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The Brunch

CHARACTERS: Santana, Maribel, Dani and Mark
WHERE: Brunch
WHEN: September. 8th. 2015.
WHAT:  Santana goes to brunch with her mom and gets a shocking surprise.

Santana hadn’t heard from Danielle since she had ran away from her house, disappearing into an uber and she’d had other girls, new and old since then. It was Saturday and when her mom and called and asked her to meet her for brunch for a ‘serious talk’, she put her plans on hold, furrowing her brows as she dressed fancy, in the clothes her mom liked her to see her in, meeting her in town at 11. She ordered sparking water and a salad, her mom filling her in a little bit. “So… you know I met that guy, Mark?” she asked, Santana nodded hesitantly. “Well… it might be a little more serious than I let on before” her mom admitted, biting her lip and she raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Oh really?” she asked, laughing. “I’m getting a new daddy?” she asked and her mom looked at her sheepishly. “…ooookay mommy, so I guess I’m here to meet him?” she asked and her mom nodded. “Yes, Mark and his daughter are joining us” she told her and Santana nodded, smiling. “I’m happy for you mom” she smiled, kissing her cheek.

They waited a while, Mark arriving first, informing them that his daughter needed the restroom and would be out in just a second. Shaking his hand, she congratulated him on his engagement to her mom and warned him to treat her well to which he promised that he would. They briefly discussed plans, her mom telling her that both Mark and his daughter would be moving in and she nodded, not having a problem with it at all, actually kind of relieved that maybe her mom would bother her a little less if she had something else to focus her attention on. “Ahh, here she is, my little princess” Mark said, Marbiel and Mark both smiling at his daughter as she walked towards them from behind her, turning around, she had a friendly smile on her face ready to greet the girl too, her face soon dropping when she realised who it was. Dani. Oh shit. Frowning, confused, she turned back around, taking a deep breath as the girl sat at their table, eyeing her out of the corner of her eye. This was her new sister? What. The. Fuck.

Secret Santa Buddy!

Hey so for the glee rp community, if you haven’t got a secret Santa or want to be one .  Please reblog this post once. I will do my best to assign you a secret Santa buddy, and you will get your secret Santa buddy today and you can reveal yourself on Christmas eve.  You can send them messages, ask them about their rp experience or anything else you want to gift them with.

Coffee Dates And Secrets - January 2014 - Kurtbastian-

At the end of his last class, Kurt took his phone out and added Sebastian’s number to his phone - which mainly held contacts for his family and the few friends he’d made at McKinley. He texted Sebastian to let him know that his last was over and to meet him at the entrance.

It took a while to make his way through the crowd of boys at school, mainly because Kurt kept close to himself so that he knew his hat was staying on and his altered blazer wouldn’t be shifted to show his tail, but eventually, Kurt got to the entrance and sat down on one of the benches outside as he waited for Sebastian to arrive.


Have you ever had a secret that you never wanted anyone to find out about? Have you ever felt like you were an outcast in your own family? Welcome to Bristol Academy University for Multiples which is located in Miami, Florida. Bristol is a place where multiples of all kind come to get a wonderful education. It’s a place where they can feel safe, wanted and find people like themselves to relate to. But things happen when you’re just a young adult in college, some that you’ve expected since you were younger and some that you could never possibly anticipate. How each person deals with what they’re given is completely up to them; some handle the pressure like champions while others buckle and fall to their knees.


What a crazy night!

I am exhausted still this morning. Opening went amazingly though, I have a feeling we sold out, but our director likes to keep that a secret until the end so we can see all together how many nights we sold out and how great it all went. Now, to spend the morning in bed relaxing until it’s time to get started on another great show. Thankfully the matinees haven’t started just yet.

And so other round of shows begin!

The re-opening of Mamma Mia is tonight, and I am beyond excited. It’s been a crazy, tiring week, with rehearsals all day, but I know for sure it’ll be worth it when we get back on stage tonight. My love for ABBA has certainly grown deeper and I can’t wait to get back to singing some of my favourites on stage tonight! How’s everyone else’s day going?