to break up (apparently because he reached his fed up point), that he is going to be presented as at least somewhat justified in his decision. Ending a relationship that doesn’t make you happy doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad person (as opposed to jumping on someone else’s dick in a moment of pique). As for Chris’s acting… will get to that in a moment…

The scene between Blaine, Kurt and Karofsky in the music store – Brian made one thing clear, that Max’s line readings are what really hammers home Kurt’s pain. Not Blaine. This is interesting because this should have been a pivotal scene between Kurt and Blaine and it becomes one about Kurt and Karofsky. Not because of the narrative, but simply on the quality of the acting. To put in bluntly, Chris and Max are so far out of Darren’s league as actors that it’s no surprise that Darren ends up sidelined in a scene that he should be showcased in. And it’s apparently not going to be through lack of trying on the writers parts. They’re giving Darren the material. He’s just not up to it.

And this brings us to Brian’s most inflammatory remark, and I’m going to quote him here. When he was called out by someone for apparently favoring one character over another in his commentary, he answered “I very much realize that I am saying Chris Colfer is a better actor than Darren Criss.”.

Now this should come as no surprise to anyone that the general consensus outside the Glee fandom that Chris is a vastly superior actor than Darren is. Chris is the one with the serious acting awards and nominations, and Chris is the one that was courted to act alongside some of British cinemas living legends. Chris has a remarkable ability to elevate some of the worst material that’s ever been handed to an actor on Glee, so it should not come out as a shock that a critic who doesn’t have a personal investment in either performer (as he’s not a “fan”) can have an unbiased opinion that Chris is the better, more nuanced actor. Or that when Darren is acting in a scene with stronger actors and the scene isn’t staged around supporting him, that he gets pushed to the background. That is not the fault of the show, the writers, the critics or Chris and Max.

Darren has never been a strong actor. Not from the day he first joined the cast. He had a pleasant, affable presence and wasn’t given the kind of material that would outstrip his ability to pull off. He also was given the gift of working with Chris in the majority of his scenes who was able to do all the acting and emotional heavy lifting in their scenes. But in the years since, Darren has not elevated his performances at all. He’s still a strictly surface performer. His dramatic scenes are, at best, unconvincing. And his big comedy moments are totally over the top and lack any sense of subtlety that makes them  work. Rather than trying to learn to improve his performance skills, he bought into the hype that he as the hottest thing ever and if anything, his acting skills have deteriorated. So that Darren isn’t able to hold his own in a scene with better actors? No surprise and Darren and his fans have nothing to blame other than his weak, lazy acting.

So indication that I might have something worth watching in LLM that makes some continuity sense and that I’ll get some stellar acting from Chris, along with whining from the Klaine/Blaine stans about their fav falling short primarily because of Darren’s weakness as an actor… yeah, this year is off to a great start.