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glee meme: eight characters [1/8] » sam evans

Sam saved sectionals last year when were short of a member and moved back to McKinley.

He rescued our Nationals trophy.

Sam gave me the courage to follow my dreams to become a singer, and without him, I wouldn’t have moved to LA.

And let’s not forget when Sam took care of his entire family when his dad lost his job. They were living in a motel. Homeless..and Sam supported them. And that’s pretty amazing. He’s really a substantial person.

  • glee season 1: CLASSIC
  • glee season 2: one of the best seasons of television i have ever watched. funny, emotional, great music and guest stars, well-written story arcs and character development
  • glee season 3: enjoyable
  • glee season 4: disappointing
  • glee season 5: shit
  • glee season 6: shit

glee meme | eight characters [3/8] » brittany s. pierce

“My entire life, people have always told me that I was stupid and after a while I started to believe them and it wasn’t until I walked in this room and joined this club that I really started believing in myself. As soon as I did that, as soon as I started believing that maybe I was smart after all, I think the whole world did, too and I’m really gonna miss you guys.”

So… I made a little something. Just a couple things about how I went about finding and compiling the gif hunts. I only checked the actor’s name+gif hunt in the tags. I also didn’t include gif hunts that didn’t specify how many gifs there were. Furthermore, I only went back until April 2013 except for some cases (Alex Newell, Matt Morrison, Jane Lynch) where there were only 3 or less gif hunts in the tags.

Downloadable gif hunts are italicized.

If you find any mistakes, let me know! Enjoy!

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