glee roleplay confessions

I honestly can’t believe queer erasure is still a thing in 2017 - and that it’s not even frowned upon by the majority. Its erasing important identity representation, and it has to stop. If anyone changes ethnicity of a poc character, all of Tumblr falls on their ass, and screams about identity erasure - as they should. But when it comes to erasing queer identities nobody even cares, and it’s hurtful.            

Thanks to Guest Graphic Maker Liz for making the confession.

In the year of our Lord 2017, why are people still bubbling in groups? Don’t just come on and talk to the few people you’ve got ships with. If you just want to reply to one or two people, you shouldn’t be in a group, and if you’re thinking it’s fine because people probably don’t notice, we do. We sit here with no replies to do, watching you ignore us for hours. We NOTICE.            

Addressing An Important Issue That Has Come Up

We have begun to get more and more confessions from people talking about this community has done nothing but bring them down, people saying that they have no friends in this community, that no one ever seems to have anything nice to say about them. This needs to end. This fandom should be ashamed of the way that people are bullied by others in the community. We all came together because of Glee and what has been the main message of this show all along? Accepting other people, not bullying them.

Things have only seemed to keep getting progressively worse, but we have decided to address this tonight because we have just received what appears to be a suicide note sent as a confession because of the way that this community has treated that person. Multiple admins have messaged the RPer in an attempt to check on them and talk to them but this can not keep happening. The hate and negativity in the community is literally going to kill someone.

Even those of us who maybe aren’t so fond of the canon show anymore still hold respect for the actors - or at least our favorites - and can you imagine what they would think if they knew that their fans were treating other ‘Gleeks’ so horribly that they are driving people to suicide? I’m pretty sure that they would be horrified. This kind of behavior needs to stop now.

I know that it’s easier to send hate over the internet, especially when you have the option of sending it on anon or even to other blogs who will post it so it never has to be tied back to you at all, but that doesn’t make it any more right. These are still real people who are being tormented, insulted and sometimes down-right treated like dirt! These are real people who are being hurt by this so badly that at least one person seems to be contemplating suicide! 

I created this blog to be a source of praise and encouragement for the community. I wanted this to be something positive where people could talk about their favorite RPs, RPers and storylines. I know that we have taken rants for a while now and sometimes I’m still not sure that we should, but we have made a point to never post anything targeted at a specific person. Until now I have stayed mostly silent on the blogs that do, but right now I am begging for this to end all together. If you have to post it, leave out names and urls. Please don’t let people be directly targeted like this.  

I want this community to be a positive place again. I want people to be able to enjoy RPing, to be able to just write the storylines they want to see for themselves and to entertain the others in their RP and their followers without having to worry about being attacked. I know sometimes people can just rub you the wrong way, sometimes people disregard rules or start things by being cruel to others, but if you have to rant … leave out their name. Or talk privately to a friend where at least no one will see it and get hurt. I think that right now, we all need to adopt a policy of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

The other admins and I are discussing ways to help counteract this horrible trend that has been left to fester for much too long now by making some changes and/or adding somethings to this blog, so over the next few days there maybe be some new things around here. If you have any suggestions for that, please let us know. 

- Admin Katy 1.0